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Dino Ballz Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Drive Up Your High Score

Dino Ballz is a fun arcade game for Facebook Messenger. The game’s mechanics is similar to bubble shooter games, but instead of matching bubbles of the same color, you will launch balls at geometric shapes in order to take them out. The shapes will slowly come down until they reach the bottom. When they reach you, the game is over. When you play the game, you will notice that the shapes have numbers on them. The numbers represent their hp. The numbers go down every time a ball bounces on them. You will need to reduce their hp to zero in order to remove them from the board. You can collect different colored balls to use in the game. You can also upgrade these balls in order to improve their clearing power. If you need help getting better scores, you can always rely on our Dino Ballz tips and tricks!

1. How To Skip Levels

The game may seem like it is one continuous level since the same shapes continue to drop if you don’t clear them. The game actually consists of multiple levels. The further you progress, the more rewards you get. Of course, it would be easier if there was a way to skip through several levels. You are in luck because there is one way. If you can somehow manage to clear all the shapes on the board in a single round, you will automatically advance 10 levels. This is pretty easy to do in the earlier levels when there are only a few shapes. Skipping these levels will allow you to focus on the tougher parts of the game.

2. Don’t Spend Coins On Skipping

After you reach level 50, the game will give you the option to skip levels by paying coins. Don’t bother with this feature since you will need those coins for buying and upgrading balls. Remember, you will be able to score more if you have better balls. You won’t need to pay to skip those levels if you have high-powered balls to begin with.

3. Choose The Right Balls

The balls you have can be upgraded in order to improve their power. Once you have invested a lot of coins in one ball, you might be reluctant to buy new ones. Keep in mind that each ball has its own special ability. Make sure you check out the special abilities of new balls before you decide whether or not to buy them. For example, if you buy the Mars ball, you will have a 30% chance to trigger an explosion every time it hits a shape. This can make clearing boards a lot easier compared to just using the plain white ball, regardless of what level it has been upgraded to. Weigh the pros and cons of each new ball and invest accordingly.

4. Watch Ads For More Upgrades

Since coins are hard to come by in the game, you will eventually reach a point where you will not have enough to upgrade your balls. You can still push through with the upgrade by watching a video advertisement. You will see the video button on every ball’s screen. Just tap on it whenever it is available in order to quickly upgrade your balls.

5. Look Out For Special Blocks

Once in a while, you will encounter special blocks that can help or hinder your progress. One example of this is the steel block. This block has a ton of hp, so it will be very difficult to remove it. Make sure you prioritize clearing it because it will probably take multiple moves to deplete its hp. An example of a helpful block is the one with the question mark on it. It will give you a random boost such as double damage and explosions. There is also a molten lava block that will explode once you deplete its hp, taking out multiple blocks along with it.

It’s time to rake in the points in Dino Ballz! Make sure you remember everything you learned from the tips and tricks above in order to get high scores!