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Evertale Farming Guide: Tips & Strategies for Farming Resources and Managing Your Mana

Evertale has been out for quite some time and as the game itself continues to grow in terms of content, so too does its fanbase and new players. With an expansive storyline, new events and promotions, and boasting a wide roster of heroes and monsters to collect and upgrade, Evertale has become an increasingly addictive lifestyle game for most mobile gamers who purchased and installed the game.

While the free-roaming world that the first act of Evertale provides enough challenge and adventure to test your strategic skills and grinding patience, various game modes under events as well as the succeeding acts in online story mode presents even greater challenge that will push you to get even stronger. Like many RPGs where the initial quick progression as far as character and equipment levels and overall team prowess dwindles down as you grow stronger, the amount of time and dedication you will need to commit to the game becomes even more important from late to end game.

evertale farming tips

Time and dedication will guarantee progress, but knowing where to get what you need will further boost your team’s growth and development. If you are not sure about where to make the most out of your time in the game as well as the most efficient use of your very valuable mana, then our Evertale farming guide can help you narrow down options as to where you need to go and what you need to do.

At this point, we would want to assume that you are close to completing, if not already completed, act 1 which is the offline story arc. If you are totally new to Evertale and still finding your way around the basic mechanics and features, then be sure to read our beginner’s guide which tackles the basic concepts you need to understand to boost your growth in the game and help you on your way to becoming a top tier Crestbearer. Moreover, we have published a detailed team guide, which showcases some of the dream team concepts in the game.

Now, in this Evertale guide, we will be exclusively discussing some of the best spots to farm resources you need as well as managing your mana which is crucial to staying efficient as you progress further towards the mid to end game aspects of Evertale.

1. Farming Spots For Hero And Equipment Experience Points

Every battle you engage in as you play Evertale provides experience points, not just for your team members, but for each equipped weapon as well. If it is a story-related battle or one within the events which require consumption of mana to complete, then it will reward you with rank experience points as well to level up your account. As mana will typically tend to fall short of what you would need to farm for a lot of the other resources you need, farming for experience points for your characters as well as your favorite weapons should best be done on the offline story mode.

best farming spots in evertale

Typically, the farther you are in story mode, the higher level of monsters you will encounter on bushes and other battles. Following this logic, the act 1 (offline story) end boss, the Aeon Empyrean, provides the highest experience points you can earn for your team. It also consists of 2 battles each rewarding your team and weapons huge chunks of experience points depending on their respective levels.

Once you clear Act 1 of the game’s story, clicking on it again will spawn you in the Aeon Tower: The Verge just right outside of the final boss fight. You can go through the final battle as many times as you want and earn the huge amounts of experience points to boost some of the heroes and weapons you may want to max out.

On the downside, though, the battle can be very difficult especially if you struggled just to get past him the first time around. Additionally, there is a bit of loading time between each battle and 2 sets of dialogues that can take time even if you skip them altogether. If you are certain to be able to continuously beat him with your team, while tagging along lower level characters and weapons to boost them on experience point gains, then feel free to spam battle the boss as much as you want. If not, then consider alternative spots on other locations.

The Aeon Tower may be the last area in act 1 of the game and holds the most potent enemies and mobs to give your team some decent amount of experience points but all battles here save the final boss can only be engage in once. If you are having a hard time consistently beating the final boss, or taking way too much time doing so, then you should instead settle for Silverdrake Mountains, particularly in Silverdrake Valley just close to the portal.

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Silverdrake Valley is the last stretch of snowy are that you can roam around in before you enter the Aeon Tower and the small patch of frosty bushes just to the West of the portal can give you fairly good amounts of experience points at a rapid rate. It takes a mere second for you to encounter a new batch of monsters on this patch as soon as you finish doing battle with the previous one. Depending on how fast you finish all 4 monsters off, you can manage to acquire more experience points here than with the Aeon Empyrean given the same amount of time.

2. Strive To Earn Soul Stones From Achievements And Events

Soul stones serve as the most important premium currency in the game and undeniably much difficult to earn and collect than other currencies. As such, you should always grab every available opportunity to get as many free ones as you can. Likewise, be sure to only consider using them for summoning 10x each time for a guaranteed SSR character or weapon.

evertale soul stones

Important battles on the story mode grant sums of soul stones as part of the rewards. Likewise, you may want to prioritize moving forward with the online story mode as you can earn extra soul stones on each battle you complete for the first time. There are various time-limited events that reward huge sums of soul stones as well so be sure to strive as hard as you possibly can to finish each stage in these events across all difficulty levels.

Remember to also keep track of your in-game achievements and work towards completing them one by one. There are numerous achievements based on PVP wins and PVP battles won’t consume mana so you may want to spend some time on it whenever you are free to do so. It is understood that some pairings may seem frustrating but be sure to exercise some patience if you wish to have an increased rating and some extra soul stones from the achievements.

With regard to spending on summons, you should aim to save for 10x summons for limited time soul summons that boost the probability of getting a specific SR and SSR character as well as an SSR weapon. Just by comparison of summon info, you have a .73% chance of getting an SSR character here as compared with the .09% chance of getting an SSR hero from classic summon. Take note though that with these considerations, getting other SSR heroes from these promotional time-limited summons drop drop probabilities down to .03%.

Regardless of the percentages, it is still difficult to acquire SSR heroes and as such, you should not really expect much out of every pull attempt. Just the same, it is better to have higher chances of getting the same SSR hero for purposes of power up fusion awakenings, which increase level caps and boost overall stats and skills.

3. Ultra Evolution Materials Farming

Ultra Evolution tremendously increases your hero or monster’s stats and overall effectiveness but takes a long grind to pull off. As you may have a lot of characters who have formed part of your main team, the idea here is to set a prioritization of sorts when it comes to which one you ought to focus on first as the evolution materials you will have to grind for are an awful lot just for one character.

Keep in mind that while heroes and monsters can be categorized based on their elemental affinities, ultra evolution materials vary in types and amounts per character. As such, be sure to take note of the materials you need after choosing your priority 1 character and engage in evolution material quests that drop those requirements.

evertale ultra evolution

Typically, each character requires both R and SR elemental evolution items which are typical drops from elemental quests, as well as 3 other evolution materials which may belong to an element other than what the character possesses. Just to note, each day of the week holds a unique event representing each of the seven elements: Dark on Mondays, Fire on Tuesdays, Water on Wednesdays, Storm on Thursdays, Light on Fridays, Earth on Saturdays, and Prism on Sundays.

Following this relative to your prioritization, you should save up a lot of mana for farming the R and SR elemental evolution materials on a specific day the element your character needs becomes available. Be sure to tap and hold the 3 other evolution materials your character needs for ultra evolution as their descriptions should give you an idea as to which daily dungeon you can farm these materials from. Take note that higher rarity materials have a higher chance to drop from EX Hard versions of the dungeons. Until you are strong enough to take on these highest difficulty dungeons, therefore, you should save up on your mana potions as EX Hard events take a huge chunk of mana.

Evolution materials other than the R and SR evolution materials can also drop from other game modes such as Character Exp Quests, Weapon Exp Quests, and Gold Quests. Considering though that these expend mana as well, and their main rewards can be obtained elsewhere without consuming mana, then you might as well take your chances on the elemental events for efficiency’s sake.

4. Farming Gold Without Consuming Mana

All character and weapon enhancement options in the game that come from power up fusions and ultra evolutions cost gold. The more beneficial the enhancements go, then the higher gold you will most likely need. Despite earning some amount of gold through regular game play, you may come to discover that you will hardly have enough to even push through with one ultra evolution if you never really prioritized farming for gold after completing the offline story mode.

The Gold Quest you can find under events promises huge sums of it especially under the EX Hard difficulty mode but then, spending 100 mana on it or even 25 on normal settings doesn’t really coincide with efficiently utilizing your in-game energy. Although you can randomly acquire some evolution materials from gold quests as mentioned before, there are more practical means of doing so without costing valuable mana.

how to farm gold in evertale

One thing we mentioned in our previous guide is to sell some of the units you no longer need to free up some inventory space. Although 2 star rarity characters and weapons can earn you some silver, 3 star ones will reward you with gold when sold. As 3-star, bronze-colored characters cannot be fused or evolved, you may want to dispose of them instead as they won’t be of any other use from mid to late game. Be sure to check first if some of the characters can be used as boosters for your top heroes and monsters before selling them off. Likewise, keep in mind that an item or character’s level will impact the amount of gold you can sell them for.

Relative to the character and weapon experience farming spot we mentioned earlier, you may want to revisit the experience farming spot to level up characters and weapons that you will eventually sell for gold. Silverdrake Valley may very well be your top choice if you are bringing along about a couple of maxed out “carriers” and a bunch of low level characters and weapons to carry to level 30.

Beyond actually spending time engaging one battle after another to boost the gold value of sellable merchandise, you should also consider purchasing 3-star weapons from shops across the offline map using silver. Silver won’t be of much value in the game after offline story mode anyway and you will get 2,000 of it after every battle in the Silverdrake Valley spot we mentioned.

Lastly, practically all other game modes and time-limited events will reward you with gold in addition to other rewards. As you will have to spend mana on some of any of these game modes, consider the small sums of gold you can acquire from it as extra rewards.

5. Time-Limited Event Exchange Shop

Some time-limited events in Evertale reward you with unique currencies on top of the soul stones and other rewards you receive from it with every chapter you accomplish relative to such events. Within the events page, you will see a “weighing scale” icon on the left side of the page. Click on it to see the list of items you can buy with the special currency you have earned and strive to secure the top reward as much as you can.

evertale exchange shop

Similar to the recently concluded time-limited event, some future events will most likely contain an SSR quality weapon as a top reward you can obtain if you earn enough of the special currency which serves as its ingredients. In addition to the top rewards, you should also aim to acquire the ultra evolution materials you need for your top priority characters and weapons. These events also hold various difficulty levels that naturally provide more rewards and again, if you can consistently beat the EX Hard versions of the stages, feel free to expend mana potions to get the most out of it.

Before we end our guide, we would want to remind you that most of your progress in Evertale depends on how well you utilize your mana, especially after offline story mode. As such, be sure to always expend it and while you may not be able to consistently play as much each day, be sure to log back in from time to time to consume the regenerated mana on some events. For efficiency’s sake, you wouldn’t want to have your mana at maximum capacity as that would stop you from earning additional ones. As mana capacity increases based on your rank, continue to keep track and take note of how many hours it takes for your mana to regenerate from close to empty to maximum.

That pretty much sums up all we have for our Evertale farming guide. We hope that you learned a lot from the tips and strategies we shared and most importantly, realized how you should manage your in-game stamina. We likewise hope that you enjoyed reading this guide and if ever you have some things you would like to add to the topics we discussed or at least share your views and opinions relative to each one of them, don’t hesitate to do so through the comment section!


Friday 7th of February 2020

Anybody got notes in which areas to farm which color/element evolution figurines?


Saturday 6th of July 2019

Monster I have ready level 30 but not receive any exp how to up lvl after lvl 30?


Wednesday 25th of September 2019

Probablemente tengas un monstruo de 3 estrellas de bronce eso "héroes" solo pueden llegar a nivel 30 a menos que los fusiones con algunos igual a el. También puedes buscar personajes de plata, oro(SR) o los héroes legendarios (SSR).