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Fish & Trip Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Survive Longer

The sea is a dangerous place, especially when you are all alone. In Bloop Games’ new mobile title called Fish & Trip your goal is to collect as many fish friends as possible. This arcade game for Android and iOS platforms will have you hooked for hours as you swipe in all directions to build up your school of fish. You can team up with fish friends you come across, collect eggs for hatching, or unlock new ones with coins. Just make sure you steer clear of those predator fish that will gobble up your fishy friends. Your game is over if all of the fish get eaten up so be careful. Don’t worry because our Fish & Trip strategy guide will help you survive!

1. Stay Alert And Swipe Fast

The most important thing in this game is survival. Don’t focus so much on collecting more fish that you will risk getting eaten just to grab an egg. Keep your eyes peeled for predator fish and swipe as fast as you can when you spot one. You don’t need to constantly be swiping as that could even be counterproductive if you accidentally swipe towards a predator. Just stay alert in case a predator comes into view.

2. Collect More Fish

The more fish you have in your school, the longer it will take predators to wipe it out. There is definitely safety in numbers so collect as many fish as you can. Just make sure you don’t put yourself in danger when collecting new members for your fish group. There is a danger, though, if your group gets too big. The bigger the group, the more predators it attracts. If you think you can manage dodging more predators, then feel free to keep collecting more fish. If not, just keep your group to a decent size so you can still survive a few bites from predators while safely maneuvering through the waters.

3. Unlock More Fish Types

One of the easiest ways to unlock more fish in this game is to collect eggs. Once you have collected a certain number of eggs, you will unlock a fishing mini-game that will allow you to hook a fish. The fish you catch in this mini-game will be unlocked as a new type of fish. Another way to unlock fish types is by purchasing them with coins. You can pick up coins scattered throughout the ocean then spend them to get new fish. Keep in mind that the new fish do not have any impact in your gameplay. They are purely for aesthetic purposes but it’s still fun to see all the different colors swim around while you’re playing.

4. Get Login Bonuses

As with most games, there is a login bonus that gives you various rewards whenever you play. This game’s login bonus mechanic, however, is a bit different. You will notice a timer whenever you claim a reward. This timer indicates the number of minutes left before you can claim another reward. In the beginning, it will just be 30 minutes. It will keep increasing as you collect more rewards. Take note of how much time you have before the next reward to maximize the number of rewards you get in a day.

It’s time to swim through the dangerous waters and collect as many fish friends as you can! Follow the Fish & Trip strategy guide we gave you to make sure you stay alive! If you’ve come across other useful tips or tricks, let us know in the comments!