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Fight on Behalf of the Norse Gods in Newly Released 3D MMORPG, Final Destiny

You might not think that the all-powerful gods of Norse mythology would need your help in defending the kingdom. However, that’s exactly the case in PopPace’s recently released 3D MMORPG Final Destiny. Tasking you to aid the gods in bringing peace back to a fantasy land, the game is available on both iOS and Android.

Set in a world where the kingdoms were almost lost forever, as either an assassin, warrior, or mage Final Destiny sees you fight alongside the Norse gods as a member of the Grand Alliance. There are plenty of other heroes and cute pets available to help you build a strong team – all will be needed if you’re to fight back the threat successfully by way of strategic turn-based battles.

Final Destiny’s map is secret-filled and expansive, with plenty of treasures, bosses, and allies you’re bound to come across during your mission to fight back the monster hordes and put an end to the ongoing war. Despite the plight, Final Destiny’s art style is colourful, fun, and rendered fully in 3D. this means you’ll never fail to keep track of the action or where your pet companion is hiding.

In addition to the game’s central story, Final Destiny also feature a guild system where you can team up with any one of the thousands of other players online. Doing so is your best bet to take down the imposing server bosses, but likewise, guilds can always duke it out against each other to find out who is the true and ultimate champion.

Can you appease the Norse gods in defending a kingdom in need of help? Find out by downloading the game free today on either iOS or Android.

Also be sure to also check out the game’s Facebook page to receive weekly gift codes.