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Fallout Shelter Guide: 3 Awesome Tips to Unlock Legendary Dwellers

Fallout Shelter is Bethesda’s first-ever mobile entry in the Fallout series, and it features a lot of characters you probably know from the series’ previous titles. This game puts you in control of post-apocalyptic survivors, or Dwellers, and normally, these may either be common or rare ones. However, there are also Legendary Dwellers you can unlock, and our latest Fallout Shelter strategy guide tells you how you can unlock these characters and have them living in your Vault.

1. How Many Legendary Dwellers Are There?

First of all, let’s fill you in on the Legendary Dwellers you can unlock – who are they, and how many are there all in all? Here’s a complete listing of all 21 of these Dwellers in alphabetical order, so you can keep count:

1. Abraham Washington
2. Allistair Tenpenny
3. Amata
4. Bittercup
5. Butch
6. Colonel Autumn
7. Confessor Cromwell
8. Dr. Li
9. Elder Lyons
10. Eulogy Jones
11. Harkness
12. James
13. Jericho
14. Lucas Simms
15. Moira Brown
16. Mr. Burke
17. Preston Garvey
18. Sarah Lyons
19. Reginald Rothschild
20. Star Paladin Cross
21. Three Dog

Yes, that’s all 21 of them, and here are the two ways you can unlock them.

2. Get Legendary Dwellers From Lunchboxes And Quests

Primarily, you’ll be able to access these Legendary Dwellers by buying lunchboxes. Most of the time, lunchboxes won’t come with any Dwellers to unlock, but sometimes, you just might find yourself a Legendary Dweller ready to step in and become part of your Vault’s population. In addition, achieving objectives or quests could reward you with a legendary Dweller.

3. Use The Radio Station

The Radio Station is a great way to convince people to live in your Vault, as its broadcasts attract survivors from the Wasteland. Usually, the Radio Station will lure in a common or rare dweller, but on occasion, you’ll get someone Legendary. The best ways to increase the odds of that happening are to have a high-Charisma Dweller serve as part of your staff, and to merge a two to three-room Radio Station into one.

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