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Fruit Diary Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Beat All Fruitylicious Challenges

If you happen to be familiar with the match-3 genre, you already know that games of this type can be both adorable and somewhat addicting. After all, all you need to do is match 3 tiles, and poof! They’re off the board. You keep matching and get a high score and perhaps even finish a level with a sparkling 3-star rating.

Once you get the hang of how the game is played, you can breeze through each level and before you know it, you’re at Level 50 and it’s not even lunchtime. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment you get when you complete a stage with 3 stars, and the extra rewards the game throws your way can keep you playing for hours. 

As first impressions go, Fruit Diary is like any other match-3 game you might have already seen floating around the App Store or the Play Store.

fruit diary level complete
Plenty more where that came from!

Released in 2019, Fruit Diary is everything a typical match-3 game is. Cute and colorful graphics? Check. Boosts, obstacles, and special tiles? Check. Three-star rating for levels? Check. Tons of rewards for playing? Checkaroo. The game doesn’t even have much of an introduction as immediately after you launch the app, you’re already thrown into the first level without diving into some kind of introductory story that many match-3 games have. As you progress, the game simply teaches you how to play and what you can do to win. 

Sounds easy and relaxing, right?

Well, that’s the thing, we all know not to judge a book by its cover. And true enough, Fruit Diary can be pretty challenging despite its seeming simplicity. If anything, it will certainly delight fans of the match-3 genre because the devil is in the details, so to speak. There are a couple of things that make it stand out from other match-3 games and these unique features are what make it challenging but also really fun to play.

Our beginner’s guide for Fruit Diary talks about just that, its unique matching features, goal-oriented gameplay, variety of changing obstacles, helpful boosts, and, of course, the many rewards you can earn! 

Without further ado let’s dive into this beginner’s guide for Fruit Diary so you can face all the fruitylicious challenges that will come your way! 

Know Your Goals 

First things first: before we discuss the different level goals you’ll encounter, allow us to mention that Fruit Diary has different islands. Each island has a set number of stages. For the first island, you will play through Levels 1 to 90; on the second island, you’ll play through Levels 91 to 200, and so on. To go island-hopping, all you need to do is click the portal to go back to the island you’ve just finished or to go to the next island. 

fruit diary island hopping
Time for some island hopping.

Now since this is a beginner’s guide, we’ll be discussing what you’ll come across on the first island as goals and obstacles may differ on the second island. However, what you will encounter on the second island are variants of the goals and obstacles you’ll see on the first island. They’re sort of the same, only with a different appearance. 

That said, we’ve briefly mentioned how Fruit Diary is a goal-oriented match-3 game. By that, we mean knowing your goals and how to fulfill them are vital to attaining victory—and you will certainly face a different set of goals from time to time. It isn’t just about getting a high score or eliminating the most number of fruits on the board, you also need to complete certain requirements to win. 

fruit diary score
Thrice the stars, thrice the skill.

On the first island, you will encounter 7 different goals. You may even be asked to fulfill more than one goal per level. Depending on the level’s board arrangement, difficulty, present obstacles, and overall progression, some goals may be harder to fulfill than others. This is why we’ve compiled the list of level goals you’ll be asked to do so you’ll be able to plan and maximize your limited moves accordingly: 

Help the Pup Get His Treat 

fruit diary pup

The very first goal you’ll encounter is to help Jenney’s (the main character) pup get his treat. The way this works is that there is a path that may be integrated into or separate from the board, which the pup will cross to get to his treat at the end. The path may be straight or winding.

To make the pup move across each tile, you will need to match Paw tiles with fruits of the same color. One Paw matched is equivalent to the pup moving forward 1 tile. Should the pup encounter obstacles along the path, it will take more than 1 Paw tile to make him move to the next tile as he will have to “spend” 1 Paw to break the obstacle in front of him.

Keep in mind that since the pup’s path may sometimes be part of the board, his movement will affect the placement of fruits and/or obstacles. The pup himself cannot be moved out of his path. 

Collect Popsicles 

fruit diary popsicles

For this goal, parts of the board or the entire board will be covered in ice tiles. Underneath those ice tiles are hidden popsicles. You need to make matches on top of the ice tiles to eliminate them and fully reveal the popsicles underneath. Once a popsicle is revealed, only then can it be collected as part of the level goal. 

Collect Mushrooms 

fruit diary mushroom

Mushrooms are hidden underneath grass tiles and you need to make matches next to the grass to slowly reveal the mushrooms beneath them. Sometimes, the mushrooms may be partially revealed or completely hidden so you need to make multiple matches next to the grass so you can collect the mushrooms. Grass tiles cannot be movable.

Collect Drinks 

fruit diary drinks

Drinks are placed at random locations on the board and your objective is to bring them to the bottom of the board to be collected. To do this, you need to remove fruits and/or obstacles blocking them from going down. Drinks are movable and can swap positions with fruits. 

Collect Fruits from Baskets 

fruit diary baskets

To fulfill this goal, you will need to match 3x next to baskets so the fruits inside them will “overflow.” Once you’ve made 3 matches next to these baskets, 3 basket fruits will replace 3 random fruits already present on the board. The baskets are positioned at random on the board and neither be moved nor eliminated. 

Spread Honey  

fruit diary honey

These sweet, sweet honey tiles need to be spread throughout the board, and you can do this by making matches over the honey tiles. If you make matches that aren’t connected to fruits on the honey tiles, the honey will not spread. Often, you will have to fill the entire board with honey to collect the required number to complete your level goal. 

Collect Peaches 

fruit diary peaches

Collecting peaches is similar to collecting fruits from baskets, except peaches have a limited number per platter. You can collect peaches by making matches next to the platter in which they are contained. Once the platters become empty, they will be removed from the board, thus freeing up more play space. 

Of course, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies (though this game has both of those) as getting to your goals will naturally be met with some obstacles along the way. Let’s take a look at obstacles in the next section and how they can put a stop to your winning streak if left unchecked. 

Out With the Obstacles  

As the name suggests, obstacles are items on the board that make it a little bit harder to make matches and fulfill your level goals. They can sometimes act as blockades that take up space in the board or restraints that keep fruits from being moved, thus limiting swapping or matching possibilities. Overall, obstacles are things that you need to get rid of as soon as you can so you can free up more space in the board and make more matches. 

For the first 90 levels, you will encounter 6 different obstacles that each have their function and variants, as well as how they can be removed. We’ve listed them down below: 


fruit diary crates

Movable: No

How to remove: Make matches next to crates to break them. 

Crates are one of the first obstacles you’ll come across. They’re usually arranged at random on the board. Crates often block the way of fruits and limit matches if left on the board. Occasionally, you will also encounter crates that need more than 1 match to be broken. These types of crates often have extra strips of wood that look like locks. 


fruit diary ice tiles

Movable: No

How to remove: Make matches on top of the ice tiles to break them. 

Ice tiles (not to be confused with Frozen Fruit tiles) usually have popsicles underneath them. As mentioned before, breaking ice tiles will reveal the popsicles underneath. In some cases, it may take multiple matches to break ice tiles. 

Frozen Fruit 

fruit diary frozen fruit

Movable: No

How to remove: Make matches next to frozen fruit to free them from the ice. 

Frozen fruits are a bit tricky to handle: if you’ve played other match-3 games, you might think that you can match the Frozen Fruit with other fruits as long as they have the same color. It doesn’t work that way in Fruit Diary as freeing Frozen Fruits requires you to make matches next to them, not necessarily including them, unlike fruits bound by chains.

Sometimes, you will need multiple matches to break the ice and free Frozen Fruits. To distinguish ice tiles from Frozen Fruit tiles, the latter usually have fruits beneath them as opposed to above them. Frozen Fruit tiles may also display cracks. 


fruit diary chains

Movable: No

How to remove: Make matches with the fruits in chains to break them free. 

Chains keep fruits in place, preventing them from being repositioned or swapped. One chain will require only 1 match but 2 or more chains holding a fruit in place will naturally require more matches until they’re freed. 


fruit diary coconuts

Movable: Yes

How to remove: Make matches next to the coconuts to remove them. 

A hardy fruit, coconuts can be a real pain when there are a lot of them on the board. Like crates, they tend to act as blockades, but the good news is that coconuts can be moved. This allows fruits nearby coconuts to be swapped in a place where they can be matched. 


fruit diary jam

Movable: No

How to remove: Make matches next to jam tiles to keep them from spreading. 

Jam tiles are like the opposite of honey tiles: you don’t want them to spread but they’ll pop up whenever you fail to make any matches next to them. The worst part about jam tiles is that they might sometimes cover Super Fruit tiles (which we’ll talk about in the next section) and you’ll miss the chance to use these special power-ups. Whenever you spot jam tiles on your board, make it a point to eliminate them first. Once there aren’t any more jam tiles present, they won’t pop up anymore. 

General Tips for Removing Obstacles 

Now that you’re aware of the obstacles you’ll face from time to time, below are some tips you can keep in mind whenever you encounter them or their variants in later levels: 

● If you’re dealing with multiple obstacles on the board, try to gauge which is the most difficult and eliminate that first. Of course, the jam tile is always high on the list since it can eat up the free parts of your board when left unattended. As for other obstacles, try to see whether it’s more productive to remove blockades like crates first, or to free tiles first like those bound in chains. 

● Using Super Fruit tiles will make it easier to eliminate obstacles and clear up space.

However, not all Super Fruit tiles and their combinations will work well for every obstacle. We’ll talk more about Super Fruit tiles in just a moment. 

● In some board layouts, not all obstacles can be eliminated as there are portals that may replenish them throughout the level. One example is coconuts, which may keep coming out of portals to bar juice from going to the bottom of the board. Adapting to the situation may depend on the board’s layout and your overall level goals. 

● In some cases, you may have to work around obstacles instead of eliminating them. For instance, consider delaying the removal of crates if they keep jam tiles from spreading. 

Cook Up a Super Fruit Storm 

Every match-3 game has its own set of special tiles, which are made by making matches of more than 3 tiles. In Fruit Diary, you can create 5 kinds of Super Fruit tiles and have around 15 possible combinations between them. With this, you can have an easier time dealing with obstacles and attaining level goals without having to spend too many moves. That said, always make an effort to cook up a fruit storm and use the effects of Super Fruit tiles to the fullest extent. 

For your convenience, we’ve prepared a nifty little table to outline the Super Fruit tiles you can make, how to make them, and which goals and obstacles they work best for: 

Super Fruit TilesMatchingEffectBest for GoalsBest Against Obstacles
fruit diary stripe 2

Striped Fruit
Match 4 fruits of the same color in a straight line (horizontally or vertically)Removes fruits and/or obstacles in a row or column (the direction of the effect will depend on the direction the Striped Fruit has been matched in)Popsicles

fruit diary butterfly 1

Match 4 fruits of the same color in a squareA butterfly flies toward a random tile and eliminates them (the tile eliminated is often related to your level goal)Puppy treats
Any goal item that needs to be collected but is placed at odd areas
Frozen Fruit
fruit diary bomb 1

Match 5 fruits in an L or T shapeEliminates fruits and/or obstacles within a certain radiusPopsicles
Fruits from baskets
fruit diary rainbow

Match 5 fruits in a straight line (horizontally or vertically)Swap with a fruit of any color to remove all fruits of the same color from the board All goalsAll obstacles
fruit diary coloring ball 2

Coloring Ball
Match 7 fruits in a T shapeSwapping this with a fruit will turn every fruit of that color into the same color as that of the Coloring Ball (e.g., if you swap a green Coloring Ball with a yellow fruit, all yellow fruits will turn green)All goalsAll obstacles

Of course, our “Best For” and “Best Against” sections in this table are simply suggestions and you don’t have to follow them to the T. What makes a successful level is when you’re able to mix and match the Super Fruit tiles you have on hand and use them to your greatest advantage. Additionally, situational decisions may compel you to use a specific Super Fruit tile for a particular goal or obstacle depending on how you’re progressing at that level. 

Super Fruit Tile Combinations 

As mentioned, you can have around 15 combinations among the 5 Super Fruit tiles that you can create. By mixing and matching all the available Super Fruit tiles, you can have a variety of results that can affect your board in a bigger, more advantageous way. Let’s check out the Super Fruit tile Combinations you can make and what their specific effects are in another nifty little table below: 

Combo Effectsfruit diary stripe 1

Striped Fruit
fruit diary butterfly 1

fruit diary bomb 1

fruit diary rainbow

fruit diary coloring ball 1

Coloring Ball
fruit diary stripe 2

Striped Fruit
Removes fruits in a cross patternA butterfly flies toward a random tile and removes either a row or column depending on the direction of the Striped Fruit tile matched with the ButterflyRemoves 3 rows and 3 columns in a cross patternAll the fruits of the same color as the Striped Fruit will all turn into Striped Fruit tilesAll fruits of the same color as the Striped Fruit will all turn into Striped Fruit tiles, but their colors will change to reflect the color of the Coloring Ball
fruit diary butterfly 2

Activates 3 butterflies that fly toward 3 random tiles, which will be removedA butterfly flies toward 1 random tile; all tiles around it will be removed by an explosionAll fruits of the same color as the Butterfly will turn into Butterfly tilesAll fruits of the same color as the Butterfly will all turn into Butterfly tiles, but their colors will change to reflect the color of the Coloring Ball
fruit diary bomb 2

Removes tiles with a bigger explosion radiusAll fruits of the same color as the Bomb will turn into Bomb tilesAll fruits of the same color as the Bomb will all turn into Bomb tiles, but their colors will change to reflect the color of the Coloring Ball
fruit diary rainbow

Clears the entire board of all fruits and/or obstacles (provided obstacles only need 1 match to be eliminated)All fruits of the same color as the Coloring Ball will all turn into Coloring Balls
fruit diary coloring ball 2

Coloring Ball
All fruits of the same color as one or the other Coloring Ball will all turn into Coloring Balls

Among these combinations, two Coloring Balls are perhaps the most difficult to combine since making just 1 Coloring Ball can already be a challenge. Getting them to align requires not just skill but also a bit of luck if you think about it. Otherwise, all the other combinations can be relatively easy to do if the board’s arrangement is in your favor. 

That said, knowing these Super Fruit combos are just but a step toward a 3-star victory. It’s still good to keep some general tips in mind if you want to use Super Fruits and Super Fruit Combinations in productive ways. 

General Tips for Using Super Fruits and Their Combinations

● Some Super Fruits work well for certain goals and obstacles. However, some might not make a significant impact and may even be a waste of moves. For instance, we don’t recommend using Striped Fruit for coconuts as this power-up will only affect 1 coconut tile regardless of whether the entire effect passes through a line of coconuts. On the other hand, Striped Fruits work well in spreading honey or eliminating jam tiles. 

● Making multiple Super Fruits and Super Fruit combinations will certainly give you a higher chance of achieving your level goals. If you manage to complete the level, all the Super Fruits that have been left on the board will be activated, thus adding to your overall high score.

However, take care not to hoard Super Fruits as this may keep you from actually completing the level successfully if you spend too many moves making them. Activate them when needed and don’t get too caught up in creating Super Fruits at the cost of losing more favorable matches. 

● You may deliberately make matches to align 2 Super Fruits for a more powerful combination. For instance, you want to get those 2 Rainbow Super Fruits to swap so you can clear the entire board, but you need to make a few more matches to get them to align with each other without accidentally activating them. This is a fairly reasonable strategy, unless it requires too many moves to implement. Making 2 or 3 matches to this end is fine, but more than that, this becomes a disadvantageous gamble that might not pay off all that well in the end. 

● Super Fruits are a great game-changer, but remember that timing and proper usage are key to maximizing their fullest effect. They might not guarantee total victory, though, so when you’re in a pinch, boosters can help supplement Super Fruits for a more direct effect. 

Bring Out the Boosters 

Speaking of boosters, these are additional power-ups in the game that can help you win. They have a more targeted effect, though using them would depend on the situation. The only downside is that boosters have a limited number and if you run out, you’ll have to wait until you earn them as free rewards or purchase them in the store. 

There are 2 kinds of boosters: pre-game boosters, which you can select before entering a level, and in-level boosters, which you can activate in the middle of playing a stage. Both are quite helpful and knowing when to use them will increase your chances of winning. 

Let’s take a look at the pre-game and in-level boosters you can use, and what’s the best time to use each one. 

Pre-Game Boosters 

fruit diary 3 power-ups

3 Power-Ups: Start the Level with 2 Striped Fruits and 1 Bomb (these are positioned at random places on the board).

fruit diary rainbow fruit

Rainbow Fruit: Starts the level with 1 Rainbow Fruit boost (this is positioned at a random place on the board).

fruit diary 2x butterflies

2x Butterflies: Activating 1 Butterfly tile will cause 2 butterflies to fly toward 2 random tiles. This effect will last the entire level. 

Best Time to Use Pre-Game Boosters 

● Every now and then, you will be encountering Hard Levels. As the name suggests, these levels tend to be more difficult than the typical ones you come across. Pre-game boosters will give you an edge whenever you play these levels. 

● Some levels, though marked as “normal” levels, also tend to be rather difficult. If you’ve played a level and lost, you can replay the level and use a pre-game booster just before entering. 

● If you’ve finished a level with less than 3 stars, you may consider replaying that level but with a pre-game booster next time. 

In-Level Boosters  

fruit diary hammer

● Hammer: Removes 1 fruit or obstacle from the board. This can be used multiple times if you have more than 1 Hammer booster. 

fruit diary cross hammer

● Cross Hammer: Removes fruits in a cross pattern. This can be used multiple times if you have more than 1 Cross Hammer booster. 

fruit diary glove

● Glove: Swaps the position of 2 adjacent fruits. This can be used multiple times if you have more than 1 Glove booster. 

Best Time to Use In-Level Boosters 

● When selected, in-level boosters don’t count as moves and don’t need matches to be activated. It’s basically like having a free turn using a special item. Thus, one of the best times to use any of these in-level boosters is if you’re running out of moves and need a bit of a push to complete level goals. 

● You may also decide to use in-level boosters when you’re just 1 move away from attaining all your level goals. For instance, you’re 2 matches away from collecting mushrooms but you only have 1 move left. In this case, bring out the Hammer booster and target the last mushroom to collect it. 

● Consider using in-level boosters as a substitute if you don’t have pre-game boosters. For instance, you can begin a level by activating the Cross Hammer to give you an advantageous start, which you could have done if you perhaps had the 3 Power-Ups booster. 

Beware the Moving Board  

fruit diary moving board
Make your move and it will make its own.

In most match-3 games, the board usually remains static, meaning the natural flow of tiles is simply downward. Often, the board may change shape and size, but that’s about as challenging as it may get. 

In Fruit Diary, however, they take this a notch higher with its moving boards and multi-directional tile flows. What do we mean by this? We mean that boards may have a continuation and once you’re done with one section of it, the game will move you to another section of the board where the remainder of your level goals are located. If you happen to leave a Super Fruit tile on the first section of the board, you might not be able to access it anymore when the game transfers you to the second part of the board. 

Additionally, multi-directional tile flows pertain to the way the tiles move when you make matches. In this game, they don’t just travel downward, fruits can also travel from side to side depending on their location on the board. For instance, tiles placed on the right half of the board may travel to the left whenever matches are made, then they travel downward once they reach the left half of the board. Often, you’ll know that a level has multi-directional tile flows when portals are present. 

Multi-directional tile flows, as well as continuous boards, can get a bit disorienting, which is why it’s important to plan your moves thoroughly. Take your time in considering what kind of effect a match or the activation of a Super Fruit might have when you encounter moving boards and multi-directional tile flows. For the latter, try to imagine how tiles will fall into place so you can make advantageous matches. You may have an easier time if you activate Super Fruits and/or their combinations but it will really depend on the situation, so plan carefully. 

Winning Has Extra Prizes 

Now that we’ve covered most of the strategies that you can consider applying while playing Fruit Diary, it’s time to talk about what happens when you actually win! 

As we mentioned, most match-3 games have a 3-star rating where you can earn 1, 2, or 3 stars every time you finish a level. Of course, the number of stars you earn will depend on how well you played in that particular stage. This begs the question: is it worth 3-starring each level in Fruit Diary?


You see, aside from gaining a sense of accomplishment, earning 3 stars for each level will also bring you extra prizes. If you observe the game lobby where you can see and access all the levels for your current island, you will notice a small treasure chest at the side of the screen.

Claiming the prize in this chest will require you to collect as many stars as you can until you reach the number of stars needed to open the chest. Once the chest has been opened and you’ve claimed the prize inside, you will have to collect another batch of stars to reopen the chest for another surprise reward. 

fruit diary chest

In the early parts of the game, you’re required to collect 20 stars to open the chest. As you go higher up the levels, you may be required to collect 30 stars or more. Thus, it’s best to win each level with a 3-star rating so you can get closer and closer to claiming the reward in the treasure chest. 

Aside from the treasure chest, winning levels will also allow you to gain points for active limited-time events. The game lets you participate in these events by default and it’s up to you if you want to claim the prizes offered. Of course, nobody can say no to freebies! 

Limited-time events may vary but they usually reward you for continuously playing and winning levels. An example is the Crown Rush event where every level you win, regardless of star rating, will earn you 1 crown. Get enough crowns and you’ll be able to claim a reward. 

fruit diary crown rush

Another example of a limited-time event is Harvest Season, where completing levels will earn you medals. If you manage to reach a certain number of medals, you’ll be able to claim a reward. 

fruit diary harvest season

Simply logging into the game will also get you freebies! With the Daily Bonus, you can get various rewards when you open the game each day. 

fruit diary daily bonus

With all this talk of rewards, I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of surprises you stand to earn. Fruit Diary is pretty generous with its rewards as you can earn any of the following and more:

● Gold

● Various boosters

● Additional lives

● Infinite lives for 15 minutes or more

● Infinite boosters for 15 minutes or more

So win those levels to earn more rewards!

Watch Ads for Freebies 

Ads in mobile games are pretty much a staple at this point so it’s unsurprising that the same approach has been implemented in Fruit Diary. But unlike other games, ads in Fruit Diary can get you some nice freebies and you’re not forced to watch them. But like we said, who can say no to freebies? Spending a couple of seconds watching ads might not be so bad when you’re getting goodies in return. 

There are a couple of avenues offered by the game in terms of getting freebies in exchange for watching ads. One of these is the Lucky Spin option wherein you need to watch an ad for a free spin in a rewards roulette. 

Once you’ve claimed the reward, you need to wait 5 minutes to spin the roulette again. You can do this 5 times a day. On your 5th spin, you’ll get a bonus reward. When you’ve spent all your 5 free spins (watching an ad each time, of course), you’ll get to access the Lucky Spin roulette the next day. 

fruit diary lucky spin

From time to time, you will also encounter a hot air balloon suddenly floating across your island. When you click this hot air balloon, you’ll be asked if you want to open the mystery box. If you opt in, you’ll watch an ad and claim the reward when it’s done. The hot air balloon appears at random so take advantage of this freebie whenever you see it. 

fruit diary mystery box

The Shop, which is where you buy some premium stuff in the game like bundles, also offers freebies if you watch a quick ad. If you notice a red exclamation point next to the Shop’s button, this means that you can watch an ad in exchange for free gold.

You can even double that amount by watching another ad. Like the Lucky Spin, you’ll have to wait 5 minutes before the option becomes accessible again. Take note, though, that you usually earn 30 gold by watching an ad, so the most you can get from this option is 60 gold. 

fruit diary free coins

Of course, freebies from ad-watching aren’t limited to these instances in the game. You may also earn free pre-game boosters if you watch an ad before entering a level. All you need to do is click the blue Play button instead of the green one. After finishing the ad, you will get a random pre-game booster, which will be activated as soon as you begin the level.

Keep in mind that this option, like the hot air balloon, appears at random. There’s no harm in getting a free pre-game booster whenever you can, especially when you come across a Hard Level. 

fruit diary free booster

Ads can be a bit annoying for some players but it seems that in this case, it may be worth considering them since the rewards and freebies are useful overall.

With all that being said, this concludes our beginner’s guide for Fruit Diary! We hope that you’ve learned how to achieve the different level goals, use Super Fruits and boosters wisely, deal with obstacles effectively, and take advantage of the different options you have to gain rewards and win each level with flying, fantastic, fruity colors! 

Do you have more tips and tricks up your sleeve? Don’t forget to share them in our comment section below. Now it’s your turn to go on a fruitylicious adventure!