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Floors (Ketchapp) Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Back-to-basics title, back-to-basics gameplay, little to no frills included. Endless gameplay. Available for iOS and Android. That seems to be the blueprint for the classic Ketchapp game, and Floors fits the billing perfectly. The company’s typically minimalist game description says that Floors is an “endless arcade platformer with a twist,” and that twist, we gather, are the spikes that appear to get in your way and put an end to what is theoretically an endless climb up all those floors. The game allows you to collect rubies, which you can then use to unlock more than 30 characters.

With that being said, there’s nothing much to Floors except climbing up as many floors as possible and getting rubies so you can unlock all those characters. We’re here to help you with both of those things, with these Floors tips and tricks.

1. Know How To Move

In Floors, you can perform two basic actions depending on how long your finger is on your phone’s display. A light tap allows you to do a short jump, which should be sufficient to help you hurdle one spike. But if you hold down for a long time, you’ll do a longer jump, perhaps one that could help you hurdle four consecutive spikes. It’s all that easy, but as you’ll find out eventually, things can get challenging as you get farther.

2. Don’t Jump Too High

Not only will you have to deal with floor spikes in the game. There are also spikes from above, and if that’s the case, you’ll want to make a shorter jump than usual, or not jump at all. Worse, there are cases when there’s a floor spike as well as a spike that’s located right above it. This will require you to make a very, very light tap so you can clear the bottom spike but not get killed by hitting the top spike while jumping.

3. How Does The Gems Mechanic Work?

It takes 100 gems to unlock a new character in the game. But just to set your expectations, it can take a while to gather up enough gems to unlock one character. Unless you score quite impressively, this will really take some time, though there are occasional gem bonuses that give you about a hundred gems for free.

4. The New Characters Just Look Different

And that’s another disclaimer we’ll have to make about Floors, though if you’ve been playing Ketchapp’s games for a while, you probably know that this was coming. The new characters you can unlock in the game do not change the gameplay, and they don’t come with any specific strengths or weaknesses that you can take advantage of or watch out for.

5. Don’t Pay Attention To The First Page Of High Scores

If you check the list of top scores, you’ll notice that a lot of the scores are much, much higher than yours. Those are hacked scores that shouldn’t be taken seriously; instead, move down a bit and you’ll see more realistic scores that you can aim for instead.