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FRAG Pro Shooter Advanced Guide: Tips & Tricks to Assemble a Powerful Team and Take Down Your Opponents

FRAG Pro Shooter is an action mobile game created by Oh Bibi socialtainment for iOS and Android devices, that comes with a roster of unique characters. The game is very deep, and it can feel overwhelming to beat more experienced opponents. This FRAG Pro Shooter guide will help you progress through the more advanced stages of the game and help you improve and raise your win rate. In case you are just getting started, you should check out our beginner’s guide first, but if you are an advanced player then stay with us for some cool FRAG Pro Shooter tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Think Outside The Box When Fighting

Mastering your abilities’ usage is vital to winning against more experienced opponents in FRAG Pro Shooter. Every ability has an optimal moment to be used in. An example is Big Paku’s ability, which is instantly used and doesn’t require you to spend any ammos, and so it’s best used when you’re out of ammos and are reloading, or when you need to burst down enemies before they can retaliate with an ability of their own.

frag pro shooter tips

Various abilities can also be used in an unconventional way to take your opponents’ off guard. In a gunfight in close quarters, Jay B.’s mine can be tossed on top of the enemy you’re shooting to inflict heavy damage, or if you are sustaining heavy fire, you can use Jet’s or Cleo’s ability to fly above your opponent’s head while shooting them from the air, this will surely surprise them, giving you an edge in combat. Displacing abilities like Striker’s Home Run can be used to push enemies into the water for an instant kill, or can be used to push them into Prisoner-99 or Jay B.’s mines for a quick burst of damage. Slimeя’s ability can be used to give yourself cover or to flank enemies by jumping on buildings and quickly reaching parts of the map that would take too long to reach if you just went there by foot.

Damage is not the only thing you should think about while fighting, you should also pay attention to your Health Points, your opponents’ and how many ammos are left in your gun before reloading. Offensive abilities don’t consume ammos, so you can use them for a quick burst before reloading, or you can use your mobility to find cover and reload while in the air or behind cover. Finding cover in general is very helpful, as it allows you to wait for your ability’s cooldown or reload without taking extra damage for no reason.

2. How To Build The Best Team

There is no such thing as a perfect team composition in FRAG Pro Shooter. Some characters synergize better with others though, and you can find out who works better with who by trying them out. The game already hints you at what would be a good way to build your team by suggesting the optimal role of each shooter. Roles are there to suggest the areas of the map where each character shines.

frag pro shooter team composition

Camp characters are either very good at dealing damage from a huge range, and are best left in your main tower to snipe from afar (for example Virus, Eagle Eye, and Long Shot), or have abilities that make it difficult for your opponents to just walk up to your targets to shoot them and make you lose points (like Vlad’s Tornado, or Jay B.’s mines).

Defense characters also have abilities that help you defend your targets, they are though better suited at fighting at closer range, and their abilities are geared towards annoying targets who are looking to get in your buildings, they also usually have more health than Attack characters. Center characters are going to focus around the paths and bridges between sides, and they help maintain a strong presence in the central area of the map. They are generally good at abusing the center of the map to their own advantage, most of them have abilities that displace your enemies, which is optimal when fighting in the middle of the map, where it’s easy to push enemies into the water, they can also assist your team in defending your side of the map as well.

Attack characters, as the name suggests, are good at pushing towards your opponent’s objectives, and their abilities range from ways of moving around the map easier, to avoid enemy fire while reaching the objectives, or purely offensive abilities to win gunfights like Big Paku’s or Ape-Suit’s. The last role is Wild, and Wild characters are exactly that, wild. These characters behave completely randomly, they could attack for a moment, and then suddenly switch to defending, they deal good damage and can do anything you need them to. The ideal team composition is having 1 character of each role, but keep in mind that even though every character has a predetermined role, you can use them however you feel like, you can use attackers to defend and vice versa, furthermore, you can run as many characters of a single role as you please, depending on your favorite playstyle. Maybe you want to emphasize defending your targets, or you want to try a more offensively oriented approach.

3. Keep An Eye On The Minimap

You should always keep an eye on your minimap, as it provides important information about the state of the game. You can tell if your teammates are fighting, it allows you to know if an enemy is rushing towards you to defend the objective you are attacking, or it can help in deciding if you are able to win a gunfight, for example by being able to see if an enemy is joining his teammate or if a teammate is coming to help you.

Also remember you can see the full map by tapping on it, which can be used when the character you are controlling dies. Many new players after a death tend to just select a character from the given list when they have to respawn, but that’s usually a bad idea, since you might end up selecting a character that was chasing someone, or who was about to enter in a dangerous area, thus missing a kill or dying because you were not ready for the situation. What you should do instead, is tap on the minimap on the top left corner, and pick from there your character you want to respawn as. This way you will know exactly where you are about to spawn, and can at least be prepared in advance if there are enemies in the area.

4. Focus On The Objectives

While killing enemies is fun, the most important thing to win games is destroying the enemy objectives while defending yours. There are 3 objectives on the map, 2 in the bunkers, and one in the big tower at the end of the map. The smaller objectives have 200 Health Points each, while the big one on the 2nd floor of the big tower has 500 Health Points. You remove 1 point from your opponent’s score for every point of damage you deal to your enemy’s objectives, plus 28 points for completely destroying an objective. As you can see, attacking these will cost your opponents a lot of points, especially compared to killing opponents, as a kill is worth only 28 points. This means that emptying a single magazine on an objective is already worth more points than killing an enemy. This is why you need a balanced team composition, you have to make sure you have ways of defending your objectives while also attacking the enemy’s.

frag pro shooter objectives

The target in the main tower is locked at the start, and in order to reach it, you will have to destroy the two smaller targets in the bunkers. You are very vulnerable while attacking the targets, as you will be in a relatively small area and you will attract the enemy’s attention towards you. This can also be strategically used to your advantage. Attacking a target might prompt a defense towards the target you are attacking, you can then switch character and assault the target that was left unguarded. Killing enemies is worth 28 points, which means you should try to kill them before they reach your objectives, but it’s hardly worth focusing on them if, for example, they are busy in a gunfight in the middle of the map.

You can always order the AI to attack an enemy objective, or to defend your own objectives, simply by tapping on their icon on the map. This will prompt one of your teammates to try their best to reach the selected target and attack it, or kill close enemies. You can order up to two different units to attack a target. With all of this said, there is a time where killing enemies is better than hitting the objectives, and that’s when Frenzy Time is on, which is when all the points losses are doubled. During Frenzy Time you need to be more careful when you push towards your enemies, as dying is very expensive for you, so if you are winning the best thing to do is play a little more defensive. If you are losing though you should go on the offensive and try to aggressively get as many points as possible off your opponents.

5. Use Your Resources Wisely

While building your dream team, you should focus on the fewest amount of characters possible you plan to use for the majority of your battles. You don’t have enough resources to level up every character you will find, the amount of gold coins you will need to upgrade characters past the initial levels gets very high. High level characters are very important if you want to beat more experienced opponents, since higher level characters have much better stats.

frag pro shooter tricks

If you are unsure whether or not you like having certain characters on your team, you can always test them out in the Training mode, which you can access in the Deck screen. Time is another very important resource when you play this game, as you will need to wait a certain amount of time in order to open the chests you get by playing the game. You can speed up the process by watching ads, but there’s only a set amount of times you can watch them every 8 hours, so, while they are a nice way to progress a bit faster, you can’t rely on this. You will have to check the game every now and then to make sure you aren’t missing out on a lot of rewards.

Remember to also check the Missions tab, as there are additional chests that need you to wait a certain amount of time to open. Gems are best saved for the daily deals in the shop, where you can buy cards of Legendary characters, you can earn gems by completing specific missions you can check in the Missions menu. Also, you should always pick up the coins you can find on the map when you play a game, collect the gems too if you plan to purchase the stash you get. It’s your best investment if you want to spend money on the game, as you get a decent amount of gem for a lower price than if you bought the gems directly from the shop.

This wraps up our advanced guide for FRAG Pro Shooter. Hopefully the tips and tricks we shared in this article will be useful for you. The game is very addicting, you will fall into the trap of telling yourself “I’ll play one more” after every game. If you know of any other tips or strategies you found out while playing FRAG Pro Shooter, make sure to let us know in the comments. Until then, happy fragging!