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Flow Legends: Pipe Games Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Master Plumber

You may have heard of nightmarish tales about plumbing before, how disgustingly frightening it can be to be truly covered in muck from clogged. Luckily for anyone, that nightmare only persists among the professionals who do that dirty work. They get down on your clogged kitchen, grab their wrench, and then fix it up before calling it a day.

flow legends pipe games pre intro

But it makes you wonder, is there any way to relive such a thing without having to go to the nitty-gritty aspect of reality? Certainly, the internet is full of various things that have been circulating for a while. With the advent of technology, there would be obvious documentaries or games that would replicate such an experience.

There would be times when you’d also encounter the same advertisements that would show these odd games where you’d have to connect pipes, all the while telling you that you can’t beat the first level. You certainly can—and in your irritation, you went with it and downloaded the game. To your surprise, it’s far easier, and you ponder why it’s shown that way. And surprisingly chill, too. That’s what Flow Legends: Pipe Games is.

flow legends pipe games intro

Flow Legends: Pipe Games is a stylized puzzle arcade game developed by Azur Games. This Cyprus-based company has created titles such as Craftheim and Bridge Heroes (or Bridge Legends as it is called now) and Merge Archers. As they have created casual arcade games in the past, Flow Legends: Pipe Games is as good as it can get from their creations.

You are nothing more but a plumber trying your best to connect dislodged pipes and make your customers happy—as long as you don’t send them the wrong flow of liquid. This game will test your ability in engineering (as it says) and puzzle-solving, as well as give you a plethora of cosmetics to choose from.

flow legends pipe games creative

If you have just picked up this game for yourself and hope to solve the pipe puzzles this game provides you with, then fret not! With the help of this Flow Legends: Pipe Games guide you will be able to solve those pesky detached pipes in no time.

So, wear your favorite overalls, don your red t-shirt, and grab your toolbox. Let’s learn how to fix these pipes quickly!

A General Overview Of Flow Legends: Pipe Games


flow legends pipe games drag to connect

Before we get started, let’s talk about a few things this game has to offer first before we butt heads in our discourse on tips and strategies.

Flow Legends: Pipe Games is a game with different types of puzzles aside from just laying down pipes. As deceptive as the title is, it still is generally a game that ascribes to the ‘flow’ word of its title. You have a starting point, you flow the contents in the general direction, and you win the game.

As simple as this game is, it is still a puzzle game. Do not be easily fooled by the early stages of Flow Legends: Pipe Games; it can still catch you off guard when you give the game some breathing room. Even if you can solve these puzzles within 5 seconds (at least, on average), having a quick wit on what is thrown at you is a better idea than most.

With that out of the way, let’s get right into the pipes and get to cleaning!

Game Loop

flow legends pipe games overview

To ensure that we’re on the same page, we’ll be talking about how the game works in general. When starting a game, you’re introduced to the concept of days. A day consists of three levels. A level consists of three solvable puzzles. These puzzles, in turn, are randomly picked themes that depend on the level’s selected theme.

You can see the level’s theme in the main menu. If you see a rubber ducky, expect to direct flowing water. The second icon in the picture above is having to extinguish the fire above. Because there are times that the icons do not match the following puzzle, it’s up to you to know what you’re going to deal with.

As you start the game, you will then be greeted with puzzles. There are only three puzzle types overall, which will be seen in the following list:

• Connecting dislodged pipes and letting the fluid pass (or converting it beforehand)

• Digging the fluid down to the ground and guiding it to the end.

• Robbing a bank by guiding it to your conspicuous van or sending a treasure’s contents to a minecart that will be sent to safety.

flow legends pipe games gameplay

For the first puzzle, all you have to do is to connect the pipes and let the water pass through. There are also game mechanics, such as rotating pipes and fluid converters, that you have to be wary of. Rotating pipes are pipes that you have to rotate to control the flow. Fluid converters convert the fluid flowing to it into the one shown by the contraption.

flow legends pipe games level 3

There’s not much to talk about with digging dirt to guide the fluid to the bottommost part. That’s all there is to it, aside from making sure that the fluid you’re sending is the right one.

flow legends pipe games treasure

Finally, there’s the ‘coin’ flow puzzle that has two different themes. One is a Tomb Raider-style puzzle where you have to guide the flow of the treasure to the multiple mine carts sent toward you. The other is a thief waiting for the pipes to flow in the money, all the while having to remove the correct key-like blockages to progress.

flow legends pipe games prize

During the game, you will also get coins and keys. Coins are essentially the currency of the game, allowing you to buy cosmetics to change the look of your character, your pipes, or your pet. There also exist keys that you can obtain to get chests. You have to obtain 3 keys first before you can open a chest. These chests either give you coins or cosmetics, depending on your choices.

flow legends pipe games wheel of fortune

Lastly would be the Wheel of Fortune. This wheel is spun every 12 hours, giving you a chance to either get more coins or a skin worth more than 1000 coins. You can use ads to skip the 12 hours, but that’s for another section of this game.

You now know all that you need to go through your job as an aspiring plumber (or robber/treasure hunter). This time, we’ll be taking you through the tips, tricks, and strategies to make a name yourself in the plumbing world! You might even get rich (in-game, of course) when you’re done reading the following tips!

General Tips for Flow Legends: Pipe Games


We’ve discussed going through the finer details in the overview section. Now, let’s go over a few tidbits that we can share in this tips and tricks section. You will be immediately thrust into the first puzzle, a fairly trivial centerpiece that will set up the corresponding puzzles in the game.

Even if this game is rather simple in its concept, that doesn’t mean there isn’t much to glean about it. This game has its traps that will keep you on your toes as you continue with your playthrough. With the following tips and tricks, you’ll be a master plumber in no time. Let’s try to make your playing a habit first with our first tip!

Login Every Day for Wheel of Fortune

flow legends pipe games wheel of fortune tip

No timer delays your progress or stops you from going to the next level. However, there is more value in pacing yourself for an hour or two every day. In this case, there is merit in placing what could be 10 hours in one day into 2 hours for the entire week. Because of this, Flow Legends: Pipe Games introduces a mechanic that somewhat makes sure you do.

The Wheel of Fortune ensures that you can make your progress without having to spend much time in the game. No one has the time to play games all the time, after all, and Flow Legends: Pipe Games ensures that you still have an edge in such a way. Of course, all the more reason to play the game two times a day for its 12-hour cooldown.

flow legends pipe games unlocked

Of course, you still have to play the game as a whole, even at your own pace. There’s a lot more to cover the ground here than just setting your habits in place. From here, the following tips correspond with how you can earn more in the game than just completing the three levels in each ‘day’ cycle of the game.

This puts us on the following tip, getting more coins.

Get Those Coins and Keys!

flow legends pipe games level completed

During the game, you will see that coins are floating around the game space near the pipes. You can gather these coins similar to that of the keys. Finishing a level will still net you coins by the end of your journey. However, gathering these coins can be beneficial in your long-term playthrough of the game as opposed to ignoring the following.

As these coins spawn for up to 4 or 10 more times (more so in other stages), gathering them nets you 10% more coins on average. The Coins section in the Overview gleans more about how these coins give you. The tip section for the coins and the keys focuses more on how you can get these coins and maximize your profit for your skins and such.

flow legends pipe games level 5

For this example, we’ll use one of the levels in which we guide fuel through the pipes. In this example, we can see that there are coins in the vicinity that we can collect. We can’t reach those coins, but we can reach them using the extendable pipes. By dragging around the extendable pipe, we wave it on the coins to obtain them.

getting coins in flow legends pipe games

Each coin that you obtain using this strategy nets you 10 coins. Overall, you can get 40 or more coins. On overage, you net 500 coins once you finish a level (perfectly, of course, which will be discussed in another tip section). If all three levels have coins, then you can gain half of what you earned in the set of three levels in no time.

obtaining coins in flow legends pipe games

More so when you get to one of the levels where you have to dig your way through the sand. As they have more coins than the other levels that do spawn coins, you can easily get 150+ coins on average. That’s already a 30% profit when you compare it to the average coins that you get (again, when you finish a set of three levels on overage). This means that you’ll have to be very conscious about your actions when it comes to getting these coins.

However, we will discuss that in the next tip. For now, let’s continue.

Another trick is by using the flow from the pipes to obtain them. Naturally, extendable pipes also have this nature, so the only thing it does is extend the range in which you gain coins. This trick does, however, extend to areas to which these extendable pipes cannot reach. However, there are no examples of this as these kinds of levels generally do not appear in the standard course of the game.

That still doesn’t mean you have to keep in mind this quirk in the game. Coins are still valuable.

flow legends pipe games level 8

Another thing is the keys. Keys are what you get when you direct the flow of the water toward the pipe connected to its holding piece. Once the flow goes through the holding piece, you obtain the key. There is no need to keep the flow for the key to persist when you get it. Once you obtain it, you can redirect the flow of the water to somewhere else.

flow legends pipe games keys

The reason you’d want to get these keys, however, is because they allow you to obtain chests once you get three of these keys. These chests will then give you free skins, allowing you to customize your player avatar to your whims. While they don’t give a visible advantage in the game, they give you a sense of accomplishment when obtaining them.

flow legends pipe games new skin

Not only that, these chests will always guarantee you items compared to the other mini-games, such as the Wheel of Fortune or the Pick Three one that you’ll encounter later on in the game. In short, getting these keys allows you more time to spend on other items than ones that are randomly picked, as the mini-games stated.

Plan Ahead Before Connecting the Pipes

flow legends pipe games level 21

During your playthrough of the Flow Legends: Pipe Games, it is no surprise that you will end up having to play tricky puzzles as soon as the game generates them. These puzzles aren’t tricky per se, but you have to keep your wits sharp in the event one does appear. This tip ensures that this game will not get you off your shoes when the time comes.

As stated in the Pipe Types in the Overview section, there are multiple pipe-related puzzles in the entire game. It isn’t just about directing water from one container to its destination—it is completely about fixing pipes. Twisting, turning, and dragging pipes just for the content of one to reach its destination.

Aside from the ramble, the game is completely dependent on your understanding of things. Like the image example above, you have to choose the following liquid to finish the level. You have the acid-like vat fluid on the left and the rainbow-like fuel on the right. Given the context of the scenario, you have to choose the liquid on the right to succeed.

flow legends pipe games stars

If you don’t, you essentially direct acid toward the fuel tank of a car. There are still worse generated scenarios in the game. It ranges from your client being showered by manure, sending acid towards a grill (never ask the game why), and splurging detergent on a scientist’s prized vat. The images above particularly show one of the scenarios indicated. It’s not a fun memory being showered by poop, after all.

flow legends pipe games level 4

There are also more nuances in the game once you continue further. Aside from extendable pipes, you will encounter rotating pipes to direct flow in another direction. These rotating pipes can be twisted immediately by the tap of your finger, but still, be wary of where they go as the game’s layout tends to confuse players by the later parts of the game.

flow legends pipe games level 20

Another pipe type that you have to keep in mind is the fluid converter. Any fluid that passes through it immediately becomes the fluid specified by the container. This adds another layer of complexity in the Flow Legends: Pipe Game that you have to keep in mind. If you’re given a type of fluid and then there’s a fluid converter, chances are it’s part of the puzzle or a hazard that you have to steer clear of.

And there, that’s all that you have to keep yourself away from. But it makes you wonder: What do these things have to do with planning ahead in the game? We’ll give you 4 examples to understand why this tip is given.

flow legends pipe games level 25

For the first example, the image above shows us how the following puzzle should be solved. The water should be directed to the fish bowl, whereas the acid converter’s fluid be directed to the vat (which is blocked by the celebratory animation). While there is not much to glean from this example, aside from correct pipe placement, the fluid converter adds complexity to the puzzle.

What could be a good counter-example would be attaching the left extendable pipe, as seen in the image above, to the vat. This, in turn, would flood the vat with water. The same goes if you attach the pipe to the fish bowl. Being aware of where you are connecting your pipes may sound like an easy tip, but it’s also hard to turn into a habit. Not everyone can solve the same puzzle in the same timeframe.

flow legends pipe games level 24

The second example shows one of the puzzle types—a bank robbery. Originally, the pipes weren’t aligned with the other pipes to redirect the flow of the money. Of course, the fluid converter will convert any of the money to acid (do not ask why). It would’ve been game over if not for the fact that one of the key-like blockages stopped the flow.

This example, even for the lack of before-after imagery, shows that the best course of action is to set out the best route for the money to go. For the following example, that would be changing the direction of the rotating pipe to flow the money to the left. Soon after, you would have to remove the key-like blockages for the money to flow and for you to win.

flow legends pipe games level 32

The third example promptly shows what planning ahead can do for a player. In this case, the pipes are already connected before the water container below is connected. Once the pipe with flowing water is connected to the rest of the pipes, the puzzle is then immediately solved. Let’s go through the following step by step to not overwhelm you.

In this puzzle, there are multiple interconnecting extendable pipes that you have to place in the right order. There is also the matter of flowing the right fluids to their end goal. In the example, the fish bowl needs water to survive, while the rocket requires fuel to launch. There is a fluid converter that turns the water into fuel for the following puzzle.

As stated, attaching the right pipes will solve the puzzle. Attaching the one without the fluid converter to the fish bowl and attaching the one with it to the rocket. It’s just confusing at first because of the interlocking extendable pipes. However, it is one of the easier puzzles that the game will offer for you.

flow legends pipe games level 21

For the fourth and final example, we have to guide the fuel down under. While puzzles like this are easily solvable because of their direct nature of just shoving dirt from the ground, getting coins is a different story. If you want to get those coins without having to trouble yourself for it, continue to the next paragraph below.

The common tactic revolves around just digging straight down and letting physics handle getting the coins. Straightforward but entirely inefficient (and does not coincide with the tip). By tunneling the pathway for the fluid flow first (as seen in the right side of the example), it allows the fluid to seep on both sides once it is allowed to do so.

If anything, the entire point of this particular example is to dig the pathways first before allowing the flow to occur. This also correlates with the previous examples, as the only difference would be the pipes that you have to connect and the dirt that you have to remove to progress. Just be mindful of the hazards along the way.

Now that we have an idea as to how we can efficiently navigate our way through the game let’s go even higher. What if we try to get a perfect score on each level?

Go for the Coveted Perfect and Three Stars

flow legends pipe games perfect

In Flow Legends: Pipe Games, there is a star-based ranking system whenever you finish the level. The game can give you from 1 to 3 stars. To obtain 3 stars, one must complete the level without any sort of mistakes. The only way to get a game over is by directing the wrong liquid to the recipient. An example from previous tips is sending acid to a showerhead.

Of course, failing a level means being sent back to the start of said level. That means that if you are three puzzles deep and you sent the wrong fluid to the end, you have to redo the entire level again. That is not only annoying but also frustrating as you have to do the same puzzles. However, fret not, as it still is the same one that you’ve solved. The game just reminds you that you’ve failed to solve the final one.

flow legends pipe games three stars

Another reason why you should go for the coveted three stars is that obtaining it means getting more money in general. For context, getting a perfect in a level nets you approximately 500 gold. Failing it means a star of yours is dropped, and you now have a decreased gold reward in return. The decrease hurts way more as it nearly halves your reward.

flow legends pipe games replay level

Finally, the last reason is that you cannot reduce all the stars that you have available. That means no matter how much you try to fail, you cannot get 0 stars and thus a possible restart of the entire level. If you have already gone knee-deep into one of the days, then there’s no turning back. Save yourself the effort and try to solve them without a mistake.

That’s all there is to go for those perfects and three stars. The previous tips have shown you how to get those coins and keys, as well as make sure you would never make mistakes as well. Now that we have a general idea as to what to do in our gameplay, what else do we have to keep track of?

You Can Change Pipe Directions Before You Lose The Game

flow legends pipe games level 38

When you have played the game long enough, it begs the question. How much can you test the game to see where you would exactly fail? How much can you endure before you get a game over? How many of the wrong liquids do you have to send exactly to get one? This trick revolves around the single notion: Can we still get a salvageable situation?

Yes, you can still salvage a situation, albeit you have to be quick about it. As described by the tip’s title, you can change the direction of the pipe before you fail the following puzzle. This may not be a major tip, but considering that the previous tip requires you to be perfect, there’s not much room for error, to begin with.

We have two examples of this: the bank robbery one and the general pipe one. The one where you play as the not Lara Croft is not a proper example, as there is no way to force an actual game over. The following example, with the next subsection, provides an ample depiction of the following tip. Let’s go step by step as to how you can salvage a situation. Bank Robbery

flow legends pipe games banky robbery puzzle

In this scenario, you’re given this puzzle, as seen in the picture above—a bank robbery puzzle. There are only two key-like blockages, an acid fluid converter, and a rotating pipe. The goal is quite straightforward, and making a mistake here is possible. Just apply the tip before putting stuff in advance. Then, suddenly because of the slip of your finger—

flow legends pipe games comparison

You opened the floodgates immediately. Nothing is stopping the gush of acid from going toward your goal. However, even before that happens, you have a large time frame of half a second to redirect the direction of the pipe toward the one with the money. The image above doesn’t do much justice to the example, as before it, the bottom key-like blockage was pulled before the top one.

While there is a caveat to the former tips telling you so, a tip like this will save your life regardless if you made a fumbling mistake. Even if the wrong liquid has flowed toward the van in the following example, it will not cause a game over. If anything, it takes a continuous flow of about ~0.5 seconds before the game declares you’ve pumped it with the wrong liquid.

flow legends pipe games level 38

The following image above shows how much you can get away with pumping the wrong thing. In this puzzle, you are supposed to send flames to the patron. However, there is the option of sending manure to the end, even if the solution is fairly obvious. If you’re feeling a bit mischievous, you can send manure to it, and it will not give you a game over.

It won’t even remove the perfect status that you’ll get. With this prior knowledge, you can take advantage of any incorrectly connected pipes and detach them before they become a problem to your perfect run. Still, you are given the option, and no one’s stopping you from giving yourself a laugh and a bad day to your client.

Go For Cosmetics!

flow legends pipe games cosmetics

The inevitable end goal of Flow Legends: Pipe Games is obtaining cosmetics. There isn’t much to talk about when it comes to challenges, as the game ensures that you will have a more casual experience at most. To this point, what you do in the game is completely up to you as you repeat the days and go through another cycle all over again.

To accomplish this tip, try to earn as many coins as you can possible, as well as keys. To do this, you have to play perfectly well throughout your run. That just means applying all the tips that you have learned so far and using them to beat the puzzles thrown at you. All you have to do is just maximize your profits and get away with good results.

flow legends pipe games cosmetics 2

Whenever you get these scratch-like mini-games, try to get the cosmetics instead of the coins. You have about three keys, meaning that you have at least a ~33% chance of getting the best prize. There is no ‘optimal’ way of getting the prize, nor a trick in doing so. If you don’t get it, then just try again when you get three more keys.

flow legends pipe games shop

Even if you don’t get said prize, you still get money that you can use later on to unlock other cosmetics in the game. While there are some that you can buy in the menu store when hovering over, there are chances when you finish a puzzle that you can buy them from a stand. This shop offers cosmetics at a low cost, allowing you to save more by spending less.

flow legends pipe games cosmetics 3

Of course, there’s also the reward that you get after finishing a day. Whenever you complete all three levels on that day, you can buy a new part of the piece of land that the game gives to you. The following acts as a sort of ‘trophy room’ or ‘progression’ of your game aside from the cosmetics for your character, pipes, or pet.

There’s nothing wrong with picking what you want to decorate. That’s the fun of it in Flow Legends: Pipe Games. It’s up to you to decide what you want with it.

flow legends pipe games cosmetics 4

Once you do pick the type of part that you want for that plot of land, you’re now given the option to go back to the menu or build more areas in the said plot of land. But once you do try to tap your finger on the other options, you have to watch ads to build it. That leads up to the second to the last tip that we have.

Watch Ads For Bonuses

flow legends pipe games ads

When you finish your first puzzle or your first day, you will notice that it requires an ad to claim the rewards. Don’t think of it as an impediment; think of it more as an investment on your end. While 30 seconds sounds like a long time, it is 30 seconds of getting a cosmetic rather than grinding 5 minutes of coins for it. Now, my friend is efficient.

flow legends pipe games ads 2

Of course, there’s no roundabout way of going through ads (unless you do something unscrupulous, which I don’t advise), and these ads give you more favorable outcomes whenever you do so. For the example above, watching an ad gives you more keys, thus allowing you another chance at the best price as well as more coins.

They’re not just limited to prizes; they’re also extended throughout the game as a whole. The following list provides you with what options watching ads will give you:

• Allows you to pick the third option whenever you have to choose an object for your plot of land.

• Gives you discounted prices whenever you want to unlock a cosmetic, given that you have the right amount of money.

• Obtaining the third option when picking an item in the shop, with the cost only in watching the ad.

• Another spin in the Wheel of Fortune without having to wait for 12 hours.

• Unlocking a new skin whenever you have reached three coins is a guarantee.

• Doubling the money that you have obtained from the scratch-it games as well as finishing a day.

flow legends pipe games ads 3

While it is dreadful to watch these ads for an average of half a minute, the rewards they give you weigh far more. Watching more ads means less time grinding for the cosmetics that you want, as well as progressing your game faster. It also allows you to unlock all the content in the plot of land in an instant, thus relegating your focus to the rest that needs to be traversed throughout the days.

It also allows you to have a brief moment of respite. After all, having someone tapping your shoulder and telling you that you’ve been playing for about an hour or two is better than having to look at the screen all the time. No one’s gonna take your time other than your own, and add a good break stop whenever you’re progressing a bit too fast in the game.

Have Fun!

flow legends pipe games fun

And most importantly, have fun!

Flow Legends: Pipe Games is a casual puzzle game with an emphasis on casual. Don’t place too much thought in thinking too much on the little things. It’s rare to see puzzles that tend to give your brain that much of a challenge. Your playing experience of the game will be that of a master plumber—able to fix clogged-up faucets in a matter of seconds.

flow legends pipe games fun 2

This guide will only orient you to the right path, of course. What you will do in this guide isn’t exactly the end-all-be-all step-by-step guide that you have to do all the time. You don’t need to do every step in here, as it will end up being muscle memory as soon as you finish reading this guide.

flow legends pipe games fun 3

Playing the game more will make you recognize some of the puzzles quickly to the point that you can just attach and detach pipes quickly. Anything else that you have to pick, considering cosmetics, is up to you. No one will judge you for the colors or stylistic choices that you pick—aside from hypocrites or naysayers who will do so.


And that’s all there is to Flow Legends: Pipe Games! The puzzles it has will keep your wits sharp for the days to come and ensure that you have a fun time while playing it. While it isn’t as unique as the other puzzle games out there that have already stood the test of time, that doesn’t mean Flow Legends: Pipe Games fall short in their stature.

flow legends pipe games outro

Before we end this article, let’s go through the tips we have covered in the guide:

• Make sure that you log in to the game every day to get rewards, and give yourself some breaks while playing the game.

• Always aim to get the coins scattered throughout the puzzles and the keys that are sitting on the pipes they are in. They give you access to more cosmetics, and they give you gratification for collecting them.

• Don’t put all puzzles at face value. The game will go through puzzles that will challenge you or trick you altogether. Be sure to plan before forcing the flow to the end goal.

• Try to not make mistakes when solving these puzzles, and try to get perfects and three stars. These give you a lot of money as well as more cosmetics to choose from.

• Speaking of cosmetics, use them as a sort of progression as opposed to just being a part of the collection that you currently have. If they give you a sense of accomplishment, embellish it even more.

• Watch ads so that you can get more bonuses. They are your friends, and they give you much-needed breaks whenever you play too long.

• And most importantly, have fun! This is a casual puzzle game, after all. This isn’t the like of other puzzle games out there, like Bloxorz.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this guide! More pipe-fixing puzzles await you in the game, as it is constantly added and refurbished. Don’t hesitate to give it a few minutes of your spare time, especially when you start to get bored waiting at a bus stop or just lazing off in general. And, of course, to give your brain some stimulation to keep it running smoothly all day!

If there is anything else that you may add to this Flow Legends: Pipe Games guide, please bring it up to the comment section down below so we can add a few more tips, tricks, and strategies for other players to think about. Those pipes ain’t fixing themselves, you Italian plumber wannabe!