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BombSquad Cheats: 6 Explosive Tips and Strategies for Single-Player and Multiplayer Success

BombSquad is a mobile game developed by Eric Froemling, which is available for iOS and Android. The game allows you to “blow up your friends in mini-games” that run the gamut from capture the flag to hockey. It’s a physics-based title, pretty much, that allows a maximum of eight players in multiplayer mode and also supports touchscreens and a variety of different controllers, including your own phones and tablets. Despite its rather casual description, it comes with some pretty detailed graphics and winning in this game is something that you won’t achieve through sheer luck alone. This is why we’ve decided to share with you this list of BombSquad cheats and strategies.

1. Use A Controller

Now chances are you may be more comfortable using your phone to play BombSquad. It’s easier that way and cheaper too – no need for peripherals, right? But if you and your friends play this game regularly and you’ve been losing to them quite regularly, then it might be time you use a separate controller. This allows you to refine your movements and launch your bombs properly, while having a better chance of dodging attacks. Alternately, you can use your phone or tablet as a control for another piece of hardware with the BombSquad Remote App.

2. Use Power-Ups

We know you wouldn’t, but just in case you forget about this, we are reminding you that power-ups can be your best friend in BombSquad. These may range from those that change the type of bombs you carry, or medical packs that help you regain your health. Whether you’re playing in single-player mode or against friends, always grab power-ups the moment you can.

3. Know Your Basic Power-Ups

Then again, you should also have good knowledge of what the power-ups, aside from the obvious Med-Packs (for a return to full health), can do. Boxing gloves, for starters, allow you to hit harder and faster. Energy shields are self-explanatory, as they absorb extra damage and shield you from enemy attacks; be careful when using them, though, as enemies would still be able to throw you off. Lastly, at least for the basic ones, triple bombs let you fire three consecutive bombs instead of one.

4. Select Your Power-Ups Wisely

The ones we mentioned above are all cool ways to gain an advantage, but as the old saying goes, wait, there’s more. Ice bombs are weaker than conventional ones, but they can literally freeze your opponents and make them prone to shattering. Trigger bombs explode upon impact, though again, they’re weaker than standard bombs. Sticky bombs stick to their targets, land mines work best against fast enemies and curses, well…curse the opponent and leave them with no choice but to go find a Med-Pack to heal up.

5. Fire Bombs At Large Groups

Bombs can do a lot of damage, but the best way to maximize the damage they can do is to aim them at larger groups of enemies. This would be great if the enemies are closely grouped with each other – avoid their attacks first, then launch your bomb at them and you’ll be hitting two – or more – birds with the proverbial one stone.

6. Move Frantically To Get Rid Of Sticky Bombs

If you are unfortunately hit by an enemy sticky bomb, your best bet is to jump around and go around in frantic motions; this gives you a fair chance (actually the best chance) of shaking off the bomb, and an excellent chance of going out in a barrel of laughter if you aren’t able to shake it off.

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Tuesday 30th of January 2018

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