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Fishing Clash Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete Your Collection and Dominate Each Fishery

Considering the various game genres and themes involved in video games, players often find themselves more attuned to specific ones over time. Most mobile gamers, for example, might be exclusively engaging in MOBAs, MMORPGs, or MMORTS games while others prefer puzzles, simulation, or even casual games. The sports genre is perhaps the most diverse category with each different sport likely having its own set of fans and players. For some, sports games are their main type of game. For others, it’s a genre they probably always choose to ignore.

fishing clash guide

Fishing games, which categorically belong to the sports genre, are one of the sports subgenres that tend to appear to a wider range of audience. Even if it is not your cup of tea, so to speak, a penchant for a relaxing yet engaging experience should be sufficient for you to consider fishing games as something to dive into. After all, players who revel in fishing games do not necessarily have to love the actual sport, yet the feel of reeling in various species of fish with a dash of luck and a hefty collection to fill up further adds excitement to the entire package.

Ten Square Games’ Fishing Clash is a simple yet fast-paced fishing title available on both iOS and Android platforms. Players can experience a casual and leisurely time collecting various species of fish and at the same time engage in a competitive duel against players around the world. With numerous fisheries to visit and a long, challenging road to travel, Fishing Clash certainly provides more than enough exciting and addictive elements to reel in even players who aren’t particularly into sports or fishing games.

fishing clash nosy shark

One of the more surprising, and somewhat overwhelming, features of Fishing Clash is that it starts you off ready and able to cast your fishing line as soon as you launch the app. Without much introduction or any sort of introductory tutorial to greet you, there is a possibility to experience a 5-second shock or so as you see the first-person perspective of the home screen that serves as the gameplay screen as well.

As a casual fishing game above all else, Fishing Clash is expectedly very easy to learn. So long as you keep casting your fishing line and reeling in various fishes, you are sure to make progress and learn every step of the way. If you have more of a competitive spirit and want to become a dominating force on duels across every location, then we have you covered. Our Fishing Clash Guide comes with a bunch of useful tips, tricks and strategies you need to be among the top record holders in all fisheries!

1. Master The Basics

Despite being a straightforward adventure where you can make even bits of progress even on a consistently casual gaming approach, having a solid understanding of Fishing Clash’s basic gameplay mechanics and features is necessary which leads to a faster and more efficient way of progressing through your journey. For the most part, your rate of progression banks on your level of activity and engagement but the player with more time spent on Fishing Clash does not necessarily progress faster.

fishing clash nosy shark

For starters, fishing is tremendously easy and makes it highly unlikely for you to fail to catch anything. After choosing your lure by clicking on the currently equipped one at the lower right side of the screen, you can simply press the “CAST” button. In just a matter of seconds, you can press the “Hook” button and begin to play the reeling game to weaken and catch your fish.

Reeling in your catch is likewise very easy. You simply need to keep the level of the bar above the screen, within its central area. Balancing the meter can be done simply by holding the “REEL IN” button to increase it and releasing the same to reduce it. The hooked fish loses HP whenever the bar’s level is within the central area and every second you keep it that way links to a combo as well.

fishing clash reel in

Your fishing rod and lures are all you need to catch fish. There are numerous fishing rods to collect and use but the one you have at the start of your adventure will most likely be used for a long while. On top of upgrading the rod itself, you can also upgrade your license for each fishery or fishing area to unlock perks or bonuses. Fishing Rods require similar ones of the same grade to upgrade but licenses can be improved based on points you earned as you go fishing.

fishing clash perks

There is also a universal lure you can use specifically for each fishery, which is a basic lure that can catch every fish in that particular fishery. However, probabilities make it difficult to catch higher rarity fish and the lure’s level, which is the most difficult to upgrade, limits the size of fish that you can catch with it. Though a starting lure, the universal lure can help jumpstart your collection, especially if you have yet to obtain different special lures.

fishing clash lure album

There are different lures you can unlock aimed to catch specific types of fish. The lures have rarity grades as determinants of how relatively challenging you can get them and the cost of upgrading them. Each lures other than the basic one can be upgraded by using duplicate card copies and spending some coins. Although you do not necessarily have to use these special lures to catch the relevant fish, using them can easily net you the ones you need, often having bigger sizes as well.

fishing clash schoolmaster snapper

Every fish you catch up to a certain number each day earns you coins as well as points you need to reach higher-grade licenses for each fishery. The limit starts at 50 fish per day but it can increase as an added perk of increasing your VIP level. Reaching VIP level 2, for example, increases the limit to 75. Unlike conventional mobile games, you can increase your VIP level without spending real money. Simply claiming gifts and freebies from the in-game shop can earn you VIP points.

fishing clash vip level

If you notice your avatar at the upper left corner of the screen, you will see your level in its lower left corner. You can earn EXP and reach new levels by upgrading lures and each new level reached comes with its pack of rewards for you to enjoy. Not only that, but there are also level milestones that unlock new fisheries, enabling you to enjoy new challenges, new collection goals, and new duel options as well.

fishing clash next level

2. Keep On Catching Fish As Much As You Can

If the thrill of catching various species of fish in each fishery is not enough to sustain your excitement, then you should know that each fish of the same species you catch is in a way unique because of its weight and just like in any other fishing adventure, the heavier the catch, the higher the points are. The initial limit of granting points and coins for each catch for the first 50 fishes per day might seem a lot for some players but with each cycle of casting the fishing line and reeling the catch in merely taking a minute or so, you will naturally find yourself catching more than 50 fishes each day.

fishing clash bigmouth buffalo

It is not enough to simply catch a fish for each available species. Your ultimate collection is measured by stars and a completed one means securing all stars for that particular fishery. Each fish you catch has a star rating, which solely depends on its relative size compared to similar fish. In the early part of your adventure, you will most likely catch 1 to 3-star fishes but as you upgrade your lures, enhance your fishing rod, utilize perks, and even use power-ups, you will sooner or later net higher graded fishes.

Suppose the first Black Sea Bass you caught is worth 3 stars and the next one you catch is a whopping 5-star trophy, the 2 record-breaking stars will be added to your stars earned. In addition to advancing your collection, stars you earn and collect also earn you extra rewards on certain milestones. This means that even if you have already expended your limited attempts to earn coins and points on your daily fishing adventure, you can continue reeling in some extra in hopes of nabbing some extra stars.

fishing clash black sea bass

Reaching level 10 and practically every 10 additional levels will unlock a new fishery for you to conquer and revel in. You are also bound to receive card packs that enable you to upgrade your lures each day. In essence, the higher your level goes, the more reason it is for you to keep on catching fish and all that is just for the single-player campaign of sorts, as your progression and growth is a constant preparation for the duels that you can engage in. There certainly is a long road, or stream rather, to travel in Fishing Clash and continuous fishing takes you ever closer to ultimately completing your collection and becoming a top fishing record holder.

fishing clash redear sunfish

3. Upgrade Your Lures Immediately

In addition to your collection of fishes and stars, the lures are at the very least equally enticing. Lures are upgraded by having a sufficient amount of duplicate cards and some coins. Each new level of upgrade increases the base power of the lure and increases the weight of the fish you can catch with it. A higher base power will make fish hooked lose more HP with each passing second, allowing you to reel them in within a shorter time. Increased weight may still be affected by luck and probability, but the fishes you can catch with each upgrade are more likely to break your current record in terms of the fish’s overall weight and star grade.

fishing clash yellowfin grouper

There are only a few items in the shop that you can purchase using your coins as a basic currency and these cards are also limited purchases each day. Your coins have much value, though, since you will constantly be needing them to upgrade your lures. Card packs can be earned from a variety of sources like winning duels ad accomplishing feats.

fishing clash black pack

For some, the notion of utilizing your basic currency sparingly is a basic strategy across most, if not all, game genres. Limited amounts of coins are earned yet upgrade costs go higher every step of the way. Likewise, there may also be expensive items available in the shop that would drive you to save up your coins to afford them.

fishing clash lures

While there are undeniable benefits to exercising prudence in Fishing Clash, it will benefit you more if you choose to spend coins to upgrade lures sooner. As each upgrade instantly has its positive effect, using the upgraded lures sooner will net you more coins, among other things. Just considering the extra coin rewards will allow you to quickly earn back the coins you spent in upgrading lures.

fishing clash lure upgrade

4. Remember To Draw Perks

One of the unique features in Fishing Clash that further propels your performance on your succeeding adventures relates to the license upgrades you earn through the points for catching fish and the perks you can unlock with it. In our earlier discussion, we talked about how you earn points with every reel for at least the first 50 fish you catch in a day. These points accumulate and improve your fishing license in the specific fishery, allowing you to unlock some perks.

fishing clash mutton snapper

The Licenses can be accessed the same way as your Fishing Rod, which is through the gear icon on the left side of the screen. The Licenses tab will reveal a total of 12 bonuses or perks to unlock and each license level will unlock 1, provided that you have a pro license. If not, you will only be able to utilize 6 perks after reaching the max license level of 12. Pro Licenses can be permanently unlocked by spending pearls and the cost is higher on later fisheries. Licenses are specific to each fishery and you can conveniently switch from one fishery to the other using the directional buttons at the upper left corner of the screen.

fishing clash licenses

You must draw a perk to unlock it and once you reach the required license, the draw button appears on the right side of the bonus line. Initially, the draw will be free and a random perk or bonus will be obtained. Reloading a perk will cost some pearls. There is a more expensive reload option that can net you a more specific bonus to have. For beginners, though, we recommend settling for the perks you unlock for free first, given that pearls are a premium currency that you should utilize a little more sparingly than coins.

fishing clash bonus

There is a wide range of bonuses to unlock at random. In general, these perks may apply to specific species of fish, improving their weight, capture chance, and even the time it takes to catch them. Some unique perks can improve your performance in duels, applying a more general improvement in the aforementioned qualities.

Since the initial draw of perks following your ascension to a higher license level is free, there should be nothing to hinder or prevent you from drawing a bonus as soon as it becomes available. If you can readily afford to spend pearls to unlock a pro license, we likewise recommend that you do so as well as more perks applied to your succeeding fishing adventures naturally mean better catches and faster progression.

fishing clash florida coast license

5. Strategize Around Using Power-ups

Rods, lure upgrades, and license perks each give you bonuses to help you catch bigger fish and while all those perks and bonuses should suffice to keep you reeling in better and better catches moving forward, Fishing Clash also has a power-up system to temporarily boost your performance. There are currently 6 power-ups you can use in Fishing Clash. Power-ups are consumable and are meant to be used with some degree of prudence. You can purchase them at the shop but there are plenty of sources to get them for free as well.

You can see power-up icons on the right side of the screen and all of them will be blurred out by default, meaning that they are not activated. To use one, a combination, or a mixture of any available power-up you have, you simply need to tap on their icons before you cast your fishing line. Note that a power-up will remain active until such time that you tap on it to deactivate it or if you run out of them.

fishing clash lure pack

As far as strategies go, we recommend saving power-ups for lures that have been upgraded to some extent. It is a general consideration dependent on your needs but at least do not consume power-ups while equipped with lures at its starting grade or level.

The Weight Power-up increases the actual weight of the fish you can catch by 15%. The Chance Power-up (Dice) increases the chances of catching specific fish by 100%. The Speed Power-up (Timer), lets you catch fish faster by 50% of the regular time. The Sonar Power-up allows you to see the fish you are about to catch, ultimately letting you release the ones you do not want.

As luck is a constant factor across almost every aspect of Fishing Clash, you would naturally want it to be on your side. The Luck (Clover Token) Power-up boosts your luck by 100%, giving you a higher chance of catching a bigger fish. Last, but not least, is the Multi-hook Power-up, which lets you catch 2 fish simultaneously.

fishing clash power-ups

6. Engage In Duels

Diving into the world of Fishing Clash offers a mix of relaxed fishing and competitive engagement. Although beginners and even some experienced players may prefer to steer clear of the competitive aspect of the game, a fast and efficient progression necessitates partaking in every game mode and event to earn as many rewards as possible.

In all honesty, duel mode does have a more pressing ambiance. Not only is there a relatively short time limit within which you must catch some fish but the idea of being matched with a completely random player can make newer players nervous. Most especially if you have just started your adventure in Fishing Clash, your perception of being less experienced than the rest of the players can be discouraging. However, performance in duels does not rest on experience alone as strategy, lure levels, and luck are also factored in.

fishing clash duel

3 random species will be selected for each duel and you will choose one of the 3 given choices for each match. You should consider your lure with the highest upgrade level and also consider the available perks you have that may benefit you given the specific fish you are trying to catch.

fishing clash duel fish

Each win in a Duel earns you blue hooks and 10 blue hooks earn you a lure pack. At this point in our discussion, you should already know how valuable lure packs are as you will consistently find yourself itching to open them to obtain random lure cards and upgrade your lures. Win or lose, partaking in duels is not only exciting but enlightening as well in terms of giving you some ideas on what you may want to improve on.

fishing clash red lionfish

7. Accomplish Achievements For Extra Rewards

As you continue to cast your fishing line and reel in different species of fish, you will surely notice the achievement banner pop up at the upper right side of the screen, along with an indicator. Clicking on it takes you to the achievements page, which is a permanent record of your accomplishments in Fishing Clash. Achievements are limited by nature but will take some time to complete. Each objective or milestone is divided into 3 levels as indicated by stars and securing all 3 stars mean that you have completely accomplished the target.

fishing clash achievements

There are 13 achievement targets, each with its own set of pearl rewards to give you. Considering that pearls are a premium currency, you would want to satisfy the achievement objectives sooner than later so you can invest those pearls in needed upgrades like pro-licenses. In any case, you can also access the achievements page by clicking on the main menu button at the upper right corner of the screen and choosing achievements. We recommend that you peek into the set of objectives and consider it as guidance toward progression.

8. Join A Clan As Soon As You Can

Although clans, alliances, factions, and other similarly-themed player groups are more popularly attributed to MMORPGs and MMORTS games, most new online games provide the same feature. Clans are not just an extension of the game’s social channels but are also an added means of support for advancement through cooperative means.

You can just as easily join a clan in Fishing Clash. You can tap on the Clan icon at the left side of the screen and choose from among a list of existing clans, which one to join. You can also create your very own clan but as a beginner, we recommend that you join one first and lead your clan in the future instead. Although there are no extra game modes you can access by being a member of a clan, almost every activity you engage in moving forward will help every member of the clan as well.

fishing clash clan

Partaking in the usual duels ad earning hooks will now also contribute towards earning a hook pack for every guild member. You need to at least win one duel and contribute a hook to be able to unlock the hook pack once the guild’s total contributions reach 70. Even if you do not manage to earn enough hooks in a duel to claim your hook pack, you can now at least have a chance to claim one by just earning one hook and being a member of an active clan.

fishing clash hook pack

There are also regular Clan Match seasons where your clan will be matched against another clan. Winning in your clan’s league is based on everyone’s level of activity, making it more important for you to consistently remain active as far as catching fish is concerned. Winning the Clan Match earns you boxes of rewards as well as pro lines and climbing up the league ladder opens a chance to earn even better rewards like power-up packs and even high-grade rods.

fishing clash clan match season

There is certainly a lot more to uncover as you pursue a long, exciting adventure inside the world of Fishing Clash. Although this is where we will wrap up our guide for Fishing Clash, we are confident that the tips and strategies we discussed here will suffice to pave the way for a much better performance on your end. If you somehow chanced upon some nifty tricks in your adventure that we did not mention, do not hesitate to drop us a line!