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Futurama: Game of Drones Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide for Consistent Three-Star Levels

Wooga has released a new game based on the Futurama franchise called Futurama: Game of Drones, and you may be wondering what kind of game it is, considering its title. As it turns out, this Android and iOS mobile game is a Match 4 title – yes, it’s a twist on classic Match 3 gaming as you have to match four drones of the same kind (or more) in order to clear the puzzles. There will be some interesting twists and turns along the way, such as the “triple-dipple laser drone”, as well as special abilities that will help you deliver more packages as required by the game.

In terms of the game’s basics, this is indeed a classic puzzle game, even with the twist of matching four pieces instead of the usual three. But this title comes with some distinct Futurama influence to it, as well as some other quirks that you may have some trouble getting around. Fear not, though – we’ve compiled some tips for our Futurama: Game of Drones strategy guide that could be of help to you, regardless of how advanced a player you are in this game.

1. Clear A Board With As Few Moves As Possible

This is pretty straightforward, and something you probably know if you’ve been playing Match 3 games for a while. When it comes to puzzle matching games, you want to clear out a board with as few moves remaining as possible. Use Super Drones, or better yet, Super Duper Drones to speed up the process of clearing the board, even if it can be quite hard to create a Super Drone at times. Using your Supers and Super Dupers could be the difference between two stars and three stars, or one star and two.

2. About The Game’s Super Drones

Futurama: Game of Drones is all about matching four or more drones, but why aim for four when you can match more than just that for a Super Drone? For starters, you can clear out one whole row or column with line drones if you match five drones, depending on where you make the match. You can even clear out a diagonal line if you slide the line drone diagonally, though normally, you can move it left or right to clear a row, or up and down to clear a column. Bomb drones are created by matching six; these match all surrounding drones, thus clearing a huge part of the board. Prism drones are created by matching seven, and if you move one into any other drone out there, all drones of the matching color get delivered ASAP.

3. Why Go For Super When You Can Go For Super Duper Drones?

The above mentioned Super Drones are all well and good, but Super Duper Drones are much better. Mixing one Super Drone with another allows you to create a Super Duper Drone that could take out much larger parts of your board, while performing different actions depending on the Super Drones you used to create it.

Match a line drone and a bomb drone for a Triple-Dipple Super Duper, which clears three lines at the same time. Matching two line drones creates a Super Duper Line, which blasts out pieces in all directions. A Super Duper Bomb is created by mixing two bomb drones, and covers a much larger area than a simple bomb drone would. A Super Duper Line Prism is formed by mixing a line drone with a prism drone; move it to a regular drone and you’ll convert all drones of that color into line drones. A Super Duper Bomb Prism is created by combining a bomb drone and a prism drone, and turns all drones of the color you match with into bombs. Lastly, mixing two prism drones creates a Super Duper Prism, which clears 100 percent of the board. Yes, you read that right – 100 percent of the board.

4. Pay Attention To The Objectives

Each level has its own set of objectives, so you should always check what they are before proceeding any further. For example, you may be asked to deliver a certain color of drones; if that’s the case, match those colored drones, but not the others. You’ll only want to match the other colored drones if there aren’t any other options available; going back to an earlier tip, you’ll still want to clear the board with as few moves as possible.

5. Activate Character Powers At Level 7 And Beyond

Character powers become available to you once you reach Level 7. The first of these powers, as Futurama fans may expect, is Fry’s, which is to choose any drone on the board, so that all drones of that color are delivered automatically. This could be of great help when you’re in a tight situation with few moves remaining and a lot of pieces to clear. As your character powers recharge surprisingly fast, you’ll want to use them whenever and wherever possible.

6. Be Prudent When Using Companion Abilities

Eventually, you’ll have a chance to use your companion’s special abilities, but it would be best if you use them only when you really need them. Drones, after all, are placed randomly on each board, and no board is the same the next time you play it. And there will come a time when you’ve got some objectives remaining, but a dearth of options on your plate. That’s when your companion’s abilities can be used; save them for emergency situations and don’t use them just because they’re available.

7. How To Deal With Boss Fights

As for the boss battles in this game, you’ll be given an objective that will allow you to deal out extra damage once you’ve accomplished it. Make use of this objective, as well as your Battle Drones, to do well in those boss battles. And while it may be tempting to create Super or Super Duper Drones, we advise you not to – your opponent will use these special drones against you, so you’ll want to focus on basic four-drone matches instead.

These would be our exclusive tips and tricks for Wooga’s new game, Futurama: Game of Drones. Stay tuned, as we may update this strategy guide with more tips and hints in the near future!