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Crossword Puzzle Free Daily Answers & Solutions

A crossword is a word puzzle that takes the form of a rectangular grid of white and black shaded squares. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words, by solving clues which lead to the answers.

For those who are addicted to word games, Crossword Puzzle Free has tons of free puzzles to play offline. And not only. Three new puzzles await for you every day!

Join millions of players who exercise their brains every day with the best crossword game for Android. Brush up your brain with this simple and addictive game and improve your English vocabulary. It’s never been so easy to learn a new language.

crossword puzzle free answers

Crossword Puzzle Free is a fun educational game for the entire family. There are 200 English crossword puzzles to play offline. Xpress Mobyte always listen to your feedback and do their best to bring regular updates to Google Play.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the best crossword app right now and start playing. And if you’re stuck, don’t worry. We solve the daily puzzles every day in order to help you. Below you can find a complete list of Crossword Puzzle Free answers and solutions.

Crossword Puzzle Free Daily Puzzle 1 (Medium) August 31, 2018

crossword puzzle free answers august 31, 2018

1A. buddy: CHUM
1D. site for a bite: CAFE
2D. offended: HURT
3D. Bryce Canyon state: UTAH
4D. large butterfly: MONARCH
5A. “Copacabana” showgirl: LOLA
5D. entwined: LACED
6D. “___pro nobis” : ORA
7D. reindeer herder: LAPP
8D. curt: ABRUPT
9A. arsenal inventory: AMMO
9D. stomach settler: ANTACID
10D. harmonica: MOUTHORGAN
11D. dough: MONEY
12D. binary digits: ONES
13A. prefix for pilot: AUTO
14A. Mideast residents: ARABS
15D. made obeisance: SALAAMED
16A. hands-up time: NOON
17A. “It’s a Wonderful Life” director: FRANKCAPRA
18D. come together: KNIT
19A. the sound of music: TUNE
20A. flammable gas: ETHANE
21A. throbs: PULSATES
22D. classic violin: STRAD
23A. disencumbers: RIDS
24D. on one’s own: SOLO
25A. irregular: PATCHY
26A. respond to stimuli: REACT
26D. terza ___ (verse form): RIMA
27D. list extender: ETAL
28D. fortuitous: ACCIDENTAL
29A. a great lake : ONTARIO
30D. ¬¬__Dame : NOTRE
31A. hankering: ITCH
32A: Arafat’s org: PLO
32D. place: POSITION
33A. Indian seaport: MADRAS
34D. Frank girl: ANNE
35D. litigates: SUES
36A. PC alternative: MAC
37A. calmed down: SOOTHED
37D. mat material: SISAL
38D. Lamarr of Hollywood: HEDY
39A. bearded antelope: GNU
40A. legal excuses: ALIBIS
41D. binges: BENDERS
42A. scarlet: RED
43A. wind indicator: VANE
43D. called on: VISITED
44A. in demand: DESIRED
45D. milk curdler: RENNET
46A. “Fatha” of jazz: HINES
46D. consort of Zeus: HERA
47A. governing body: SENATE
47D. tendon: SINEW
48A. actor Montand: YVES
49D. primary goal: VOTES
50A. easily lighted material: KINDLING
50D. chief city of Northern Nigeria: KANO
51D. “Pretty Woman” star: GERE
52A. starting place: ORIGIN
53D. French novelist Andre: GIDE
54D. “What a rare mood __”: IMIN
55D. Shrimpers’ needs: NETS
56A. deal precursor: ANTE
57A. successively: ONEATATIME
58D. actress Gardner: AVA
59A. close by: NEAR
60A. audacity: NERVE
61A. change copy: EDIT
62A. they fly by night: OWLS
63A. afternoon dos: TEAS
64A. bears’ lairs: DENS

Crossword Puzzle Free Daily Puzzle 2 (Easy) August 31, 2018

1A. smell: ODOR
1D. young’s opposite: OLD
2D. forest female: DOE
3D. musical dramas: OPERETTAS
4D. rest: REPOSE
5A. deli meat: HAM
5D. lend a __: HAND
6D. pub beverages: ALES
7D. skirt length: MIDI
8A. low grades: DEES
8D. Sahara, e.g.: DESERT
9D. water, to Jacques: EAU
10D. mess up: ERR
11D. compass p.: SSE
12A. easy stride: LOPE
13A. __Baba: ALI
14A. corn units: EARS
15A. intensified: DEEPENED
16D. gobble up: EAT
17A. free of doubt: SURE
18A. highway shoulder: ROADSIDE
19D. Compenhagen native: DANE
20A. trunk: CHEST
20D. Heidi’s cousin: CLARA
21D. rabbits’ kin: HARES
22A. knight’s suit: ARMOR
23D. pastors: MINISTERS
24D. prophetic signs: OMENS
25D. __ Witherspoon of “Legally Blonde”: REESE
26A. delayed: LATE
27A. in the __(until then): MEANTIME
27D. guys: MEN
28D. poet’s before: ERE
29D. furthermore: AND
30A. museum offering: ART
31A. author Jules __: VERNE
31d. cast a ballot: VOTE
32A. born: NEE
33A. used logic: REASONED
34D. peaceful: SERENE
35A. storage containers: BINS
35D. dwarfed shrub: BONSAI
36A. desirable quality: ASSET
37A. sheriff’s group: POSSE
37D. __ capita: PER
38A. dweller: RESIDENT
39D. fraudulent scheme: SCAM
40D. Midwest state: IOWA
41D. valley: DALE
42A. yearn: ACHE
42D. NBC’s rival: ABC
43D. dove’s sound: COO
44D. deary: HON
45A. least fine: COARSEST
46D. transgression: SIN
47D. make a doily: TAT
48A. benefit: BOON
49A. punching tool: AWL
50A. opera tune: ARIA
51A. pine __: CONE
52A. Bombshell __ West: MAE
53A. ain’t, correctly: ISNT

Crossword Puzzle Free Daily Puzzle 3 (Easy) August 31, 2018

1A. great success: HIT
1D. actor __ Grant: HUGH
2D. psychic’s phrase: ISEE
3D. Cruise and Hanks: TOMS
4A.peeved: MAD
4D. singer with one name: MADONNA
5D. changed: AMENDED
6D. father: DAD
7A. mete out: ALLOT
7D. formal necktie: ASCOT
8D. Andean animals: LLAMAS
9D. able to read: LITERATE
10D. Keats work: ODE
11D. Turner or Koppel: TED
12A. Gl’s club: USO
13A. physicians’ gp: AMA
14A. glide: SLIDE
15A. ruby e.g.: GEM
16A. devoted: DEDICATED
17D. taxing agcy: IRS
18A. actror Charlton __: HESTON
19D. paving liquid: TAR
20A. Italian city: ROME
21A. moreover: AND
22A. commences: STARTS
23D. row: TIER
24D. narrow board: SLAT
25A. stricter: STERNER
25D. tree fluids: SAPS
26D. tip: TILT
27D. green gems: EMERALDS
28D. curtain holder: ROD
29A. spinnaker e.g.: SAIL
30A. purpose: AIM
31A. worship: ADORE
32D. renovate: RESTORE
33D. accompanies: ESCORTS
34A. Boston __ Party: TEA
35A. begged: PLED
36D. want: DESIRE
37A. meal ender: DESSERT
38D. family mem: SIS
39A. tension: STRESS
40D. wise ones: SAGES
41D. health club: SPA
42A. school subj.: SCI
43A. right away: ASAP
44A. flung: TOSSED
45D. metal fastener: SNAP
46D. icicle’s spot: EAVE
47D. color changer: DYER
48A. crocodile’s kin: ALLIGATOR
48D. big monkey: APE
49D. __ Cruces: LAS
50D. tiny amount: TAD
51A. negative vote: NAY
52A. Juan’s father: PADRE
53A. skill: ART
54A. address: AVE
55A. curved letters: ESSES
56A. French preposition: DES
57A. according to: PER