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Evil Hunter Tycoon Available for Pre-Registration

Developed by Super Planet, Evil Hunter Tycoon is an upcoming town management simulator for mobile devices. Players are expected to rebuild a destroyed town that Dark Lord has ruined. The expected release date for Evil Hunter Tycoon is March 31st and pre-registration for the game is already underway on iOS and Android platforms.

evil hunter tycoon pre-registration

In the game players will take the role of the town chief and, hence, will have to supervise everything: from town construction to sales, crafting, training hunters, constructing a wide range of facilities (e.g. restaurants, a Blacksmith shop, inns, an Infirmary, etc.)

If you want to learn more about this upcoming title, make sure to check out the official trailer below.

There will be different classes of Hunters, each class with its own particular traits and abilities. So strategic skills will play an important role when it comes to building and training your hunters. After all, the town’s success depends on how well your hunters scavenge. For instance, if you think a specific area of your town lacks a specific type of hunters, a separate Academy can be built. Players will also have the possibility to hire and fire Hunters, depending on their needs.

As you progress through the game, your hunters will learn new traits, skills, and secret techniques. When your hunters reach level 100, they can reincarnate and become more powerful. This will allow you to unlock extra traits and new classes. Treasures and rare materials can be obtained by challenging other town hunters in the PvP mode or by tackling cooperative Boss Raids.

If Evil hunter Tycoon looks like a challenging game you might enjoy, hurry up and pre-register right now on the App Store or Google Play. If you pre-register now, you will win 100 gems and 20,000 gold when the game goes live.