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Frantic Architect Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Make Better Buildings

Casual gaming giant BulkyPix has a new game for Android and iOS called Frantic Architect, and it’s a “one-finger physics-based builder” where you can “express yourself through unconventional architecture.” You can build some of the craziest, weirdest towers as you work through the blocks in this game, or try to build the tallest tower or use as many blocks as you could while staying as close to the ground as possible. But bear in mind that physics plays a very key role in this game; as BulkyPix puts it, your main enemy in this game would be gravity itself. It’s important that you time your taps properly, lest your tower fall to the ground and your game reach an untimely end.

This is a fun game that challenges one’s puzzle-solving skills and reflexes alike, but since those skills are involved in this game, that also means it could be frustrating. But we can help you build better structures and enjoy longer building runs in this game – let these Frantic Architect tips and tricks point you in the right direction toward making the best buildings possible.

1. You Can Change The Design While Playing The Game

Find those gray cubes too bland and unappealing? No need to worry about that, as you can change the design of the cubes while you’re playing Frantic Architect. Simply hit the left and right arrows beside the cube until you find something that works for you. All the possible designs are unlocked, and there’s no need to buy new designs at the in-app store, or hit a certain score to unlock them. They’re all yours for the choosing.

2. You Can Build Back Down If You Need To

If you find yourself in a bind due to some mistakes you made in the building process, you can build back down, instead of building up or building sideways. And if your point of view is blocked by something in certain angles, don’t panic. You can wait for the camera to focus on the angle you want to work on, and try building again with a better line of sight.

3. Watch Ad Videos If You Want To Continue Your Run

The game will, in many cases, give you the option to watch an ad video after your run comes to an end. This works best if you already had quite an impressive-looking building completed, but were just a few blocks away before making it look perfect, or if you were just a few points shy of your high score. Once you watch those videos, you will start off from where you last left off; this allows you to continue and chase that high score/make that building look extra-spiffy. Still, the catch here is that you’ll have to work extra-hard on your timing once you take advantage of these restarts.

4. Size And Height Do Matter

As your structure keeps getting bigger, you’ll have more room for error, as bigger, wider structures are harder to topple over. Additionally, the camera will pan out once your height reaches a multiple of 10; once that happens, you’ll see a height of “xx/20” on your screen, for instance. The camera will continue panning out every time you reach the next height limit.

These would be our tips and tricks for BulkyPix’s mobile game, Frantic Architect. In case we come up with additional tricks for the game, we will update this guide in the near future!