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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Tips & Tricks – 5 Excellent Hints for Advanced Players

So you’ve been playing Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions for a little while and are looking for an extra edge and possibly a way to earn some three-star levels now that it’s a bit harder. Never fear, because these Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions tips and tricks are specifically made for more advanced players. Yes, we did share with you some strategies for beginners not too long ago, but right now, this one’s all about the experienced player who knows what the game is all about, but needs a shot in the arm. Let’s get to those tips.

1. Use Your Bombs Smartly

At some point in the game, bombs will be available at your disposal and will further aid you as you battle it out with the bad guys. You’ll want to use bombs once you’re dealing with more enemies than what you’re comfortable with, or if they move in too close to your ship. But take note that you can only use so many bombs – it’s recommended that you save them for when you really need them.

2. Utilize The COLLECT Drone Power-Up

If you’re looking for consistent three-star levels even with the opposition toughening up, your COLLECT drone power-up will help you out in a big way. This will allow you to fly around a level and gather more green geoms. Upgrade this power-up and you’ll be gathering even more green geoms, and doing so at a much faster pace; this makes it imperative to upgrade the COLLECT drone to its full potential.

3. The Turret Power-Up Is Important Too

These first three tips all deal with power-ups, and we’ve got another one in the form of the turret. You’ll be best off using the turret if you’ve got a crowded screen, or particularly in the Super Sequence level, once you encounter the pink UFOs. While you won’t be able to collect all the geoms you can find in this level, you will get a lot of geoms, especially if you focus on the largest group that’s near your ship.

4. Use And Upgrade Your Super Weapons

Super Weapons, or Supers for short, also can be used in battle with devastating effect. These include bombs that detonate the moment they come in contact with an enemy, and like the above power-ups, they can also be leveled up. And you do indeed want to level them up, even if it costs a lot – just make sure you’re upgrading your COLLECT drones first before heading to the Supers.

5. Deal With The Bosses Effectively

Boss fights are one thing in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions that wasn’t available in previous versions , and here’s how you can deal with them. After you’ve completed all of the stages in a section, you’ll be facing the section’s boss. And while you’ll be fighting the boss for quite some time, these battles have certain features you can generally expect. The first would be the minions they unleash on you, the second would be the explosion that precedes its changing of form, and the third would be the presence of power-ups you can collect to help you against those nasty bosses, such as the ones we mentioned above.