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Glob Trotters Tips, Cheats & Guide to Earn More Coins and Get a High Score

Glob Trotters by Fliptus Games is a new casual game for Android and iOS mobile platforms,that we’be been playing for a while now. In the game you are controlling jellies that travel the world, bouncing around the planet and grabbing globs as you go along and improve on your record high score. And all you need to do is to tap-and-hold to change colors and collect jelly globs; choosing the wrong color will result in your character exploding “into a sad jelly shower.”

The premise sounds excruciatingly simple, and it is, thanks to the straightforward explanation and the game’s tap-and-hold mechanics, which we briefly explained above. But it’s not always that simple when put into practice, and trying to beat your highest score in this endless jumper might leave you frustrated at times. It doesn’t always have to be that way, just as long as you try these Glob Trotters tips and tricks.

1. One Mistake And You’re Done

Just in case you missed it the first time, we shall repeat it in slightly more detailed form. If you go through a jelly glob that has the same color as you do, you earn one point. But if you go through a jelly of a different color, then you explode and that’s the end of your run. Sounds simple, but as you go farther down in your run and add to your point total, the jellies will change colors more frequently, with the changes becoming less and less predictable. That’s going to test your speed and quickness, so be sure to act quickly when the going starts getting tough.

2. Your Character Doesn’t Change Speed

Although the challenge in the game is when the color changes become more erratic, the good thing about Glob Trotters is that the speed in which your character moves doesn’t change. That should allow you to develop a good, steady rhythm, minimizing the chances of getting thrown off your focus when the color changes are too inconsistent to deal with.

3. Watch Ad Videos To Earn Coins

While you’ll earn one coin per point you score in the game, there are other ways for you to earn coins in Glob Trotters. You can also watch ad videos by clicking on the logo that reads “XXX to go!”, and click on the video icon if you didn’t watch a video beforehand. That’s going to earn you free coins either way – 50 coins per video, to be exact, just for watching the ad.

Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can buy a new character, though as is the case with many other casual games, the changes will be merely aesthetic. New characters don’t perform any differently, but they do help in breaking the monotony should you get bored with the default character. And there’s nothing wrong with collecting unlockable characters, even if they all perform the same way!

4. Redeem Your Free Gifts

You can also click on the gift button in order to redeem your free gift whenever it’s ready for you. That’s the game’s way of rewarding you for being a regular player, so take advantage of the free gift once it’s available!