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Final Order Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Strong Base and a Powerful Army

Final Order is 37Games’ latest MMO strategy game currently available exclusively on Android. With a plethora of loosely similar games in the mobile gaming market, Final Order has set itself apart with the inclusion of gigantic beasts as part of your massive arsenal. Final Order comes packed with a ton of features and content to keep you busy for hours straight with a lot of multitasking in-between as well.

Beyond continuously building your base and upgrading each new facility, you will continuously train soldiers, conduct researches, and scavenge for more resources. These tasks as well as the NPC enemies that lurk around are the least of your worries, though, as Final Order’s world is littered with numerous other players out seeking global domination like yourself. Whether you are a long-time MMO strategy game enthusiast or a complete beginner in the genre, Final Order can certainly give you a unique and challenging experience that will test your strategic skills to the fullest.

The initial dive into the world of Final Order may seem overwhelming for first-time players of an MMO strategy game especially with you starting with a huge base to work on with tons of icons to look into as well. Final Order, however, provides a quest system that serves as a guide on what you should accomplish next and also has indicators available to notify you of game aspects that require attention. Final Order’s interface and layout makes it easy even for complete beginners to pick up and play.

Now, be sure to read our detailed Final Order beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies to upgrade your base fast, build a powerful army and dominate all your enemies!

1. Choose Your Faction Wisely

Final Order sets you up as a newly appointed commander of an army in a war-torn land. Beyond the usual troops under your leadership, the introductory scene prepares you with a herculean monster under your command but prior to starting your journey towards world conquest; you will have to choose a faction first.

There are currently 2 available factions to choose from in Final Order although there is a promise that a third or even more factions will become available in future updates. While you will also be informed early on that you can change factions later in the game, it is still important to make a wise choice right from the start as changing factions later on will cost a faction change emblem, which is not easy to obtain.

best faction in final order

Each faction has unique bonuses but are essentially equal to the other in terms of military strength and efficiency. Given each one’s unique boosts, be sure to consider the set of advantages each one can offer relative to your preferences and play style.

The North American Federation’s rapid response helicopters gain a 5% increase in attack. They also have enhanced mobility with a permanent 5% boost to army march speed. Gathering steel from resource spots around the map is also boosted permanently by 10%.

The Far Eastern Union, on the other hand, has their armored storm tanks gain a permanent 5% attack increase. Their grassroots mobilization training speed is also boosted by 5%. This faction also grants an endurance training stamina recovery speed of 10%.

Considering the set of buffs each faction has, one cannot be really considered better than the other. Keep in mind that there are many upgrade options you can research and unlock in the game that can further complement what each boost offers or compensate for the buffs you chose to forego. In any case, consider your initial strategy based on the perks that your chosen faction provides as capitalizing on these advantages will give you an edge throughout your quest for global control.

2. Follow The Quest Guide

As we mentioned earlier, one of Final Order’s features that make it easy enough for even total beginners to progress steadily and efficiently in the game is the quest guide at the bottom left side of the screen. The current objective will always be displayed although you will never see other objectives that follow.

For starters, simply tapping on the current objective will lead you towards what you need to accomplish to make progress and you need to click on it again once the task is completed to claim the rewards. Although you can still deviate from proceeding to accomplish the task at hand, what you are after here, on top of progression, is the extra resources from the rewards that are needed for production as well.

final order quest guide

One of the earliest things to learn is that some actions in Final Order, just like in all other MMO strategy games, are dependent on other actions. Construction and upgrades of certain structures often require the existence of a different structure or reaching a certain level of upgrade. The same prerequisites apply to research and training as well.

In some cases, you can accomplish objectives prior to them actually appearing on the quest guide. In such instances, you will readily be able to claim rewards and move on to the next quest. What you may also experience often is that the current quest objective is dependent on the construction or upgrade of a structure that is currently ongoing. In such events, you can freely process to perform other actions or speed up the current task to progress faster.

3. Always Multitask

Multitasking has always been an integral part of every MMO strategy game, especially base-building ones. Although some beginners may feel disadvantaged whenever they join a game or server within it where most players have already started ahead of them, Final Order makes it easy to make good progress in the early part of the game to ensure that newer players can catch up quickly to the rest of the people in its virtual world.

To start off, new players will be treated to a protection shield that lasts for 2 days unless the player has reached camp level 6. There are also numerous consumable items that can tremendously speed up processes for a more rapid pace of progression. These advantages, if utilized well can help you catch up to most players who started ahead of you. With an efficient way of multitasking, strategic development, and a little more active time invested in the game, you can even surpass a lot of players around you.

As you begin to unlock various production, training, and research facilities, as well as begin to venture out into the world, it can be a challenge to manually keep track of each running or idle facility in your camp. Fortunately, Final Order provides a list of the activities you consistently engage in and you can access it easily as well with the pull up feature at the left side of the screen. Idle processes can be instantly seen and you can also direct yourself to the structure that requires attention with a click of a button.

how to multitask in final order

The Queue Overview feature lumps together more than just building, training, and research functions so be sure to scroll down the list after pulling it up. You may notice that an extra building queue is available in the overview. This can be activated by using a consumable item that lets you use a second building queue for 8 hours. To ensure that you can make the most of it whenever you subscribe to using the item, ensure first that you have a lot of time to spend on the game for the next 8 hours before using the item as it is not as easy to earn and costs diamonds if you purchase them.

You also have 5 different training queues to continuously perform. You can actually train a little less rapidly on the first day and proceed to do so once you are able to train stronger units. There are also 2 research queues you need to keep active. The best way to handle research queues is to plan ahead of the line and hap a roadmap of the upgrades that you feel should be prioritized over others. There are certain prerequisites within the branches of research available but once all your queues are in process, you should take time to read through each research node to identify requirements and how each one will benefit you.

What can be commonly forgotten is the aspect of Final Order that relates to exploring the world outside your camp. You can eliminate NPC threats scattered across the map and also deploy troops to gather extra resources. Another unique aspect of Final Order is that you can launch 2 separate queues to rescue reinforcements from wreckages on the map. You can scan for wreckages 3 times a day and can also do manual exploration beyond that.

The only recurring tasks not included in the Queue Overview is claiming resources from your production facilities. Be sure to claim steel and food from your steel plants and food factory as often as possible to ensure that you will have a steady supply of both basic resources to sustain your camp’s needs.

4. Strategize On Planning Queues And Using Speedups

Similar to using a second construction queue, you have to project your availability for active playing to strategize around lining up queues on all production lines within your camp. Simply following the quest line as far as building and upgrading facilities is good to begin with, but at some point you will have to deviate from it to boost your efficiency and progress.

Soon enough, you will discover that the rate at which production time grows will make the wait longer and longer for any function to finish. Structures involved in training and research cannot be upgraded as well while processing and vice versa and this, in tandem with only seeing one quest objective, can be a constant challenge to continuous and efficient progression. As such, planning ahead of time and with sufficient knowledge of upgrade prerequisites is important.

how to plan queues in final order

Having 2 construction queues will not always ensure that both will be used in the accomplishment of the quests at hand. There will naturally be instances when the initiation of the current quest will depend on the completion of the structure being upgraded. If you noticed as well, the smaller buildings like the food factory, steel plant, assembly plant, and zone hospital have upgrade level quests that apply only to one copy of them. Building extra copies of these structures, as well as upgrading each one, has its own merits so assigning the second building queue to them is a viable option.

If there are still a lot you want to do outside your base and can afford to play the game for some time, you should consider using the speedup items you have collected in your inventory. The first hours and days in Final Order are the most important, and pushing for progress within these times are critical. Once you are ready to take a break from Final Order, it would be a good idea to lodge queues that all complete at around the same time. This extends to training troops and researches as well.

5. Join An Alliance As Soon As Possible

If you have played some online games before, even outside of the RPG or strategy genre, you would know that guilds, alliances, factions, clans, or similar player groups have always been an integral part of most online games. These groups can serve as an extension of the social aspect of the game beyond the chat feature and, in most cases, offer additional benefits to each member.

For MMORPGs, players often have a lot of content to take on by themselves and while joining a guild comes with exclusive features and game modes to boost their progression, players can still survive without one. In Final Order, much like most MMO strategy games, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to last long without the help of a guild. Given that every player around you is basically your enemy, who will choose to attack and plunder your base at a moment’s thought.

If you followed the guide so far and have been religiously practicing efficiency at every turn, then a one-on-one skirmish is passable. What typically happens, though, is that players belonging to the same guild will often launch joint attacks on other players. This makes it difficult for a player outside of any guild to survive an assault.

final order alliance

Final Order lets you find and join an alliance as soon as you start your adventure. You can tap on the alliance icon at lower right side of your screen and choose from a number of alliances to send your application. In some cases, you can instantly join an alliance without the need to wait for a reply. Some alliances will also send invites for newer players to join, and if you are not very selective when it comes to alliances, then you can instantly join in.

You would naturally want to be a member of an active alliance but it can be a challenge to determine how long each one will stay as active. In any case, what you need is to become a member of an alliance with a good number of active players as the benefits you can earn from being a member, can tremendously boost your progress and chances of survival.

To start off, being in an alliance can reduce queue times across all of your buildings’ many functions. Each ally can cut down waiting time by a minute, so the more members help; the faster you can finish construction, training, and research. You should also keep an eye out for fellow alliance members in need.

An alliance icon will appear at the lower right side of your screen, indicating a pending queue in their base that can be shortened if you help them. Actually, you only need to click once to help all of them. Note that sending aid is an unlimited feature so the more active players are in your alliance, the more help you can give.

Be sure to remember donating to the alliance tech as well. Every upgrade in the alliance tech impacts everyone within the alliance and earns you alliance honor and alliance points you can exchange for various items at the alliance shop. There are a lot of extra activities available for alliance members as well so be sure to visit your alliance as often as you can and actively participate in the joint ventures and missions.

6. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

Final Order provides you with a ton of avenues to earn the resources you need through regular production and farming from various resource spots on the map. There are also extra rewards you can earn from the supplies that become available dependent on the time you spend within the game. Beyond that, there are also various missions that provide you with opportunities to earn extra resources. You can readily access the missions via its icon at the bottom of the screen.

Missions in Final Order are divided between main missions and daily missions. The main mission includes the quest that you can see on the screen as well as normal missions relating to various activities you can engage in as you progress through the game. These missions essentially reflect achievements or milestones you reach and the completion of each objective comes with a set of rewards.

how to earn more rewards in final order

Daily missions, on the other hand, are much easier to accomplish as it features the basic activities you need to spend time on a regular basis. Beyond the rewards you can earn from completing each objective, you also earn activity points and the activity points you earn can unlock more rewards from the crates above the page. There are a ton of daily objectives to accomplish and claiming the top rewards from the daily missions are easy to do.

Even after claiming the top rewards, you should still look into other objectives you can clear. Each one can still earn you rewards and may also introduce you to some features or content that you may not have been aware of before.

7. Venture Into The Outside World

While Final Order can flood you with a ton of content and features to keep you occupied within your base, there are also a plethora of activities to engage in outside of it. A lot of these actions will naturally form part of the main quest but the idea to keep in mind is that you can queue in a lot of production activities within your base and at the same time explore the outside world.

One of the key features you should familiarize yourself with once you venture outside is the search function. You can find it at the left side of the screen once you are on the map. You can search for enemy NPCs like the junta force or behemoth, search resource spots where you can farm basic materials from, and also swipe around to look for wreckages for extra resources.

final order exploration

An important aspect of Final Order you should always be mindful of is the presence of other players on the map, most especially the ones within your immediate vicinity. Even if you still have your peace barrier by the time you get to explore, you should spend some time to look into the camps near your base.

To some extent, you can determine just how active or driven some of these players are based on their camp level compared with yours. You can also note of which ones do not have shields and which ones are actively venturing out.

Note that while your shields will stay on until after the time expires or your headquarters has been upgraded to level 6, initiating an action against another player, even scouting, will immediately end the effects of your barrier. Likewise, while your shields protect everyone within your camp, troops that are sent out for whatever reason are not immune from being attacked.

Exploration outside the base is an important preparatory step prior to initiating an attack against other players. In addition to it, however, other preparation measures should be set as well.

8. Prepare Well Before Launching An Attack

Once you get the hang of multitasking within and outside your base, you will most likely be raring to test your military strength against another player. To begin with, PvP on a large scale serves as the end goal of all your efforts in building your base and growing your army. While the thrills of combat are inarguably enticing, patience is an essential virtue that you need to have in an abundance of in Final Order, much like any other MMO strategy game. Careful planning and preparation, in tandem with proper execution, makes for a successful assault as well as defense.

Projecting the immediate outcome of an attack against any player stands at the core of your preparations. While there may still be inactive players who are not part of any alliance, you will find that players who actively play belong to an active alliance as well. In effect, launching an attack against any player is equivalent to an effrontery against his or her alliance. As such, you can always expect retribution for such actions and should be equally, if not more, prepared to defend your fort.

One of the basic factors to consider in preparation for war is your warehouse’s upgrade level. Your warehouse is the storage facility that keeps your resources safe from plunderers and, for starters, you need to ensure that the amounts of steel, food, oil, and rare earth you have can be stored within your warehouse. In line with this, you should ensure that for instances that you need extra resources from your inventory, only use what you can consume. Items in your bag cannot be plundered, so it is best to keep those resources as is until you need them immediately.

how to prepare for attack in final order

Another important detail you need to look into is your base’s location. Regardless of the roster of players situated around your base, it is always best to move in closer to where your guild leader is. This is an option made available for everyone else in the alliance, ensuring that all members of the group have the choice to lump themselves together with fellow members of the alliance.

You will have an item to teleport your base to where the alliance leader is and once you are certain that you will be staying in that alliance long, then you should use it immediately. This will not impact the remaining duration of your shield and will also determine a random location for you to settle in. Being close to the alliance makes it a lot easier to organize and conduct joint attacks. More importantly, it makes it a lot more challenging for other players to launch an attack against your base as your guildmates will serve as your next-door neighbors who will look after your home when you are away.

After ensuring that the warehouse can secure your resources and that you are situated next to your fellow alliance members and leader, you can begin to scout for potential targets to attack and plunder from. Although the base’s level, which can be seen on the map, can be a good indication of how advanced the enemy fort is, it is still far from everything. It is possible for you to encounter an enemy base that has a lower level but still has much higher military power than you.

On the other hand, there will be bases on the map that may sport a high level but at the same time have very little military power set up for its defense. As one of the key traits to keep in every base-building strategy game is to never underestimate anyone, scouting becomes a constant prerequisite for any action against any player base.

The details to look into should be focused on both your potential target’s power and the amount of resources you can plunder. Attacking a weaker enemy base that just does not offer resources is not worth the time and effort, especially if a counterattack from that player’s alliance is a possible aftereffect.

Note as well that you will lose your peace barrier once you scout another player’s base so if you are not ready to drop down your shields yet, or still have plenty of time to enjoy the peaceful scenario to gather more resources, then consider holding off on an attack or scout.

As you are a part of an alliance, take advantage of instances where there are many players within the group who are online at the same time as you are. It is always best to rally troops together with your allies than taking on an assault all on your own. Be sure to participate in the alliance chat as well. You can ask fellow alliance members for advice as well as support on certain undertakings.

9. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

Final Order further allows players to progress faster in the game depending on their dedication and activeness, and beyond the means of securing resources based on what we discussed, there are also numerous events that consecutively take place in the game once you start your adventure. Most of these events provide the best rewards you can obtain for free, including diamonds, which are a premium currency, and hosts of buffs and consumable items that are difficult to obtain anywhere else.

final order events

Even if there are no indicators to inform you of prizes to redeem, make it a habit early on to look into both the “Benefits” and “Event Center” icons at the upper right side of your screen. Each one holds a wide range of available events that can provide you with various resources to boost your progression at an even faster rate. The Path of Growth event under the benefits group, for example provides a series of objectives very much in line with regular activities and daily missions.

Accomplishing each task earns you diamonds on top of other resources and also earns points to unlock chests at the top of the page. While waiting for queues to finish, be sure to check the various objectives and conditions in each event and make an effort to get the most out of each one.

10. Check Your Mail And Inventory Regularly

A lot of the items and resources you earn as you make progress in Final Order wind up in your inventory ready to be used. At the same time, you will likely be too busy to look into your inventory and instead only use resources and speedups as needed in your current undertaking. While that is completely understandable, you should also consider checking your items, especially consumable ones as some rewards are best used sooner or later.

Examples of these are the experience points for your commander, which can help him reach new levels and unlock or upgrade more skills. Another is the VIP points that can unlock buffs to increase your efficiency for a limited period.

final order items

Again, some of the items in your bag relating to resources are best kept there unless they are needed immediately. Some diamond rewards also categorically fall within these resources and you should consider unpacking them as soon as you can in case there are diamond purchases worth considering.

Beyond the item bag, a lot of rewards also come in by mail and the number of messages you receive in your inbox continuously grow as you play. You should always look into your mail for extra rewards, more specifically the event and system folders within it. Most event rewards are sent along with mail and you can claim them with a click of a button.

Final Order certainly holds a lot more content than what we can cover in a single guide. There are plenty of other activities to engage in at present with more on the way following subsequent updates. Keep in mind that while some activities make progress even when you are offline and away from the game, your progression and overall performance lies on how active you are while playing.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have come up for Final Order. If you have progressed much in Final Order and by chance, stumbled on a unique trick or strategy outside of what we have covered, do not hesitate to share them with us via the comment section below!