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Eternity Guardians Beginner’s Guide: 3 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Eternity Guardians is an immersive action MMORPG released by EZfun for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you assume the role of a demigod, and it is your duty to protect the realm of mortals from an Orcish invasion. Set in an alternate world of Norse mythology, the game sends you on a journey that begins with your missing sister. Your search will lead you to cross paths with an evil organization called Pandora. You will need to slash your way through hundreds of battles in order to succeed. The good news is, there is no class system that will restrict your playstyle. The game allows you to switch between different weapons at will. This gives you the flexibility to adapt to any opponent you face. If you find yourself struggling to progress in the game, don’t worry. You can always rely on our Eternity Guardians guide to help you succeed!

1. Hold On To Your Gems

Gems are the premium currency in Eternity Guardians. These can be spent on various things in the game but there is really just one thing you should be using them for. Save all your gems for the God’s Vault. The God’s Vault is the game’s gacha system that allows you to summon either hero companions or equipment. Before you go shopping there, however, make sure you have enough gems for 10 draws. As with most other games, you will get a bonus for drawing 10 heroes or items at once.

Try to keep your draws balanced between heroes and items. You will need the help of strong heroes in boss battles as well as PVP. On the other hand, you can’t neglect the strength of your own character. Better equipment increases your power level. This determines how well you will perform in different areas of the game.

2. How To Increase Your Power

As we mentioned above, your power level plays a huge role in how well you will perform in the game. Of course, you would want to increase it as much as you can. There are several ways for you to improve your power. The first one, as stated above, is to get better equipment. Keep in mind, however, that it is not just about buying new gear. You also need to regularly enhance your equipment to ensure you are in top shape. The maximum level that you can enhance your equipment is the same as your character’s current level. That means you should go to the enhancement screen every time you level up.

Enhancing equipment will cost you enhancement stones. You can get these by playing and sweeping campaign missions, completing achievements, and finishing challenge dungeons. You will need hundreds of these stones later in the game, so it pays to be diligent in grinding for them early on.

The second way to increase your power is to upgrade your skills. You earn skill points every few minutes, so all you have to do is spend them all then wait for them to refill. You can only have up to a maximum of 20 skill points available so make sure you check back regularly to avoid wasting them. Skill grimoires will sometimes be required to boost your skills. You should have enough grimoires if you have been grinding campaign missions.

Another way to improve your power is by having pets and hero companions. You can easily level up your pets by feeding them. Hero companions, on the other hand, will need you to defeat certain campaign missions in nightmare mode. It takes a bit more work, but their contributions will definitely be worth it.

3. Be Vigilant During Battle

Eternity Guardian’s auto-battle feature will help you breeze through most of the battles. This means you shouldn’t have any trouble defeating any opponent as long as you keep your gear and companions updated. There will be times, however, when you will encounter bosses that are tougher than usual. You will still be able to win these battles, but you can no longer depend on auto-battle. Pay attention to your character during battle. If you notice that you are taking more damage than usual, it is time for you to manually control your character. You will need to manually dodge skills, use fury attacks, and unleash hero companions in order to emerge victorious.

Grab your gear and march onto the battlefield against the evil Pandora organization! Just stick to our Eternity Guardians tips and tricks and you will conquer all your opponents!