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Flip Diving Tips & Cheats: How to Unlock More Characters, Tricks and Platforms

Flip Diving is a new game for Android and iOS by Miniclip that’s billed as the world’s number one cliff diving game. You can pull off a variety of diving moves from a variety of platforms, including cliffs, trees, and even castles and trampolines; all in all, there are more than 50 jump platforms. The game comes with different characters you can choose from – you can dive as a bodybuilder or a businessman, and you can even hit the water wearing a penguin costume. And these aren’t mere re-skins that play the same way – each character has their own body weight and abilities, and the game’s physics react in a different way depending on the driver. Of course, there are the diving tricks, and Miniclip has promised to add more of them (and more characters too) as it keeps updating the game.

Want to unlock more divers, more platforms, and more diving tricks? Want to have more coins and tickets for you to unlock all this stuff? This is the guide for you, as we shall be focusing on collecting more goodies in this list of Flip Diving tips and tricks, though we shall also be adding a few tips to teach you how to play the game.

1. The Basics Of Diving

When preparing to make a dive, your character will be learning forward and back. Hold on to the screen, then let go in order to make your character dive. It’s important that you time the leaning position of your diver so you could make it to the landing zone perfectly. That zone will keep getting smaller and smaller as you complete more rounds, and as the zone shrinks, precision will become more important. Practice timing your lean as precisely as possible in the early rounds, so you’ll be well prepared for the more difficult ones.

2. What Happens Once You Make A Dive?

After completing a dive, you’ll earn points and coins based on how well you executed your dive, and how many flips you were able to perform. That’s what makes doing diving tricks very important in the game. Your entry score will be based on your verticality and on the size of the splash upon hitting the water, with smaller splashes being better. It won’t matter if you land in the water feet-first or head-first; the scoring will be the same.

3. The Bomb Makes It Easy For You To Get A Perfect Score

One trick you’ll want to master is the bomb. Generally, the tricks would require you to do some flips, but the bomb is very straightforward in its execution. Just hold down on your screen to ensure you a perfect three points for your entry score. Make sure you’re jumping while leaning forward, as that will make your character rotate forward gradually. This will afford you an easier time while making perfect entries, thus helping you get a perfect ten points easier.

4. Watch A Lot Of Videos

The game will frequently ask you if you want to watch ad videos, and you should watch as many of them as possible. For one, they can activate the magnet that allows you to collect more floating coins. You can also earn coins from watching the videos themselves. Simply hit the spin menu and head to the lower right part of your screen to watch the ad videos. Coin earnings per video will go down as you keep watching more ads, so with that in mind, you might want to close the game and re-open it, so you can get the maximum 15 coins per video once again.

5. What Do Tickets And Coins Do, And How Do You Get More Tickets?

At this point, there is no way for you to earn free tickets; this may be an option to follow in future updates, but for now, tickets are only available as in-app purchases requiring you to spend real money. But tickets and coins in this game serve the same purpose, which is to give you more spins. Keeping that in mind, you shouldn’t chase after tickets like you chase after coins.

Coins are also what you’ll need to pay if you want to unlock new stuff in the game, including characters, locales, and tricks. The only thing tickets can do for you is to speed up the acquisition of new locations/platforms, new characters, and new tricks, so you might want to wait for them to come along naturally. Your patience, as always, will be rewarded.

That’s it for now, as far as our Flip Diving tips and tricks are concerned. Stay tuned, as we will update this guide with hints, whenever we discover some more!