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Dash Masters Tips, Tricks & Guide: How to Make the Most of Your Runs

Playmous’ Dash Masters is a new iOS game that taps, no pun intended, into the casual genre. It’s an endless jumper with super-simple mechanics – tap to jump in alternate directions, and swipe up so you can dash. This is a “frantic game with dozens of action-packed missions,” where you can fight against (or more like avoid) spiky bots, turrets, moving platforms in hopes of reaching the top of the alien battle tower. You won’t be alone, though, and you won’t always be literally avoiding the obstacles and/or enemies. You can fire rockets and deploy shields to protect yourself against enemy attacks, but you also have to be careful when fighting the Guardian Bots. Additionally, you can make yourself and your Exo-Suit more powerful with upgrades and power-ups.

Compared to other casual and endless games, the graphics here are a bit more detailed, and it’s also a lot more full-featured than comparable titles from the likes of Ketchapp. But that doesn’t have to daunt you, as we’ve come up with some Dash Masters tips and tricks. Allow us to help you get to the top of the alien battle tower, so read on for more advice!

1. Master The Controls

As Playmous says in the game description, tapping will allow you to jump in alternate directions. That means each tap changes the direction you’re moving in, but what’s to do if you want to make longer forward or backward moves? What if you need to go up a wall or avoid enemies that are hot on your trail? Simply make two quick taps on your phone so you don’t find yourself jumping in the opposite direction instead of moving forward or backward for a longer time.

2. What Happens When You Swipe Up?

Swiping up allows you to perform the dash that’s referred to in the game’s title. That also kills any enemies you’re dashing against. But if you want to dash once again, you will first need to gather a lightning bolt. Dashing can kill most enemies in your path, however, you won’t be able to kill a boss character with one simple dash.

3. How To Kill Boss Characters

Dashing won’t do any good against boss characters, as we said earlier. So how do you kill one of the game’s bosses? You’ll have to avoid their shots and keep on tapping on the screen until you’re able to ram against it. That’s going to kill the boss and take away all of their hit points.

4. How To Earn More Coins

You can earn coins through the natural course of playing the game, but there’s a quick and easy way to double the coins you earn. After your character gets killed, watch a video so you can earn double the coins you had accumulated in your run. Additionally, you can earn more coins or power cells (more on them in a bit) by watching a video and getting a free spin at the prize wheel. Just remember that you’re limited to one free spin per 15 minutes.

5. Take It Easy On The Restarts

You can also watch ad videos in order to restart the game from where you had last left off, but we would only advise you to do this if you’ve put together an impressive run and are close to beating your old high score. Otherwise, you’ll want to use your restarts prudently, because any further restart beyond the video one will cost you some of the game’s premium currency, your power cells. You might want to save them up for those times you want to make a great run even better.

These would be our tips and tricks for Playmous’ new mobile game, Dash Masters. In case you’ve enjoyed this set of tips, or know some more we haven’t included in this guide, be sure to let us know by commenting below!