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Gladiator Heroes Tips, Cheats & Hints to Defend Your Empire

Genera Interactive’s new mobile game called Gladiator Heroes is set in a time where you are fighting as a gladiator in an arena. Fame and glory will be the reward for the victor. A unique twist in the game is that you will be building your own village to recruit more gladiators and further strengthen them. Gladiator Heroes is currently available for both iOS and Android devices. Fighting your way to the top will prove to be a very difficult task but with the help of our Gladiator Heroes strategy guide, everything will be a whole lot easier.

1. Prepare For Battle

The battle mechanics in Gladiator Heroes are simple. Usually the battles are more focused on one-on-one battles, but there are times when other gladiators will gang up on you. You will need to get strong really fast to be able to fend them off. One good thing here is that the game is an action oriented one, which means that you will be able to move your character around. If you have a good sense you will be able to maneuver your way around your opponents while taking them down. A good tip here is to focus on taking one enemy down at a time instead of hitting them all at the same time. This way, you will be able to pick off enemies, reducing the number of people hitting you. You can also equip skills depending on your level. It is always a good idea to equip offensive and defensive skills just in case. Each skill will require energy to use. Plan things out and tread lightly. Hitting opponents will refill your energy. The more you hit them the faster your energy regenerates.

2. Manage Your Gladiators

The game allows you to use one gladiator at a time so use the ones that have more potential, and take care of the ones that you plan on using. Don’t forget to upgrade their gears. The high-ranking gladiators will be available when you can afford them. If you can’t afford the gladiators yet, it is always a good idea to stick first with your starters then focus on saving up to get a really strong one. Don’t forget to level them up and upgrade everything to ensure there will be no problems in the future.

3. Use The Auto Battle Feature

This game takes patience and a lot of grinding. Meaning you will need to go back to some levels and farm experience and resources for your village. One thing to help you speed up the process is you will be given the option to speed up the game through auto battles. In auto battle, the gladiator will be fighting on his own but make sure that he is strong enough before doing this.

4. Build Your Village

In building your village, the first thing to focus on is always the gladiator homes. After that, you will need training grounds and infirmary for levelling up and healing your gladiators. You start out with those so the goal is to make them more efficient. Then once you have enough you can expand your village or make it more awesome by conquering other areas.

Being the strongest gladiator will be easy as long as you follow our Gladiator Heroes strategy guide! If you know more tips or tricks for the game, be sure to let us know in the comment section!

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