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Fallout Shelter Tips & Tricks: How Your Dwellers Can Reach 100% Happiness

Fallout Shelter is an iOS-only game by Bethesda (coming soon for Android devices) that offers a different take on city building. At first, you start with a few Dwellers seeking refuge in a post-apocalyptic world, and over time you’ll see your population grow. However, one of your main goals in this game is to keep your Dwellers happy – if they aren’t happy, they’ll be less productive and less healthy. It’s a lot like real life, but this time, you’re dealing with people seeking refuge in a fallout vault. You will definitely want to keep everyone happy and have a 100 percent happiness rating, and while it may seem hard, it is actually doable, thanks to our latest Fallout Shelter strategy guide.

Play Matchmaker

Doing “it” can make your Dwellers happy, so feel free to “play matchmaker” for your people by taking two people – one male and one female – and having them take a breather in the living quarters. And if your living quarters is large enough, you can send an equal number of males and females. Once they’re there, they will start making conversation, dancing with each other, then heading to the private room and doing a horizontal dance that needs no further explanation. The women will emerge from the room pregnant, and once they give birth, they’ll be at 100% happiness.

Shuffle Dwellers To And From The Living Quarters

Eventually, your couples’ happiness will drop below a hundred percent, so one thing you can do here is to swap them to and from the living quarters. This is a quick and simple tip, and one great way to help ensure everyone is 100 percent happy.

Enlarge Your Workspace, But Make Sure It Isn’t Crowded

You can also give your Dwellers a larger workspace to operate in, albeit one with double and/or triple rooms to ensure that it isn’t crowded. Simply take two or three rooms whose upgrade level is the same and place them adjacent to each other. Have a maximum of two dwellers per double or triple room and watch your happiness rating improve.

Have More Than Enough Resources To Satisfy Your Dwellers

Your supply of resources should ideally be greater in relation to the demand from your Dwellers. In other words, try to keep your Dweller population reasonable, and have a lot of work space for them. Typically, this ensures your resource bars are green at all times; if they’re red, that’s an instant recipe for unhappy Dwellers.

How To Manipulate Rushes To Improve Happiness

A successful rush would, of course, make your Dwellers happier, while a failed rush will demoralize them as a result of decreased health. So what’s to do considering this possibility? One thing you can do is assign your strongest Dwellers with your most powerful weapon if you’ve got a room infested with Raiders or Radaroaches. Also, you can evacuate all your Dwellers in the event of a fire, or have a big group of Dwellers fight the fire together.

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