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First Summoner Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defeat the Monsters of Darkness

Created by Skeinglobe and LINE Games, First Summoner is a breathtaking, action-packed mobile RPG. As such, the game is already attracting a massive amount of players worldwide. Available for Android and iOS devices, First Summoner features innovative gameplay alongside a mesmerizing story.

Once you download the game, you will be surprised by the quality of graphics and animation. On top of that, First Summoner will amaze you with exciting missions and challenging quests. To overcome those challenges, we recommend reading our First Summoner tips, cheats and strategies. By doing so, you will learn all the methods that can help you defeat hordes of enemies. So, without further ado, let’s move on to our First Summoner beginner’s guide, as we take a closer look at the dark fantasy world of this fantastic new mobile RPG.

1. Follow The Missions In The Campaign Mode

As we mentioned, First Summoner is a action-packed strategy RPG that features an invigorating storyline. To be honest, necromancers and morbid-looking creatures are not new in the world of mobile games. But, this particular game offers an attention-grabbing approach to the dark fantasy genre. In other words, First Summoner is an epic tale which will allow you to lead the monsters of darkness. Yes, you will be in command of the same monsters you will be fighting against.

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If this sounds like a paradox, the Campaign mode will clarify things. For that reason, we suggest that you first go through the missions in the story mode. By doing so, you will collect the much-needed experience. Also, you will get acquainted with different landscapes and well-designed stages. As a matter of fact, First Summoner offers 150 different settings, and they are all beautifully designed.

The Campaign mode will take you through various areas such as the Forest of Indolence, Death’s Cavern, or Frozen Hell. As you can see, a series of demanding battles await you. But, First Summoner is such an addictive game and you will be grinding out the missions hour after hour.

2. Attack The Opponents Wisely And Stay Out Of Reach As Much As Possible

Unlike most other mobile games in the market, First Summoner does not feature Autoplay whatsoever. In other words, you will have to do all the work when fighting the armies of the undead. For that reason, it is important that you master the basics of combat as soon as possible.

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A quick tutorial will be provided at the start of the game. Nonetheless, real knowledge will come from experience. For instance, we recommend keeping your avatar behind your other soldiers. To clarify, during the missions, you will lead a group of creatures. Depending on the type of creatures you summon, your squadron will be more or less strong. Either way, those monsters will fight alongside your avatar against the enemy monsters of the same kind. By the way, the name of your character is Rachel, and her appearance is mesmerizing and gorgeous.

Even though Rachel is a battle-hardened necromancer, her HP will go down in a flash if she is exposed to an enemy barrage. So, keep her out of reach as much as possible! She can deal incredible damage by using her bow. Thus, her long-distance attack is the method you should rely on during the missions. As a result, the opponents will be obliterated one after the other.

3. Equip The Best Items

As you go through the missions, you will encounter all sorts of blood-chilling monsters. At the same time, your experience will grow as well. For example, different kinds of items will help with boosting your power. First Summoner offers a wide array of items you can collect and equip, including weapons, armor, outfits, and so on.

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By clicking on the Hero menu, you can see the items that are in use. Also, you will see the collection of items that you have at your disposal. If you want to cut corners, you can click on the Auto Equip button on the right-hand side of the screen. As the name suggests, this option allows you to equip your avatar with the best items in an automatic manner.

On the other hand, you can also opt for a manual approach. Either way, it is important to equip Rachel with the highest-ranking bows, boots, and shields. Likewise, First Summoner allows you to sell the items that are of no use to you. In other words, if an item is no longer necessary, sell it for gold as soon as possible. Also, you can pick out the costumes for Rachel. Different types of outfits are available, and they can make her look even more attractive.

4. Destroy Pots And Chests Along The Way

Once you equip the avatar with the best items, she will be ready to face even the toughest of monsters. But, every battle will require Mana, and that is why breakable pots and jars along the way should not be ignored. Mana is the life force that enables you to summon the creatures of darkness to fight for you. We will elaborate on the summoning process in the upcoming chapters. For now, let’s see how you can boost the levels of Mana in a simple and straightforward process.

So, as you fight the enemies and move along the paths through dangerous areas, pots and jars will be scattered along the road. By clicking on the pots, Rachel will shoot an arrow and break the jars, releasing a certain amount of Mana.

Also, you will find two types of chests in your adventures. The green chests will provide you with HP. On the other hand, the red ones are packed with Mana, so collect them at every opportunity. You can even break the clusters of jars and open the chests while your soldiers are fighting the enemy. By doing so, you can collect enough power to summon more powerful units and destroy the enemies.

5. Summon The Right Creatures At The Right Time

Speaking of summoning, every mission will require that you use the cards and summon several monsters. As we said, the monsters will fight for your cause, i.e. they will be under your control. But, they are all equipped with a different set of skills. In other words, you will have to learn about their combat powers to become a master Summoner.

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To summon the creatures, you will need Mana. Thus, it is important to collect as much as possible of this force as you go through the missions. Likewise, it is imperative that you use Mana in a clever way. To clarify, you will need to create a plan of action before every battle.

For instance, an Ogre and a Frozen Viking are units that can play the role of a tank. They can directly confront the enemy, preventing enemy troops from reaching Rachel. On the other hand, Skeleton Archers should be summoned when you are in need of a ranged attack. They can take out monsters from a distance. Needles to say, this makes the Archers a great support unit.

Also, the ending stages of the battle are the most challenging. So, save some Mana for the final enemies in a quest.

6. Assemble A Balanced Deck Of Cards

When playing First Summoner, you will be in control of various monsters, including skeletons and zombies. However, you will need to summon them first before you can use them in battle. For that reason, it is important to learn the features of each card in your deck.

Moreover, it is imperative that you assemble a balanced deck of cards. What does this mean? Well, a balanced deck is the one where the number of ranged units and tanks is in proportion. In other words, your deck should offer a diverse collection of creatures. For instance, Skeleton Archers and an Ogre is the combination which we already mentioned. Yet, you can use other tactics as well.

Your deck can contain up to 6 cards at once, so make sure to diversify the collection. Besides the Archers, the PowerShot card can help you take out enemies from a distance. On the other hand, Frozen Viking can wield his ice ax and protect the ranged units. In addition, Troll Healer is a useful and helpful card. As the name suggests, the Healer will use his spiritual powers to heal the allies within range. It goes without saying that Healers can also protect your valuable units, so place this card in your deck before you head out into battle.

7. Level Up The Cards At Every Opportunity

By now, you should have grasped the importance of cards in First Summoner. In short, the cards are an essential fighting element and it is vital that the deck is as powerful as possible. First Summoner offers a wide array of cards, but it is not easy to unlock them. Besides gold coins and diamonds, missions and quests can reward you with legendary cards.

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But, there is another easy way of obtaining more cards. Lune the Card Trader can be one of your biggest allies, together with Hapiro the Blacksmith. When it comes to Lune, she can sell different types of cards. If you build a relationship with this strange girl, you can unlock exceptional powers.

Also, it is imperative that you upgrade the cards at every opportunity. Once a green arrow appears on a card, click on the card to level it up. By doing so, you will enhance the stats of the card, providing you with a more powerful attack. Of course, higher-level cards will need more Mana, but this seems like a small price to pay. At the end of the day, the goal of First Summoner is to destroy the forces of darkness, no matter the cost!

8. Complete The Sidequests To Win More Gold Coins

Since Lune the Card Trader can provide you with valuable and legendary cards, you will need a lot of gold in your treasury. Of course, you will obtain a certain amount of coins and diamonds after you complete a mission in the Campaign mode. Then again, high-level cards can be pretty expensive. For that reason, sidequests can be a great way of boosting your wealth.

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So, we suggest that you take part in the missions that will pop up from time to time. For instance, you could be helping the villagers find a missing person. Or, you could help the town get rid of the demonic creatures. Either way, the side quests will not require too much effort. At the same time, you could be rewarded with generous amounts of coins. Not to mention the fact that you will collect a certain number of EXP points no matter what.

Also, the so-called Trials in First Summoner can reward you with important items. In other words, the Trials are a great way to collect a powerful bow or to earn a new pair of boots. Thus, make sure to find a bit of time for these quests.

9. Learn The Patterns When Fighting The Bosses

Last but not least, a quick tip which can help you fight the big bosses at the end of every area. To clarify, First Summoner offers 5 primary areas. At the end of each of these segments of the story, a gigantic monster will stand in your way. Unless you defeat the big guys, you will not be able to move to the next stage in the game.

Therefore, it is imperative that you move in a strategic way when fighting the boss battles. Moreover, we suggest that you first use the well-known ‘watch and observe’ method. In a way, all bosses in First Summoner will have recognizable moving patterns. Once you learn the patterns, you can predict the attacks and react in time. In short, you can avoid the powerful blows and attacks.

To sum up, boss fights will require a bit of creativity and intelligence. Without a proper plan, you will never defeat the giant monsters. So, watch their movements, evade the attacks, and strike when you see an opening.
With the final tip, we conclude our list of First Summoner tips, cheats and strategies. If you are familiar with any other helpful tactic, feel free to leave us a message in the comment section!