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God of Light Cheats: 6 Fantastic Tips & Tricks You Should Know

God of Light, developed by Playmous, is a puzzle game for Android and iOS platforms that contains elements of vintage physics-based gameplay plus a touch of environment exploration. You’ll be controlling the “game mascot” Shiny, whose job is to “save the universe from the impending darkness.” God of Light comes with dozens of increasingly difficult levels and puzzles, and according to the game’s description, you’ll be seeking out objects that “reflect, split, combine, paint, bend, and teleport rays of light energy to activate the Sources of Life and bring light back to the universe.” Sounds overwhelming? Fear not, because the following God of Light tips and tricks will help you in case you’re stuck in any given part of the game.

1. Watch Ads Or Follow The Map To Get Some Free Fireflies

Running out of fireflies can put you in a tough spot, as that will, in most cases, force you to buy them in-app. But you don’t want to do that, as there are a couple of ways to replenish your supply of fireflies. First, you can watch free advertisements in the game. Second, you can follow the map and look for levels with fireflies hovering above them – that means there’s a firefly somewhere that you can go ahead and collect.

2. Use Shiny And Mirrors To Extend Field Of View

Worried about what lies ahead of you? No problem – all you have to do is point Shiny in the direction of your choice so you can look at your surroundings and get a wider field of view. This can also be done with mirrors in the exact same way. Either way, you’ll be seeing more of your surroundings without using any fireflies.

3. Light Up Before Using Fireflies

In relation to the above tip, you should be sure you’ve got all possible mirrors and related objects activated before you use even one of your fireflies. You may be getting what we’re driving at here – have the fireflies get you out of a really tight spot, and don’t panic and use them at the very first challenging situation.

4. There Are Multiple Ways To Complete Levels

You may be thinking that there’s one correct way to complete a level – just like mathematics and other things in life, there are multiple correct ways to finish levels on God of Light. This is particularly true in the levels where you’ll be encountering various mirrors where you can bounce the light off.

5. Change The Angle Of Those Mirrors

Angles play a big part in your success in God of Light, so if you can’t get it right the first time, feel free to change the angle of the mirrors or prisms. Who knows, your little tweaks and adjustments could be all that it takes to properly bounce the light beams around.

6. Objects Can Be Used Multiple Times In The Game

There may be times when mirrors or prisms are capable of bouncing light around in opposing directions. This won’t happen too often, but in relation to the above tip, you’ll want to be aware of this possibility and make the necessary adjustments.