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Good Knight Story Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Complete More Puzzles

Turbo Chilli’s new iOS game Good Knight Story is more than just a game with a clever, punny title. It’s a puzzle game where you play the role of a knight who’s woken up in a dungeon “with a sore head and no memory of how he got there.” Aside from solving puzzles, the game allows you to fight the requisite monsters you can expect in such dungeons, and also to “survive bad jokes,” with the goal being to put together the events of what happened the night before. There are over 100 levels to complete, a character upgrade system, daily quests, a wide range of non-playing characters you can interact with, and “epic” boss battles, among the game’s many features.

How can you help this “good” knight remember last night’s events? How can you help him solve all those puzzles that the game has in store? And how can you help him survive a dungeon fraught with monsters and other dangers? We hope to answer those questions with these Good Knight Story tips and tricks.

1. Solve Puzzles With The Elemental System

Rock-paper-scissors. It’s all as simple as that when figuring out this game’s elemental system. Fire beats poison, poison beats magic, magic beats ice. You need to remember this system when you’re up against an enemy, but if you’re launching attacks on a treasure chest and trying to open it, you can disregard the elemental system and attack, attack, attack.

2. String Together Different Combos In Unusual Situations

Your first option when solving the puzzles would be to attack, but that doesn’t apply in all scenarios. For example, you might want to string together a heart combo if you’re low on health, as this would allow you to get back up to speed. If you’ve still got more than one turn remaining before you believe you’d be able to kill the enemy, then string together shields so you can defend yourself when it’s your enemy’s turn to attack.

3. How To Spend Your Coins Wisely

The coins that you earn in the dungeon can be used to buy new weapons or to upgrade the one you’re currently using. If you don’t see any new weapons which you can purchase, you should, in most cases, go for the upgrade. But you should also evaluate things carefully, and consider whether a new weapon would give you the improved stats you need, or whether upgrading your current weapon would be more plausible.

4. Keep Conversations Going For As Long As Possible

When speaking to the game’s NPCs, you want to make those conversations last as long as possible. Long convos mean you can earn additional statistical boosts and more points, though if your conversation is a rather short one, you won’t lose anything. Just don’t expect to earn as much points and stats as you would if the chit-chat was longer.

5. Replay Previous Levels For More Coins

You don’t have to resort to paying real-life money to buy more coins. If you find yourself stuck in the last level you tried to complete, you can return to the ones you’ve already completed to grind it out and earn more coins. Even if you completed that level with three stars, you can still earn the same amount of coins, and even double it at the end by watching an ad video.

These would be our quick tips and tricks for Turbo Chilli’s new mobile game, Good Knight Story. Stay tuned, as we will update this list of hints, whenever we discover new ones!


Saturday 9th of April 2022

I won this a couple years back and have since deleted it so my memory isn't 100% here, but I know I never had to spend RL money to advance. If selling acquired weapons and the daily bonus wasn't good enough, watching a few ads for double coins and upgrading key weapons (Like the Xeno Sword and Master Sword) will keep you strong. The Broccoli does double damage against the Alien enemies, especially useful against the Alien Queen with her extremely high HP for the level you fight her at. Also, the Bass Hammer doubles damage against the rave-bot who'se name I forget.I am sure the Ham of Destiny and King's Flagon have bonuses against certain bosses. Likewise the Dragon Scepter + gem deals either double or quad damage against the final boss, about the only way to defeat him if I remember correctly.

Does anyone know if the Dragon SWORD has any use against the dragon? or is it just a cool name?

Adam M Armstrong

Tuesday 22nd of December 2020

If you tap the first two bad-guys that talk to you on Level 45, before you actually fight the boss, you will need to attack each to progress to the next part of the level. Once you kill the second bad-guy you'll get the fire axe. You can leave the level and sell it.


Wednesday 7th of September 2016

Farm level 45 to get the fire axe then sell it for 6000 and repeat. Although you only have to kill 1 enemy, tapping the screen repeatedly to ensure the first two monsters don't talk (who urge you to flee while you still can) let's you fight them and kill them in one shot, earning the axe.


Friday 20th of October 2017

You can also farm experience points in level 11. It's a "bring down items" level (meat in this case) in which the monster supposedly has infinite hit points, but if you have a high attack score, he can beaten in 25-30 minutes. I started farming when I was at level 95 and every time I beat him I got 2.5 million experience points. Just be careful not to collect all the meat