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EVE Echoes Inches Closer To Launch, As Pre-Registration Kicks Off

EVE Echoes has been floating in and out of the spotlight for quite some time now. It was initially named EVE: Project Galaxy, and after some time in development, the new title was announced in October last year. Along with that announcement was a promise of an Open Beta phase for 2019. The promised year is almost ending, and CCP Games is making good on its promise. EVE Echoes Open Beta will begin in December 2019.

eve echoes pre-registration

EVE Echoes is the mobile version of EVE Online, one of the most popular and longest running online games of all time. EVE Online was initially released in 2003 and is very much alive today. The game’s unique blend of space exploration, inter-galactic politics, and large-scale wars has sustained a massive following over the years. EVE Echoes may not be an official port, but it promises to bring the spirit of the original game to the mobile platform.

CCP Games has collaborated with NetEase in developing EVE Echoes to ensure that players will be able to explore a massive open world. The game will have over 8000 solar systems, 100 kinds of ships, and multiple factions that players can align themselves with. The game’s economy will be player-driven, and will ultimately be molded depending on the path players will take. Diplomacy, piracy, trade, and war are all on the table.

EVE Echoes is available for pre-registration through Google Play. Those who will be playing on iOS devices may also pre-register for the Open Beta through the game’s official website.