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Game of Warriors Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Survive Every Wave and Conquer Every Territory

Adding to its huge catalogue of successful releases on the Google Play Store and with several games in the top 100 list, Play365 recently released Game of Warriors, a tower defense strategy game that is guaranteed to captivate players of all ages. With its new yet familiar take on the tower defense genre, Game of Warriors will surely be a fun and unique game to dedicate a lot of your gaming time to.

In Game of Warriors, you command an outpost with a variety of warriors and weapons as you ceaselessly defend against wave after wave of enemies. As you gain levels and become stronger, you choose how to enhance your troops and upgrade your arsenal as the challenges of the oncoming hordes become greater as well. Playing the opposite role, on the other hand, you will attack enemy-inhabited territories to claim and colonize as you generate more income to finance your seemingly unending war against the forces of darkness. With your growing army and fortress, along with heroes and mercenaries you obtain through your quest, the ultimate path to victory is yours to control.

While Game of Warriors offers a quick and very easy to grasp tutorial, the challenge of the game may arise from what you need to do first with your limited money given that the game offers varieties of troops and an abundance of upgrades to choose from. Whether you are just starting out with the game and looking for tips on what to do or deep enough into it and looking for ways to improve your defense, our Game of Warriors guide will provide you with everything you need to know to make it through each wave and ultimately conquer the game.

1. Prioritize Unlocking Those Skills

Whenever you level up in the game, you are awarded three skill points which you can freely distribute to either unlocking or upgrading a wide array of available skills and buffs for your general. The skill points required to unlock and upgrade each vary per item so, initially, you will be inclined to open up the easiest ones first. As some of the active skills require four points to unlock, you should save up a skill point and wait for another level up before proceeding to upgrade the skills and buffs you have already unlocked.

how to unlock skills in game of warriors

For the general’s active skills, which you can use in battle, it is important the you unlock these at the soonest so you’ll have more offensive power on your arsenal early on. Upgrading these skills once unlocked may be confusing, so it is best to initially focus on a skill that you need the most or, at least, the one that you’ll be using constantly wave after wave of enemies.

There are numerous passive skills that either directly make your armies or base stronger or indirectly aid in making you stronger faster. Typically, you may be inclined to look for a good balance depending on your needs. Considering efficiency, however, you should try to weigh each skill’s importance and prioritize one or a couple over the rest. Additionally, as you later on tend to favor some items in your arsenal more than others, how you choose to spend your skill points will more likely follow those preferences.

2. Focus On Upgrading One Unit

It’s a rock-paper-scissors roulette for the Spear, Mounted, and Javeline Troops and this system of bonus damage and defense penalty can turn the tide of battle for you if you manage to deploy them as needed and upgrade them all sufficiently. With your resources though, that never seem enough all the time, it would mean that it would take you a lot of time (and probably a lot of losses) to continuously upgrade these units for them to be always effective enough in battle. On top of that, there may be waves wherein one of them won’t be needed.

Swordmen, on the other hand, are units that don’t have any bonuses like the other units do when it comes to dealing additional 50% damage but (and this is more important) they are devoid of any penalty from any unit as well. With this unit, you’ll have a melee attacker that can stand averagely against whatever the enemies throw at you and at this point, that sounds like a fair enough deal.

game of warriors upgrading unit

As an additional point to consider choosing the Swordmen as your main troops for the game, having to focus your resources on this unit means not worrying about any other unit perhaps until you fully upgraded them. This will, in effect, be a lot less tiresome when it comes to choosing on where to allocate your gold. During battle as well you will only be constantly clicking on one troop icon as it becomes available, making you more effective instead of spending time to think about which troop to send out while hordes of enemies keep coming your way. Lastly, focusing on this unit will further delimit your choice of upgrades when allocating earned skill points.

In line with this, keep in mind that units are not the only resources in your arsenal to help you defend your base and there are a lot of options to go about establishing a good defense working around this idea. As you unlock skills and apply buffs to different items in your arsenal you will soon find a good idea of what you need to work on next.

3. Take Note Of Upgrades That Complement Another

Given already that you won’t be as effective in Game of Warriors if you scatter your upgrades across all available upgrades, it is best to focus on just a few items initially and then perhaps spend a little extra occasionally on other upgrades you feel you need to do later. With so many buffs to choose from it may seem confusing at first, but as you read through what each buff does in relation to what you mostly rely on in battle, you’ll see that in some cases, some of these upgrades work on the same item in your arsenal.

game of warriors upgrades

As a specific example, focusing on only Swordmen as your main unit in battle makes it a good idea to altogether forget about upgrades for other unit types and instead investing on boosting your unit’s melee damage and perhaps reducing the deployment cooldown. On its own or in conjunction with having only melee units, perhaps you see the wall archers as a good investment. Then if that’s the case spending skill points on boosting their damage may very well push you to investing skill points on their range as well. You may additionally want to level them up as well ahead of the rest. That way the additional damage they have will be better utilized.

4. A Good Offense Can Be Your Best Defense

Game of Warriors, like any other tower defense game, may give you a mindset that your sole focus is, of course, defense. Taking it literally, you might be inclined to focus your attention on your wall’s defense or maybe your troops’ health. While that is undeniably important it shouldn’t blind you into shifting your perspective and focus on investing resources on offensive skills and buffs. The idea here is that you will naturally see that your wall is your last line of defense and that you lose the battle if enemies break through it. However, you can set up your troops and arsenal in such a way that the enemies will hardly even make it to you wall, much less damage or destroy it.

Relating this to our initial strategy of focusing on one type of unit, what you’ll be mainly banking on are your troops that serve as your main line of defense. With each upgrade you invest on your troops, you not only make them tougher, but stronger as well. With this, you can also invest in upgrading the Battlehorn Skill, which provides your troops double damage for a few seconds and what you’ll have is a strong offensive army that eliminates enemies quickly.

To add to that, the base’s tower, archers and the general’s active skills are also contributing to the offense and choosing which to upgrade more in this regard may very well put spending on your wall and troops’ health come as least priority, especially on the first few hundred levels.

5. Timing Your Clicks Wisely In Battle Is Very Important

Perhaps with about four available skills in battle in addition to the troops to manage from the start of each wave, you’ll be inclined to launch everything from the get-go and just wait for whichever one becomes available again. While that may get you through the initial waves and perhaps a few more, sooner or later you should realize that the results of each battle is heavily dependent on your efficiency in utilizing each of these items.

game of warriors battle tips

For your troops though, at the start of the battle, sending them out immediately is the best way to go. It may hold true as well on your latter deployments unless you have a Battlehorn Skill already charged and just waiting to be activated once your units are out. Since this skill’s efficiency depends on the number of troops you have out in the field, it is best to activate it only when you actually have units in the field. Otherwise you have to wait for the next batch of units to be actually out and ready to engage the enemies before activating it.

The rest of the skills work better the more targets there are in sight. Additionally, the Ballista strikes at enemies as soon as you activate it, while the Archers Support and the Catapults Support require you to aim at a specific target area. The damages these skills do vary depending on the type of enemy but each skill must be utilized just the same against all enemies.

6. Colonize As Many Territories As Possible

As soon as you can, visit the map and try to battle your way through conquering enemy territories and gaining colonies. You are somewhat free to choose which one to go for first but perhaps choosing the lowest level is the smarter approach. As you proceed on the first few ones you can gauge how difficult the next one will be. Though each attack has its cost depending on the troops, heroes, and mercenaries you bring along, keep in mind that everything you spend here will all be eventually gained back. In the event that you succeed on claiming a colony with barely a splinter of health left in the handful of units left in your army, then perhaps upgrading a little more should be done first prior to engaging the next enemy territory and risking wastage of gold and time.

game of warriors colonizing territories

Each territory you conquer grants an additional earning for you per minute so the more you open up sooner, the better. Territories with axes or special icons on top of them will grant you a mercenary when you conquer it. Though you can only use these mercenaries on this game mode and they do cost gold to use, they are very much worth it and will greatly aid you in conquering enemy territories and expanding your colonies.

7. Invest In The Bank

Diamonds in Game of Warriors can be spent on getting buffs from the store, which may double the experience points or money you gain for 100 waves or instantly fill your general’s skills at the start of each wave. For twenty diamonds each buff and forty to get all three, it’s a good enough deal. However the much better option to spend your diamonds on is the Bank. As it provides earnings for you while you are away from the game, it’s a very good investment which you can further maximize by pushing to have more colonies or even upgrading them with your extra gold.

game of warriors investments

This is most especially useful when you are stuck in a wave and feel that you need to be a bit stronger to succeed. You can take a rest and get back having more money. In some occasions you will also be presented with an option to increase the amount of savings you have earned by watching a short ad, and that makes investing in the Bank even a much sweeter deal.

8. Spin The Fortune Wheel For Diamonds, Not With Diamonds

You can spin the Fortune Wheel once every twenty-four hours to get a variety of rewards. Any of these rewards will be helpful to you but perhaps the most important items to get here are diamonds, if not the jackpot. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass by as diamonds are almost impossible to acquire anywhere else. At times you may also want to click on this even when it is still counting down for the next free spin as it sometimes gives you an option to watch a short ad to earn an extra spin. Just to be clear though, spending five diamonds for a chance to earn one or two back is not worth it at all.

9. Grab Damage Buff Opportunities

It’s practically inevitable to experience defeat in battle every once in a while. This may depend on a whole lot of things but perhaps at this point, it’s probably because you were going too fast in the game and the rate at which you earn gold which you then spend on upgrades has lagged well behind the pace at which you progressed through the game.

game of warriors damage buff opportunities

Regardless of the reason, the game will often present you with a free damage buff to help you when you are struggling with a certain wave. Sometimes even, if that’s not enough, you will be given an even bigger buff. All it takes is watching a short video ad and the damage you inflict on that wave will be boosted by at least 20%. That’s pretty much a great trade off since you need to rest your eyes and fingers occasionally, anyway. So whenever you see such opportunities, grab them.

10. Free Money Is Always Good

You will see a lot of free gold that you can get in the game in exchange for watching, yet again, short video ads. As it may be tiring for you at some points in the game, or maybe you won’t always be the mood to do so, you can always choose to ignore it. Keep in mind though that you will always have a need for money in this game. Regardless of how much you earn online or offline, there’s always tons you would need to spend on to keep your troops and arsenal more than sufficiently strong to continuously repel every wave of enemies you encounter.

Well, that’s all we have for our Game of Warriors strategy guide and we hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from it, too! Do you have additional Game of Warriors tips and strategies that we forgot to mention? Feel free to let us know in the comment section area below!

Sakib Masud

Saturday 30th of September 2023

When game of warriors gives us free diamonds? Sometimes killing a enemy it gives us diamond. When and how we can get it?


Tuesday 29th of January 2019

Good stuff, didn't know I could upgrade the bank :)