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Golden Boot Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

The creators of the popular Top Eleven soccer game are back, this time with a goal-kicking competition game called Golden Boot! Available on Facebook Messenger, the goal of this new game from Nordeus is to simply earn as many points as possible by kicking goals. You can play on your own but the real attraction for this game is the ability to stick it into the face of your friends in duels. You can launch the game in any conversation. You can even create a special group chat with your friends that is dedicated solely to playing the game, making it easier to keep track of everyone’s scores. Of course, you wouldn’t be competing with your friends unless you plan to win every time. That’s where our Golden Boot tips and tricks can help you. Make sure you read on in order to discover some cool hacks on how to get more points!

1. Aim For Special Zones

Anyone can kick a ball into the goal. True winners know how to get the ball into difficult areas. In a real football game, these special zones within the goal make it difficult for the goalkeeper to save the shot. You get more points for getting the ball in these areas. The standard goal will reward you with 15 points. Getting the ball into the moving circle will give you 25 points. Keep an eye on this circle because it will turn into an 80-point circle once you reach a certain point in the run. You will get 75 points for hitting the lower corners, while the upper corners will get you 90 points. Lastly, you get 40 points for getting the goal in the top middle section of the goal. Aim for these special zones in order to get the most points.

2. Swipe To Change Direction

Once the ball is in the air after a kick, you can still change its direction by swiping. You can swipe it in the same direction to make a sharp turn. Or you can swipe in the opposite direction to change its trajectory. Swiping after the kick will make it difficult for your opponent to predict where your ball is going. You can even make the ball follow an S pattern to completely fluster the goalkeeper.

3. Practice Your Shots

When you start your run, all you have is the goal. You won’t have to worry about the goalkeeper for the first few shots you make. Use this opportunity to practice a few trick shots with confidence. When the goalkeeper finally arrives, you can use the swiping tricks we mentioned in order to fool him. Or you can try the difficult shots that you practiced if you are confident enough in your skills.

4. How To Get Through The Defenders

As you progress in the game, you will eventually have a line of defenders blocking your path. That means it will be a lot more difficult to score goals. One trick you can do is to kick your ball towards the side that isn’t guarded. Once the defenders start going for the ball, you can quickly swipe in the opposite direction to get through the hole in their defense. If you can time this perfectly, it will result in a successful goal most of the time.

Aim for the top score and defeat all your friends in Golden Boot! Just follow the tips and tricks we shared in this guide and you will be raking in points with ease!


Thursday 14th of February 2019

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