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Free Rider HD (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints You Should Know

Take your bike to the tracks in Free Rider HD, a community driven racing game created by KANO/APPS for iOS. The game takes pride in offering endless content since all tracks are created by fellow players. The goal for each track is to collect all stars. There are over a thousand tracks published daily so you will need the help of our Free Rider HD strategy guide to conquer any new track thrown your way!

1. Practice Riding The Bike

Just like riding a bike in real life, you will need a bit of practice to master riding your bike in the game. The in-game physics can be tricky since it is in 2D. The buttons on the left are for speeding up and braking while the buttons on the right are for turning. Take time to practice the controls in some of the easier tracks and slowly work your way towards the more complex ones. You don’t really need to win right away. Just focus on getting comfortable with navigating the bike and you’ll be competing with the pro bikers in no time.

2. Slow And Steady Finishes The Race

Just as mastering the controls needs some getting used to, so do mastering the tracks. Don’t worry too much about the timer during your first run through on a track. There is no time limit and the timer is just there to let you know how long it took for you to complete the track. Use your first few tries to get to know the track since a lot of player-creators like throwing in surprises to keep their tracks interesting. Your completion time will eventually improve as you memorize the tracks.

3. Performing Tricks

Some parts of tracks will launch you into the air and will give you a few seconds wherein you can perform bike tricks. You are free to do so but keep in mind that you get no additional rewards for it. It is a cool way to show off if you have the track memorized. If you are new to the track, however, it would be best to focus on your landing instead. You may need to lean left or right to maintain your balance upon landing, depending on how the tracks are drawn.

4. Make It Perfect

There are hundreds of thousands of tracks in the game and no one has finished all of them so there is no need to rush in completing all tracks. Instead of hurrying on to the next track, you should repeatedly practice on one track until you are satisfied with your star rating and completion speed. There is no limit to the number of times you can play a track as well so feel free to keep trying until you have it mastered.

5. Draw Your Own Tracks

Since you are playing a community driven game, you would be missing out if you didn’t try creating your own track at least once. You can start off with drawing simple tracks to get the hang of it then build more difficult tracks later on. The only thing you need to remember is that the track has to be playable. To make sure all player-created tracks are playable, the game will require you to complete your own track before you will be allowed to share it for others to complete.

It’s time to race! Whether you are racing for stars or best time completed, depend on our list of Free Rider HD tips, cheats and tricks to gain the upper hand!