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Fly Corp Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Expand Your Airline Empire and Unlock All Countries

Air travel is one of the best ways to get around the world. It’s efficient, it’s quick, and you even get to see lots of sights while you’re high up in the sky. The only downside is following stringent travel restrictions, getting your papers in check, making sure your bags fall under the correct amount of weight, or even having enough money to purchase the airline ticket alone. It’s tough being a passenger, sure, and we’ve been there before, but how about we put ourselves in the shoes of those running the show so we can get to our destinations?

Being someone who works at an airport can be a pretty hectic job. Depending on which job you undertake, you could be helping your coworkers fill the plane’s belly with baggage, interacting with departing or arriving passengers, driving equipment around, or even cleaning the place.

fly corp guide

But what if you owned an airline business itself? How would you fare if you ran a transport business that spans across several countries? How would you fare if you managed to do this worldwide? Well, dear reader, the creative heads at Azur Games bring you that very experience through the airline business simulator: Fly Corp.

From the makers of Fire Hero, Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash, and War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle, Fly Corp situates you as the owner of an airline/airport business. Your goal is to create an air transport empire that stretches across the globe with a couple of hurdles along the way. The game possesses three modes:

a. Unlock All Countries
b. Free Play
c. Scenario Mode

Free Play allows you to play the game without any repercussions and Scenario Mode gives you the challenge of playing through different situations (for instance, having a hurricane hit the USA and dealing with flight cancellations in different states).

But the most intense mode has to be the Unlock All Countries mode where you have to unlock a new country every 6 minutes. It might sound simple on paper but the true chaotic nature of this mode reveals itself when you’ve roughly enough countries spanning at least two continents.

fly corp game over
Don’t let this happen to you!

In this Fly Corp beginner’s guide, we will focus solely on Unlock All Countries mode since it can get arguably more difficult than Scenario mode. Will you manage your routes well or will you succumb due to an airport closure? If you’re looking to expand your empire of air travel and find the best ways to create an efficient flow of passengers from country to country, give our Fly Corp beginner’s guide below a read!

1. Know What You Have To Do

fly corp orange airport
Frankfurt’s a little congested. Do something about it!

As you play, cities pop up and will require you to set destinations for them. It’s all fun and games until the timer on the upper right runs out or if an airport fills to capacity.

Playing Fly Corp, just like any other game, is a little bit like learning a language. The game has a lot of indicators that tell you certain things about what you have to do. Let’s first address how colors work.

The colors in this game are an indicator of how many passengers are in something:

🟩 – Green means that the aircraft or airport has room in it. This means that upgrades aren’t necessary, especially for airports.

🟨 – Yellow means that the passengers have filled roughly 50% of the aircraft or airport’s capacity. This shouldn’t be that alarming.

🟧 – Orange is a little bit more risky. For airports, it means they’re nearing their capacity. For aircraft, it’s a nearly full flight.

🟥 – Red is a warning. For airports, this dire signal means the airport requires an upgrade otherwise you will lose the game. For aircraft, it’s best to have an airport with enough capacity to accomodate the arriving passengers. Of course, the number of passengers is relative to the size of the aircraft.

Aircraft can stay full anytime, but as we’ve stated, getting an airport full of passengers with nowhere to go will end your game. Likewise, having the timer run out on you will also give you a game over. But there is a way you can counter that.

In particular, if you’re starting out, make these countries your priority. There is a trick to this: unlocking new countries is cheap and doing so carries the timer over. Let’s suppose you have unlocked a country with 5 minutes left. If you’ve done this, the timer will be bumped up to 11 minutes. Constantly do this until you feel like you have enough time to build more airports and earn more money for countries with farther routes.

Between the pressure of the time limit and the growth of your airports, it is the latter that is most likely to end your game if you aren’t vigilant. Let’s talk about one surefire way to keep this from happening.

2. Keep Airports Constantly Upgraded

fly corp airport upgrades
More upgrades, more room for passengers.

Have you ever been in a crowded airport?

It’s uncomfortable, it’s got people sometimes cutting in lines, it’s got lots of tension. Even after the outbreak of 2019 with it reaching its height in 2020, airports today still manage to fill up somehow. Too many people in a smaller airport is even worse and the tensions between passengers and airport workers could flare up if there are no flights coming and going. This very issue presents itself as a Game Over in Fly Corp.

A newly-christened airport starts out with the capacity of 50 passengers. That is a rather tiny number that will be easily filled once flights start pouring in. After a couple of upgrades, it shouldn’t be filling up so quickly anymore. To keep an eye out on your airports, try pinching the screen to zoom out. If there are any oranges around, pay that airport a visit and upgrade it immediately.

There are some scenarios that are unavoidable, however. In airline lingo, these are called force majeures. One such force majeure is if a storm hits and airport and ruins it. This will cause its level to go down. Depending on how much money you have, it’s important that you immediately fix that airport up and restore its former level or make it better.

Airports fill up very quickly if they have multiple flights coming from all over. How you can prevent this, first and foremost, is to keep your routes discernible.

3. Avoid Knots

fly corp neat routes
Nothing like a smooth set of flight paths.

A knot is normally not a good thing unless you use it to secure or tie something down.

When it comes to electrical wiring, seeing your wires all over the place and overlapping each other could be a fire hazard but is also a nuisance to fix. While on the road, having a knot in the flow of traffic could bring everyone to a complete halt. The same principle here applies when you plan out your routes.

A messily-done set of routes could be confusing. You may end up buying more planes or upgrading planes for the wrong route, or you might even end up selling the wrong route. While it does generate a more noticeable amount of money, it’s also difficult to spot which country is connected to what. Additionally, some airports may even fill up much faster than others with how busy these can become.

fly corp lithuania

Do not fall into the temptation that more connected airports mean a quicker buck. Keep everything easy to read. Not only does it help you keep up with the pace of the game, it also looks aesthetically pleasing. Sure, one airport will remain yellow all the way,  but keeping all of those around it green is a much better sight.

That one yellow airport should be the capital of the country.

4. Capital Cities Should Have The Busiest Airports

fly corp moscow
Moscow is well-connected.

Are you familiar with your capital cities?

If geography isn’t your strong point, there is a list at the bottom of this guide of every capital city in the world (be sure to check it out for reference). With that said, the capital city of a country should have the busiest airport of all. Each plane coming and going should at least cross the country’s capital.

This is especially important for international flights. Granted that most flights from capital to capital are international, these are where most of your planes should be. Ergo, flights to and from a capital city to another should have at least more than 2 planes at a time.

This happens also in real life. It’s normally the capital cities that have the busiest airports and the ones that primarily handle international flights. While other cities also handle international flights, they aren’t as prominent or well-known as the capitals themselves. After all, capital airports are the ones you should be focusing most of your resources on. They’ll fill up the fastest and bring the most people around.

This isn’t to say you should leave your domestic stations be, though.

5. Domestic Flights Should Be Interconnected

fly corp domestic flights
People coming and going but never really leaving the country.

Domestic flights are the alternative to train, bus, or cross-country travel.

This is especially common in countries that are landlocked with each other or if a country has multiple airports in it. Case in point, Europe has many of these. While it’s common for people to travel via train, there is also the option for them to go to their country of choice via air travel. When multiple cities of a country have all their flights connected, this will alleviate airport congestion greatly.

Keep the cities of each country linked so that passengers that fill up these airports will lessen, especially if they’re out to reach other nearby cities. The caveat here, for the sake of being organized, is to ensure that they only fly within the country.

fly corp algiers

Instead of having a flight from Milan to Hanover, keep Milan exclusive to Italian flights only. It’ll be much easier to clean up that way if you feel like one airport fills up faster than another.

With all this route-opening and airport and plane upgrading, surely there is a way to manage funds well.

6. Set A Floor For Your Money

fly corp special event
These things pop up every now and then. It pays to be always prepared!

You’ve successfully made the upgrades you needed and everything now seems to be running like a well-oiled machine. But you get a notice that one of your airports is almost full. You notice that your funds are lacking. What do you do now?

At all times, give your money a floor. What we mean to say is to spend only up to a certain amount. Keeping this practice as a contingency plan will save you the bitter taste of defeat since backup money will always help you upgrade a full airport. Never mind the airplanes, focus on the airports since they’re what are keeping you from losing.

At the very least, 5000 is a safe amount. Earning this should be easy (we’ll soon tell you how to earn the big bucks) and once your wallet hits 5k, try to spend only up to that amount with 4000 as allowance.

fly corp turkey

This amount should be enough to bump an airport up a few levels. When the notification that an airport is almost full hits the screen, shell out that cash. Do this until you see the airport in the yellow (green if you wanna be extra safe).

To keep a steady flow of money entering your wallet, there should be an equally steady flow of flights. That’s through having other countries unlocked between the unlocking of goal countries.

7. Unlock Countries In Between Goals

fly corp countries in between
Don’t ignore them!

The timer ticks with every second nearing your game over. Can you really unlock the next country within the time limit?

One other trick to unlocking the next country is by “hopping” countries. You unlock a country adjacent to another country and you do this until you get to your destination. You can do this by tapping any country and then proceeding to unlock it by pressing the button with money on it.

There is an advantage to this technique: unlocking more countries along the way means more cities, more planes, more money. So long as you’ve developed a way you could manage your money properly, you should be fine. As the number of airports grows everywhere, so does your responsibility over all of them.

Airports are an important part of the game, but how about the planes?

8. Upgrade Planes Wisely

fly corp plane upgrades
Bigger means better… usually.

The airplane — a mechanical marvel of engineering. A vessel weighing in tons of steel and aluminum yet able to be as light as a bird on liftoff. This isn’t even counting the passengers it is carrying. Bigger planes tend to be more efficient but smaller planes do have their purpose as well.

The planes, much like the airports, are upgradeable. In doing so increases their capacity for passengers as well as their speed. Constantly upgrading these will surely help decongest airports and keep the flow of passengers even but due to the sheer numbers they have (especially if you bought plenty of them), they could drain your funds rather quickly. In short, bigger planes are more expensive yet they are more efficient.

Your can make your end goal to have all airports and aircraft fully upgraded, but that will take a long while before it can become realized. Airports alone are rather expensive and should be best upgraded early, as we talked about earlier, to keep yourself from losing the game.

But are multiple large planes that efficient?

9. Use Multiple Planes For International Flights Mostly

fly corp stockholm to oslo
Two flights to Oslo? There should be more.

You’ve got all these planes flying all over the map but sometimes singular flights just won’t cut it. Do you get many planes for international or domestic flights?

The key to having a fleet of efficient aircraft is to remember what we said about capital cities having the busiest airports. Capital cities that have international flights should also have the most planes going to and from countries.

To start you off, you can have three aircraft flying from your capital of choice while domestic flights will retain singular ones. This should keep the flow of passengers smooth; outgoing and incoming passengers will balance out the airport’s capacity.

Since domestic flights are normally shorter than international ones, it makes more sense to have fewer aircraft traveling to and from cities. But this is where a caveat presents itself.

fly corp morocco

Countries like Russia have a lot of domestic flights. Given that example, Russia should be doing the opposite of what the rest of the world is doing. Their domestic flights should have more planes than international ones. As we’ve mentioned in an earlier bullet, each city having interconnecting flights will increase the generation of your income due to the frequency of the passengers flying about.

Money generation is always a problem especially if you constantly need to upgrade airports. There is but one way to get instant boons of cash to fall onto your lap.

10. Take Special Offers By Watching Ads

fly corp grant
That’s a lotta money.

You’re minding your own business and all of a sudden, the government of a country sends you a grant! They claim that they’d want to help you improve your progress with the airport. But what’s this? Oh no! An ad!

We’re kidding. The ads in this game are actually a good thing. If you end up watching the ads that pop up on the side while you play, you will gain a massive amount of cash. Doing this doesn’t just indirectly support the developers of Fly Corp, it also helps you further develop your airports. Just think of amassing enough funds to upgrade that problematic airport that quickly fills up when you aren’t looking.

Aside from that, think of this as a chance for you to give your brain a breather. Fly Corp tends to become more mentally taxing the more airports you unlock. Consider using the ad to give yourself a break and prepare yourself for your next move. If you forego the ad watching, your earnings will slow down plenty and your next goal country might be unlocked much later.

Fly Corp’s Unlock All Countries mode is an intense, fast-paced experience. Always be aware of what needs to be done and keep your flight paths from intersecting too much. Since one of your conditions here for losing is to have one of your airports fill up to capacity, it’s always best to keep your airports upgraded (Level 3 at least).

fly corp fuel price

As far as capital stations and domestic stations are concerned, capital airports should be the busiest of them all and domestic flights should all be interconnected. Always make sure you have a floor for your funds and spend only up to that amount just in case an emergency occurs.

Since you’ll be needing to unlock a new country every 6 minutes, try unlocking some of the other countries along the way to boost the money you earn from extra flights. Planes flying internationally should both have quantity as well as quality, unless it’s in Russia. Lastly, ads are a great thing; watch them if you want to progress fast.

Before we close this article, below is a list of all the countries in the world and their capital cities for your reference:

COUNTRY AND CAPITAL LIST (In Alphabetical Order)

  • Afghanistan | Kabul
  • Albania | Tirana
  • Algeria  | Algiers
  • Andorra | Andorra la Vella
  • Angola | Luanda
  • Antigua and Barbuda | Saint John’s
  • Argentina | Buenos Aires
  • Armenia | Yerevan
  • Australia | Canberra
  • Austria | Vienna
  • Azerbaijan | Baku
  • Bahamas | Nassau
  • Bahrain | Manama
  • Bangladesh | Dhaka
  • Barbados | Bridgetown
  • Belarus | Minsk
  • Belgium | Brussels
  • Belize | Belmopan
  • Benin | Porto-Novo
  • Bhutan | Thimphu
  • Bolivia | Sucre (de jure), La Paz (seat of government)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina | Sarajevo
  • Botswana | Gaborone
  • Brazil | Brasilia
  • Brunei | Bandar Seri Begawan
  • Bulgaria | Sofia
  • Burkina Faso | Ouagadougou
  • Burundi | Gitega
  • Cabo Verde | Praia
  • Cambodia | Phnom Penh
  • Cameroon | Yaounde
  • Canada | Ottawa
  • Central African Republic | Bangui
  • Chad | N’Djamena
  • Chile | Santiago
  • China | Beijing
  • Colombia | Bogotá
  • Comoros | Moroni
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of the | Kinshasa
  • Congo, Republic of the | Brazzaville
  • Costa Rica | San Jose
  • Cote d’Ivoire | Yamoussoukro
  • Croatia | Zagreb
  • Cuba | Havana
  • Cyprus | Nicosia
  • Czechia | Prague
  • Denmark | Copenhagen
  • Djibouti | Djibouti (city)
  • Dominica | Roseau
  • Dominican Republic | Santo Domingo
  • Ecuador | Quito
  • Egypt | Cairo
  • El Salvador | San Salvador
  • Equatorial Guinea | Malabo (de jure), Oyala (seat of government)
  • Eritrea | Asmara
  • Estonia | Tallinn
  • Eswatini | Mbabane (administrative), Lobamba (legislative, royal)
  • Ethiopia | Addis Ababa
  • Fiji | Suva
  • Finland | Helsinki
  • France | Paris
  • Gabon | Libreville
  • Gambia | Banjul
  • Georgia | Tbilisi
  • Germany | Berlin
  • Ghana | Accra
  • Greece | Athens
  • Grenada | Saint George’s
  • Guatemala | Guatemala City
  • Guinea | Conakry
  • Guinea-Bissau | Bissau
  • Guyana | Georgetown
  • Haïti | Port-au-Prince
  • Honduras | Tegucigalpa
  • Hungary | Budapest
  • Iceland | Reykjavik
  • India | New Delhi
  • Indonesia | Jakarta
  • Iran | Tehran
  • Iraq | Baghdad
  • Ireland | Dublin
  • Israel | Jerusalem
  • Italy | Rome
  • Jamaica | Kingston
  • Japan | Tokyo
  • Jordan | Amman
  • Kazakhstan | Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana)
  • Kenya | Nairobi
  • Kiribati | Tarawa
  • Kosovo | Pristina
  • Kuwait | Kuwait City
  • Kyrgyzstan | Bishkek
  • Laos | Vientiane
  • Latvia | Riga
  • Lebanon | Beirut
  • Lesotho | Maseru
  • Liberia | Monrovia
  • Libya | Tripoli
  • Liechtenstein | Vaduz
  • Lithuania | Vilnius
  • Luxembourg | Luxembourg (city)
  • Madagascar | Antananarivo
  • Malawi | Lilongwe
  • Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur
  • Maldives | Male
  • Mali | Bamako
  • Malta | Valletta
  • Marshall Islands | Majuro
  • Mauritania | Nouakchott
  • Mauritius | Port Louis
  • Mexico | Mexico City
  • Micronesia | Palikir
  • Moldova | Chisinau
  • Monaco | Monaco
  • Mongolia | Ulaanbaatar
  • Montenegro | Podgorica
  • Morocco | Rabat
  • Mozambique | Maputo
  • Myanmar | Naypyidaw
  • Namibia | Windhoek
  • Nauru | Yaren District (de facto)
  • Nepal | Kathmandu
  • Netherlands | Amsterdam
  • New Zealand | Wellington
  • Nicaragua | Managua
  • Niger | Niamey
  • Nigeria | Abuja
  • North Korea | Pyongyang
  • North Macedonia | Skopje
  • Norway | Oslo
  • Oman | Muscat
  • Pakistan | Islamabad
  • Palau | Ngerulmud
  • Palestine | Jerusalem (East)
  • Panama | Panama City
  • Papua New Guinea | Port Moresby
  • Paraguay | Asunción
  • Peru | Lima
  • Philippines | Manila
  • Poland | Warsaw
  • Portugal | Lisbon
  • Qatar | Doha
  • Romania | Bucharest
  • Russia | Moscow
  • Rwanda | Kigali
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis | Basseterre
  • Saint Lucia | Castries
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines | Kingstown
  • Samoa | Apia
  • San Marino | San Marino
  • Sao Tome and Principe | São Tomé
  • Saudi Arabia | Riyadh
  • Senegal | Dakar
  • Serbia | Belgrade
  • Seychelles | Victoria
  • Sierra Leone | Freetown
  • Singapore | Singapore
  • Slovakia | Bratislava
  • Slovenia | Ljubljana
  • Solomon Islands | Honiara
  • Somalia | Mogadishu
  • South Africa | Pretoria (administrative), Cape Town (legislative), Bloemfontein (judicial)
  • South Korea | Seoul
  • South Sudan | Juba
  • Spain | Madrid
  • Sri Lanka | Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
  • Sudan | Khartoum
  • Suriname | Paramaribo
  • Sweden | Stockholm
  • Switzerland | Bern
  • Syria | Damascus
  • Taiwan | Taipei
  • Tajikistan | Dushanbe
  • Tanzania | Dodoma
  • Thailand | Bangkok
  • Timor-Leste | Dili
  • Togo | Lomé
  • Tonga | Nukuʻalofa
  • Trinidad and Tobago | Port of Spain
  • Tunisia | Tunis
  • Turkey | Ankara
  • Turkmenistan | Ashgabat
  • Tuvalu | Funafuti
  • Uganda | Kampala
  • Ukraine | Kyiv (also known as Kiev)
  • United Arab Emirates | Abu Dhabi
  • United Kingdom | London
  • United States of America | Washington, D.C.
  • Uruguay | Montevideo
  • Uzbekistan | Tashkent
  • Vanuatu | Port Vila
  • Vatican City (Holy See) | Vatican City
  • Venezuela | Caracas
  • Vietnam | Hanoi
  • Yemen | Sana’a
  • Zambia | Lusaka
  • Zimbabwe | Harare

There you have it, folks, our detailed beginner’s guide to Fly Corp. Now show the world how to run your airline business. Good luck, have fun!

Got other tips in mind that can help your fellow airline proprietors? Did we miss anything important in our Fly Corp beginner’s guide? Let us know in the comment section below!


Saturday 1st of October 2022

Excellent advice all around. I have one major issue with the game and its unlocking cities mode: my international flights - yes, from capital city to capital city - are all empty. ALL of them. Not a single passenger! Why is that happening?