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Furistas Cat Cafe Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Unlock Cats Faster

A new charming game free to play on iOS and Android platforms, Furistas Cat Cafe is about keeping your visitors happy with cat cuddles and tasty drinks. The mechanics of the game is not very complicated and does not require complex strategies: keep your business running, upgrade cats, make your coffee shop cozier by placing furniture, and win bells, fish, coins and many more rewards by completing fun quests.

If you want to learn more about useful tips and cheats for Furistas Cat Cafe that will allow you to unlock cats faster and do things in the correct order, keep on reading!

1. Pair Your Customers And Cats Based On Their Personality

Choosing the right cat for each customer will speed up your progress

If you want to speed up your progress and earn more rewards, it is extremely important to pair your customers and cats depending on their personality. This is not difficult to achieve. All your new customers have an icon with a symbol above their head (for instance, a pair of sunglasses). If you tap on it, the list of available cats will appear. Match the symbols and you’ll get the ideal pair!

2. High-Level Customers Should Be Paired First

Keep your customers busy

Both customers and cats have different levels. Since you can’t pair a high-level customer with a low-level cat, and it’s not advisable to keep customers waiting until the right cat becomes available, high-level customers should become your priority. Pair them first, even if you can’t match personalities. The rewards will still be great.

3. Keep An Eye On The Exclamation Marks

Earn blue coins and decorate your shop

If a blue exclamation mark pops up on your screen, make sure to tap on it because a fun and easy mini-game is available. Prepare on-demand drinks for your customers or clean some paw prints to earn some blue coins that you can then spend on nice pieces of furniture for your shop.

4. Open As Many Chests As Possible

Win rare items

If you come across a chest, open it as fast as possible. The ones that take over 20 minutes to open will more than likely contain rare items. So be patient because the waiting will be worth it.

5. Claim As Many Bonus Basket Rewards As Possible

Double your rewards by watching ads

Free Bonus Baskets become available in the store every few hours. Since there is no inventory limit, you can open as many baskets as you wish, regardless of what you find inside. In the long run, all the items will be useful. Watching a video ad will double your rewards. So don’t miss the opportunity.

6. Check The Store For Available Cat Upgrade Items

Keep an eye on useful items

Though it is advisable to save your fish for unlocking new cats, sometimes useful rare items become available in the shop. If you are close to upgrading your cat but you still miss some items, buying them from the store instead of waiting to get them from chests might be a good strategy.

7. Upgrade Your Cats

Use bells, fish, and hearts to upgrade your cats

In order to upgrade your cats, you will need fish, bells, and hearts. Upgrading your cats will allow them to cuddle with customers for a longer period of time, thus earning more hearts.

8. Decorations Are Just That: Decorations

It makes no difference if you buy them or not

Since they have no influence over the game, spend money on decorations only when and IF you can afford it.

9. Play Regularly To Get Rewards

If possible, sign in every half an hour

Playing Furistas Cat Cafe does not require a lot of effort. There is no need to spend hours logged in. If possible, try to log in every 30 minutes or so to pair your cats again and collect the rewards.

We hope our collection of Furistas Cat Cafe cheats, tips and tricks will make running your cat cafe a lot easier! If there are any other tips you want to share with us, make sure to drop us a line in the comments below!


Friday 30th of September 2022

Mochi is a Jack Russell. People who created this game do own dogs, not cats.


Friday 23rd of September 2022

An option to create own cats would be cool (as in Nyan-Cat). And a bank who changes Tokens to Fish and Cash.


Monday 3rd of January 2022

Bro how do I get fish fast I'm waiting 10 hours on a basket that has no joke 100 fish like help