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Fieldrunners Attack Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Crush Your Enemies

Fieldrunners Attack is a new iOS game (no Android version yet) that continues the Fieldrunners series and is another example of why base management games are so popular. The game, which comes to us from Subatomic Studios, invites players to “assemble the ultimate army,” train troops, add defensive structures, and manage resources – typical features of the base management/RTS genre. But it wouldn’t be a game in this genre without the multiplayer element, as this new title allows you to take on players from all over the world in battles against real-life “enemies.” Instead of those games where you simply have to figure out the computer AI and be set for the entire title, every battle with a new player is a new experience, as you figure out the best tactical strategy against these human opponents.

If you’re among the many players around the world who have played Clash of Clans or any other similar title, you probably have a good idea of what base management games entail. But every game of this type is different in their own way, and you just might be a newbie in the genre who’s getting into it for the very first time. So if you’re a first-time player of the game, or of the genre in general, read on and check out this list of Fieldrunners Attack tips, trcks and strategies.

1. Deploy The Right Troops

We could go on and give you a lengthy explanation about the types of troops and heroes and their respective strengths, weaknesses, and attributes. But we’ll keep it short and sweet here and simply advise you to make sure you’ve got the right troops assigned to specific tasks. Read up on each troop type, know their strengths and weaknesses, and know when and when not to use them. And remember that even your all-rounders, your jacks-of-all-trades, have their own strengths and weaknesses that stick out a little more so than others. Take the example of your basic Soldiers – they’re all-rounders indeed, but they’re good at destroying railgun towers and not too good against Flame Towers.

2. Save The Headquarters For Last

Most base management/MMORTS games will give you rewards in the form of resources if you are able to take down the enemy’s headquarters first and foremost. But Fieldrunners Attack is different, as you will only get the minimum resource bonus if you raid an enemy base and go for the HQ as your first target. You have to stake out the other starred buildings and destroy them before you destroy the HQ. But sometimes, you might have no other choice but to be aggressive and take down the HQ first – this would be in the event you’re finding yourself in a tight spot and with a good chance of losing the battle. And, as a bonus tip, make sure you’re regularly upgrading Loot Transport if you want to come away with the most possible resources.

3. Destroy The Power Stations To Nullify The Defensive Towers

If an opponent’s defensive towers are too much for you to handle, you can try attacking the power stations and crippling them. And if you’re losing a good number of troops in the battle, you can do the same thing, focusing on the power stations. Destroying a power station would shut down all nearby towers, and that would allow you to move on relatively unscathed. Look around and if you see the opportunity is there, head to the power station and take it out!

4. You Can Move Individual Squads Around

Most base management games will keep it simple and move everyone in your army automatically, without the option for you to move individual squads around in the middle of a raid. But that’s not how it is in Fieldrunners Attack. You’re free to move squads around to your liking, and you don’t need to launch a flare in order to do this. Any group of units can be moved anywhere, and that means you can have one group perform a hit-and-run, another group provide interference against defensive towers, and yet another group circumvent the turrets by attacking from a distance.

5. Get Into The Finer Details

In relation to the above tip, it’s also possible to give orders to individual squads, just like you can issue orders to all your troops. This makes it possible to further micromanage things; for example, you can command tanks individually to attack first and get the towers to attack them, which would be hard due to their ability to soak up damage. There’s a reason why we mentioned “tactical strategy” in the game overview – you’ll need to employ a lot of it in order to beat more human enemies, and experiment with the right strategies until you find something that works for you more often than not.