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Fit (Ketchapp) Cheats, Hints, Tips & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Ketchapp is one of the most prolific casual game developers out there, but the company’s latest game called Fit is probably the most visually satisfying. Fit is all about making pieces fit. Your character will start off on a small rotating platform. Below that platform is another one that has a hole in the middle that is the exact shape as the one you are on. You will need to tap at the exact moment when your platform aligns perfectly with the hole in order to make it fit. The more platforms you fit together, the higher your score will be. Be careful, though. Every time you make the platform drop and it does not fit, you lose health, as indicated by the heart icon. When the heart becomes empty, it’s game over. Make sure you read our list of Fit tips, cheats and tricks for perfect stacks!

1. Wait For The Glow

When the top platform is perfectly aligned, it will glow. Use this as your cue for tapping as it is a lot easier than watching both the top and bottom platforms to see if their shapes match. The shape will usually align and glow immediately after a match, but don’t worry too much if you miss it. You will be able to get another chance as the platform continues to rotate. You should also be able to anticipate the glow since the timing is pretty consistent.

2. Platforms Spin Faster

As you make more matches, the platforms will start spinning faster. This means you will have a shorter window to tap on the screen. Later on, you will start seeing four-sided platforms. You will see the four-sided platforms glow more quickly because of their shape, but it also means you will have an even shorter reaction time. Practice anticipating the alignment because there will come a point when you have to tap right before the shapes line up in order to give the platform enough time to drop.

3. Protect Your Heart

At the top left side of your screen, there is a heart icon. The icon will slowly go empty as you lose life. As we mentioned above, your run ends once it is completely empty. You lose life every time you miss a match or if you wait too long before tapping on the screen. Don’t worry if you missed a couple of matches, though. Every time you make a successful fit, the heart will fill up a little as well. So long as you don’t continuously miss matches, you should be able to survive just fine.

4. Mistakes Can Help

Even though you want to make perfect taps as much as you can, mistakes can sometimes be unavoidable. When you do make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up too much. The platforms start of high above the next one. This makes it more difficult to time taps more accurately. You will have to factor in the travel time of the platform before it reaches the hole. When you miss a match, the platform won’t go back up to its original position. Instead, it will stay right on top of the bottom platform, making it a lot easier to make a successful match.

5. Watch Ads For Coins

While playing Fit is a lot of fun, it really isn’t that effective for collecting coins. If you want to get more coins, the best way to get them is to wait for the ad offer that randomly pops out at the end of each round. Make sure you always accept that offer in order to get more coins. Make sure you have internet connection because the offer will not pop up otherwise.

6. Remove Random Ads

Aside from the ad offers that give you coins, you will encounter a lot of pop up ads that will randomly play after games. If you want to get rid of them, you can shell out $1.99 to unlock the premium version of the game. This will also give you a 2x coin boost, so it’s not a bad purchase considering the price. However, if you don’t feel like spending real money on the game, you can still turn off the ads by putting your device on airplane mode. Keep in mind, however, that this will also disable the ad offers.

7. Share Your High Scores

This advice isn’t just for bragging to your friends, although that is one great side effect. Every time you hit a new high score, you will be given the option to share your score. If you tap on the offer, you will be given several options for sharing your score. You will also receive 30 coins for your effort. Naturally, you would want to share your high scores every chance you get in order to get more coins. If you don’t want to be an over-sharer, don’t worry. You can just tap on the share button then hit back to cancel it. You will still receive the coins.

8. Buy More Platforms

One of the best things about this game is watching the well-designed platforms fit perfectly together. It only makes sense that the in-game purchases would be for getting even better platforms to play with. Unlock as many platforms as you can in order to create the most visually stunning puzzle game. Each new platform costs 200 coins, so make sure you earn as much as you can.

9. Unlock New Platforms, Here’s How

While most of the new platforms in the game are for sale, there are a couple of them that you can get for free. The first one can be unlocked by liking the developer’s Facebook page. The second free platform can be unlocked by following them on Instagram. Of course, if you have already played other games from Ketchapp, you would probably already know their social media pages. Don’t worry because you will still be able to unlock both free platforms by just clicking on the in-game link.

Matching shapes can be challenging, but with the help of Fit strategy guide, you will be able to stack platforms with ease!