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A Quick Look at What Makes War and Order a Must-Have SLG

When it comes to strategy games that stand the test of time, War and Order IS among the few that can proudly call itself one of the standard bearers for the genre. 6 years on from its release on iOS and Android, Camel Games’ visually stunning SLG is still as popular as ever and serves to prove that as long as you provide players with ample opportunities to explore, expand, grow, conquer, and destroy then you can’t really go wrong.

war and order

That only scratches the surface of what War and Order has to offer though so here’s a quick run down of the features that make it a must-have SLG.

Diverse gameplay

War and Order boasts an abundance of gameplay varieties for players to try, including: Timed Attacks, Castle Defense, and King’s Road. Each one poses a different challenge for the player, with Castle Defense testing one’s skill to choose and plot defensive battlements, Timed Attack pushing your abilities to swiftly assemble and lead your forces, and King’s Road giving players complete control over their own destiny by either following the King’s Road and growing stronger step by step, or choosing to stray from the Road, trusting their gut and forging a path for themselves.

Strategic possibilities

war and order enemy invasions

In War and Order, all facets of strategic choice have been honed into an elegant array of systems that will require you to consider troop deployment, formations, unit type, and Skill Point allocation to buff your forces. Troop types in particular have been given a significant amount of attention with a wide variety of infantry, cavalry, archer, and mage types available to recruit. Naturally, different troop types possess unique traits that allow the players to be flexible and creative when strategizing.

Classic alliance gameplay

war and order magnificient realms

Alliances are a vital part of any SLG, and War and Order is no different. Players can help each other, donate to the Alliance, send gifts, and help Allies grow. An Alliance can expand its territory as well as also join Elite Adventures or Battle Fiends to further increase the might of their kingdoms and the strength of their in-game communities.

If you fancy yourself as a strategy expert and haven’t yet given War and Order a try then you can find it available to download now from the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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