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Fishy Bits 2 Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Reach the Top of the Food Chain

Fishy Bits 2 is an iOS-exclusive fish-munching game from PlaySide, the creators of popular titles such as the original Fishy Bits and Monkey Ropes. In the sequel to Fishy Bits, you get to play as a fish whose goal is to swim around and eat. You need to keep eating in order for you to grow bigger. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will not be the only one swimming in the waters. Larger fish will be looking for food as well, and if you aren’t big enough, you may end up as their prey. Keep growing and evolving so you can reach the top of the food chain. There are over 360 possible forms for you to evolve to and it will take quite a bit of work for you to unlock them all. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Fishy Bits 2 tips and tricks in order to succeed!

1. Swim Steadily

Swimming in this game takes a bit of getting used to. Remember, your starting point will always be where you tap first. Make sure you have enough space to move when you tap. Use smooth and steady movement because your fish has the tendency to suddenly jerk around the screen if you swipe around too much. If you are not careful, you may end up swimming right into the open mouth of a predator fish.

2. Move In One Direction

You fish grows in stages and you will need to ensure steady evolution to avoid starving to death. Your hunger meter depletes faster the longer you stay in the same stage. A good way to get a steady supply of food is to swim in one direction. You will encounter enough food so you don’t really need to swim around too much. Swimming around randomly will only make your fish hungrier until you eventually have problems keeping up.

Avoid staying in the same place if you have already eaten up everything. Food won’t regenerate fast enough to sustain your needs. Just choose to swim in any direction in keep going to continue finding food. Don’t bother going back in the opposite direction because you will just end wasting precious time if you double back to the areas that you have already emptied.

3. Steer Clear Of Predators

If you see a fish that’s bigger than you, stay as far away as you can. It may look like you won’t get caught but hit boxes in the game can be deceptive. Even if you don’t actually hit the big fish, you may still get caught if you swim too close. Avoid risking all your hard work by steering clear of any fish that can possibly gobble you up.

4. Hatch More Eggs

Right before you log off from the game, don’t forget to hatch some eggs. The fish in your tank generate gold you. The more you have in your tank, the more gold you get. You can upgrade your fish tank using coins so that you can put even more fish in it. You can also spend coins on upgrading individual fish. Just choose which one you like the most and focus upgrading that one fish. High-level fish get skills such as faster swimming speed, better gold gain, and slower health depletion. Unless you have a whole lot of coins, we recommend you invest in a single fish for now.

It’s time to get munching in Fishy Bits 2! Just follow the tips and tricks we listed above and you’ll grow big in no time!