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Eternal Evolution Elite Heroes Tier List: A Complete Ranking of the Elite Units

Welcome to our Eternal Evolution tier list! Eternal Evolution is a gacha team-builder game with combat mechanics similar to Lords Mobile’s heroes-only missions, where you can aim Ultimate Skills manually. This gives you a lot of flexibility with your by-the-second tactical choices, as you are far less likely to get wrecked by your phone’s artificial stupidity when compared to a lot of other similar team-builders. It even comes with the ability to set individual Heroes to Auto or Manual ultimate use, allowing you to micromanage specific Heroes without getting your fingers needlessly overwhelmed by the more spam-happy units!

A few notes about this game: Heroes and enemies in Eternal Evolution tend to have a much higher time-to-kill compared to a lot of team builders, and as such healers are a tad less impressive here than in other games. That’s because if the healers are made any better than they are now, the game might turn into a grinding slog!

eternal evolution tier guide

That being said, they are still great ways to prolong the survival of your team, and it helps that despite the game making it fairly obvious who’s strong (If they’re marked Elite and SSS at the same time, they’re probably on the higher echelons of this list!), even the lower tier units on this list are at least viable for PVE work when used properly.

Also, aiming manually will let any unit go above and beyond what you’d expect of them when used wisely. Finally, we listed only the Elite units here since Commons and Rares are mostly used to feed Elites and Evolve them: Commons and Rares not only have a drastically lower max level, but they also lack Talents and have fewer Skills than Elites. With that out of the way, here’s our Eternal Evolution tier list. Enjoy!

X Tier – Crablike Perfection

Sorvaley, Luke, Prigor, Ravenna, Guan Yu, Hercules, Azena, Emma, Nadilus, Aniruddha, Rickert, Anpu, Zaida, Crete, Botta

Everything evolves into crabs, and at least in terms of power, these heroes are the ones closest to attaining that sacred goal. They are generally quite powerful or do something that will make your life a heck of a lot easier. Or at least, they give the enemy a giant headache!


Summoner, Healer, Light Tank, Heal Slower

sorvaley eternal evolution

Sorvaley has a rather weird stat line thanks to the requirements for her Skills to be effective, which thankfully works in her favor. Unlike most summoners, her HP stat hits the 200k mark (More than some crowd control tanks!) while still maintaining the typical high-tier summoner ATK of 3k and DEF of 1k.

She needs that HP because her Ult is a lifedrain attack that spreads healing across the entire team while dealing a tiny percentage of her abnormally chunky HP pool’s worth of damage over time to a wide area. It can also imprison enemies with a 50% chance boosted with Accuracy when Talented. Sorvaley’s summons are fairly weak but appear in a relatively large number:  The Deer Spirits summoned by her first Common Skill have  55-75% of her ATK and DEF, and only 12-16% of her HP, but can max out in a group of 4.

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Her other Common Skill inflicts 16-22% of her max HP as damage and can reduce the healing her target receives by 60% for 4 seconds. Her passive is rather unreliable until it gets its Talent: It has a 7-10% chance to summon a Deer Spirit when any ally that isn’t a Deer Spirit dies. The Talent for this allows her Skills to have a similar chance of summoning a deer too. This passive works best with another spammy summoner, especially Anpu since his undead cannon fodder constantly explode in droves and he allows Sorvaley to throw more Deer Spirits at the enemy afterward.


True Damage, AOE Attacker

luke eternal evolution

Quite possibly the most deadly AOE attacker in the game, Luke’s attack stat is at a crazy 8000+, and his Skills are deceptively simple except for one caveat: They all stack the Night Curse debuff, which reduces defense by 5% each and go up to 3. It’s when Luke gets his Ult Talent that he gets put high into this list’s stratosphere: The ult Talent makes it so instead of just a measly 15% defense reduction, 3 stacks of Night Curse on a target causes all of Luke’s Skills to deal True Damage to the victim, bypassing all forms of defense and damage reduction!

His passive also lets him charge up energy every time he hits multiple enemies with his Skills, allowing him to stack Night Curse faster and make his high area damage more consistent. Other than that, his Skills are actually fairly standard: His ult is an AOE attack involving a swarm of crows, and he’s got another AOE explosive attack as a Common Skill and a sweeping crescent beam attack as the other Common Skill. Aim Luke’s Ultimates to hit as many enemies as it can in one go so his energy charges faster and he can keep firing and stacking Night Curse.


Linear Multihit Attacker, Offensive Support

prigor eternal evolution

Usually, the writer would decry any Skill that deals reduced damage upon hitting the same enemy multiple times as punishing people for being smart and aiming well. But with Prigor, it’s probably so she doesn’t just shred everything in one go. Her Skillset is made for one job only: Spamming bullet feathers as hard as she can! 

Her Ultimate throws out five Featherblades in a line that cut through multiple enemies. If multiple Featherblades hit the same target, the ones after the first hit have their damage cut in half, so at least the damage percentages are pretty good for a linear attack at 260-380% with her 7k ATK stat.

When Talented, this Ult refreshes her Featherblade Reap Common Skill, which passively allows basic attacks or her Ult to stick Featherblades into the enemy, and when activated, pulls the feathers back in to shred enemies along their direction of travel.

Pair that with her other Common Skill which is a simple but thick attack speed boost of 190-270 for 8 seconds and affects her rowmate when Talented, and that’s a lot of feathers flying around. Her passive also lets her basic attacks split into 2 more enemies (3 when Talented) when they crit, adding yet more feathers for Feather Reap. Auto or Manual doesn’t matter much since she’ll be spamming indiscriminately anyway.


Common Skill Spammer, AOE Attack, Multihit Attack

ravenna eternal evolution

Ravenna is a weird one, as her Ult is less an ult and more an enabler for her Common Skills. When she fires off her Ultimate, she fires off her Common Skills: Incendiary grenade is fired once, doing the stacking Wound debuff’s damage over time in a 2-meter radius along with the initial burst of damage. Its Talent makes its explosion 1m wider and makes the damage over time hit harder.

Her ult also lets off 2 instances of Frenzied Shooting, essentially Ravenna firing her rotary gun in a cone toward her target. It deals an extra 110% damage to Wounded or DEF-reduced enemies, which is good since her Ult fires the Incendiary Grenade off first.

Her passive increases her Skill’s damage by 2-3.5% every time she fires a Skill, and 0.3-0.6% every time a teammate casts a Skill. The Talent for this enables Skill spam even harder, making it so she gains double Skill damage when teammates cast their Skill. At this rate, you might as well set her to Auto to make her attacks thematically appropriate, and pair her with Rez for a good laugh.

Guan Yu

Linear Attack, Tank, DEF-Based Attack

guan yu eternal evolution

If you know your ancient Chinese history, Guan Yu’s name should ring alarm bells in your head if they pop up on the enemy team. Guan Yu has an offense power rating matching that of true offensive units while having the stat line of a dedicated tank. Their ultimate Skill’s damage starts at 1000% of their DEF stat and only goes up from there as he levels up.

To add even more hurt, it gains a Talent that lets it deal extra damage to bleeding enemies, and all of his strikes inflict Bleed once his passive is unlocked. His Common Skills are mostly AOE attacks that shunt enemies around and make him tougher. If you have Guan Yu, put him in front so his majestic electrical-cable beard can strike fear into the enemy.



hercules eternal evolution

Hercules is as pure a tank as one can get: His only offensive Skill has poor damage and only exists to trigger a stacking DEF buff Talent to make his already hulking self even more unkillable. Everything else is to make him and his buddies harder to kill.

He can summon a shield for the entire team: The percentage looks small at 1.5-5.6%, but his HP pool is so thick that going through that shield would be like going through molasses, at least by the standards of this game.

His passive makes it so he gets a DEF buff of 20-26% once the shield goes out. Herc’s ult lets him link to a friend to take 70% of incoming damage for the aforementioned friend and gives himself a shield worth 300-420% of their teammate’s ATK stat. If everyone is dead, he just shields himself using his own rather anemic ATK stat.

The Talent for the ult lets Herc take all the damage, and buff the ally by 2% of Herc’s own DEF after the link is gone. If you’re having a hard time keeping a certain attacker on your team alive, set Herc to manual so you can point his bulky bod where it’s needed the most.


DPS, Single Target Sniper, Light Support

azena eternal evolution

A deathray-toting lady with a really nice hat, Azena has an utterly bonkers attack stat of 7052 at max and has an ultimate that throws 6 shots each worth roughly twice that kind of damage at a single unfortunate idiot. And its Talent lets it dump another 1000% of her ATK at the target just to be sure.

Her other Skills tend to be more supportive: She can buff the team’s ATK, she can tell one of her cannons to fire at her teammate’s target to help out, and she can buff her own attacks. We suggest manually aiming her Ult so you can delete specific threats on the board.


Stun, Multihit Attack, Multipurpose DPS

emma eternal evolution

If Azena is a big gun with lots of supportive Skills, Emma is just more gun. Eschewing any form of support ability for teammates, everything Emma does from her Ult to her Passive is to cause hurt, which is helped by her having the exact same over-bloated high- ATK stat line of Azena.

Her ult is similar to Azena’s, a single target barrage of shots that go well with her horrifying ATK stat, but this time Emma trades a powerful Talent final blow (Emma’s Talent only deals half the damage Azena’s does) for a regular Skill that hits twice as often for a rather close amount of damage per blow.

It’s with Emma’s other Skills where the two diverge: Her Common Skills involve planting bombs with high burst damage on enemies, and a self-buff that grants her basic attacks roughly 200% damage but also has a Talent that raises attack speed by 250, though she can’t crit while the Skill is active. As the cherry on top, her passive gives her basic strikes a 16-22% chance to stun based on Skill level. Absolutely murderous.


Multihit Attack, Single Target Burst Damage, Offensive Support

nadilus eternal evolution

Nadilus can best be described as an electrical woodchipper. Both his offensive Skills are multihit attacks beefed up by his passive, his self-buffing Skill, and his completely insane ATK stat of 8056. His ult hits a target 8 times, 4 times with 88-117% ATK damage per hit, and another 4 times with 75% ATK damage per hit.

His ult Talent throws in a 200% ATK finisher, which gets pointed at either his initial target or if that guy died beforehand, then whoever on the enemy team is closest to dying. His offensive Common Skill is a 6-hit ball of lightning whose first hit deals 15-53% damage and 40% on the later hits, and its Talent makes the 6th hit a guaranteed crit and boosts its damage by 25%.

He’s also a pretty friendly guy: His buffing Common Skill gives himself and the guy in the same row as him a 15-22% crit chance boost. Killing Nadilus’ teammate or leaving him alone in his lane only makes him upset, causing him to apply whatever crit boost should have gone to his dead buddy to himself, doubling the boost! His passive also makes it so anyone casting an Ult or throwing a crit gets a 20-27% ATK boost from him, and with the Talent unlocked, a 5% crit chance boost. Generally a good choice for dealing damage.


Vortex Attack, AOE Damage Over Time

aniruddha eternal evolution

Ah yes, the perpetual Auto-user’s best friend. Aniruddha’s stats look rather sickly for an SSS character and is more in line with some of the weaker Elites, at least in terms of raw numbers. He makes up for it with his high-utility ultimate: A black hole that sucks enemies into it and crams them together, making them horribly vulnerable to AOEs, especially those with small or narrow effect areas but high damage.

His other Skills are damage over time attacks, with a single target Mind Corruption debuff and another Skill that acts similarly to Irradiate from Starcraft, in that it hits a single target but everything that comes too close to that target starts losing HP. This pairs well with his Ult since everyone will be forced to ignore social distancing protocols in his black hole vortex.

His passive also increases Mind Corruption’s debuff damage by 2-2.7% for every point of Accuracy he has. Use Aniruddha on auto or time his vortexes to always coincide perfectly with everyone else’s AOE and linear attacks. He’ll never get high damage numbers, but that’s because he helps everybody else get it for him!


Single Target Assassin, Supportive Attack

rickert eternal evolution

Rickert is a very direct assassin unit, best used manually as a delete button for enemies. His ultimate teleports him behind the target you pick, so he can cut them up with a 4-hit 320-480% ATK damage Skill (Totalling roughly 1200% damage!), drawing from his very tasty 7000+ ATK stat. The Talent for his ultimate works with one of his other Skills: He drinks up all the Swordsouls he gave to his fellow Assassin units, healing himself and letting him strike one more time for every 3 he guzzles down.

The Swordsouls come from his Swordsoul Common Skill, which lets him give a Swordsoul to fellow Assasin class teammates, which helps them out by slashing for 40-60% damage whenever said teammates attack. The Talent for this is quite hilarious: He gets half the crit rate of any teammate with a Swordsoul! His other Common Skill is just an untargetable mini version of his ult, a single teleport slash worth 740-980% damage.

His passive lets him heal every time he absorbs a Swordsoul with his ultimate makes him immune to all damage when taking a lethal hit, and teleports him to a random Assassin teammate to drink all their Swordsouls for a heal. This can happen two times. Give Rickert some crit-happy Assassin buddies to make the most of him, and aim his Ult at whoever ails you the most.


Summoner, Enables Kamikazes

anpu eternal evolution

Anpu is a summoner who cares very little for the undead hordes they raise from the depths. In fact, he cares so little for them that his summoning Skill is a Common Skill rather than his ult, and his ult blows up all his summons on the field! His summons have a 50% chance to stun, boosted by his Accuracy stat when exploding in the enemy’s comfort zone.

On top of this is the attack of the ult itself, a 480% damage Skill with a whopping 8m radius. The downside of all this fun? Anpu can’t crit, full stop. The Talent for this adds to the fun: Every time he casts his ult, his summoning Common Skill gets refreshed so he can send out more mooks! He also has a passive that gives allies and mooks an 80% chance to explode when dying, causing damage to the enemy.

Anyone dying on the field, whether enemies, allies, or mooks, boosts his ATK by 2-5%, stacking up to 10 times for a total of 20-50%. Considering he blows up his own mooks to attack, that’s a lot of death-based buffs. You might as well set him to auto since his AOE radius is so hilariously wide, even the silly auto-aim can’t miss anyone!


HP Tank, Shield Tank, Crowd Control

zaida eternal evolution

An HP tank much like Hercules with an unusually high (but still unimpressive) ATK stat of 2896, Zaida’s real draw is her shield that draws from her gigantic 311k HP pool. Her Tide Blessing Common Skill summons a shield worth 5.5-7.5% of her max HP for 6 seconds, healing her for 2% HP when it expires if the Talent is unlocked.

Looks like one of the devs mixed up their Commons and Passives, since she has a “Common Skill” which passively lets her gain increasing damage reduction (1.3- 1.6% stacking up to 5 times, 7 times with the Talent) every 4 hits she deals out, and a “Passive” that actively deals 240-300% ATK in an AOE while knocking enemies down. Her ult is not particularly special and exists mostly to trigger her shield:

A 3-stab attack worth 90-130% ATK per stab, with her Talent dropping a 120% ATK finisher afterward. It deals more damage than tanks usually do, but it still isn’t much, and the fact it triggers her shield and allows that shield to stun enemies upon expiring is the real reason to use her Ult. Generally, a good frontliner since while she can’t buff teammates to protect them, she can simply do the same job by keeping the enemies from attacking entirely!


Tank, AOE Damage, DEF Reduction, Knockback

crete eternal evolution

Crete’s mixture of incredibly dense DEF and abnormally high percentages on his AOE Skills make for a fun and violent time. His ultimate is as basic as it comes: A hammer blow worth 460-620% of his DEF in a circular area, which reduces enemy DEF by 15% when Talented. These high percentages make good use of his 3k defense, which is pretty rare even among tanks.

In fact, all of Crete’s offensive Skills are some form of area damage, with another AOE swing and a linear charge that knocks enemies out of Crete’s way. This works great with his passive, which stacks some DEF and DMG Reduction for every enemy in the field, and has a Talent that lets it stack a 2% DMG bonus (maxing out at 20%) for every enemy plowed by Crete’s various area Skills. Crete’s only real weakness is a lack of Stuns compared to most other tanks, but he makes up for it in damage and he still has his Knockback charge.


Burst Healer, Shield Generator

botta eternal evolution

The only healer with a powerful burst heal, Botta can only heal one target at a time with her ult but for a much larger amount than everyone else, and she has the more typical low-percentage area heals every other medic has as a Common Skill. Botta can heal a target ally for 22% of her roughly 150k max HP, with the heal going up to 50% of Botta’s HP when the target is down to half their health.

The Talent is a bit dangerous but can be useful: It pulls enemies in a 3m radius toward whoever just got healed. This might get Botta’s patient in trouble but can also make enemies highly vulnerable to AOE attacks. Botta’s Common Skills include her healing whoever is closest to dying by 5-9% of her max HP, and an area heal worth 2.4-3.3% of her max HP with a 15% damage boost for all her patients.

She also sets up a Fountain of Life at the start of battle if her passive is unlocked, which charges up every time Botta fires up a Skill. When charged up, the Fountain gives the allied hero closest to death a shield worth 40-55% of her max HP and 300 energy for their Ult.

This only happens once, and the shield is boosted by another 30% with the Skill’s Talent. Overall, Botta is probably the best healer in the entire game. Set her to Manual so you can save whoever needs saving most.

Na Feng

Support Tank

na feng eternal evolution

For Na Feng, his ultimate Skill is the least special of his kit, as this guy is closer to a defensive support tank than anything else. The ultimate is a simple AOE attack with an ATK-reducing Talent. Now Na Feng’s Common Skills are where he truly shines: Na Feng’s Unwavering Roar is another AOE attack within a 2m radius (3m when Talented) around him, but it also gives a hefty 20% DMG Reduction buff to any allies caught in it.

Na Feng’s other Common Skill, Spiritual Command, is to give whoever has the highest ATK between your team’s Vanguard-class units a non-stacking banana that raises their ATK and DEF by 16%. With its Talent, the whole team’s Vanguards can get the DEF boost whenever they use one of their own displacement Skills.

Na Feng also passively buffs his own DMG Reduction by 26-32% whenever he buffs someone else. Na Feng may look angry, but he’s a good friend to all your Vanguard buddies and any ally near him in general.

S Tier – True Crustacean

Na Feng, Leo, Moriami, Nagrama, Masrani, Hyupnos, Skooer & Hatty, Omar, Daniel, Rez, Bailey Hudson, Zander, Bohr

Almost at the pinnacle of evolution, these heroes are often quite useful and you’ll find them deployed in conjunction with units from the X-tier to round out the team’s capabilities. After all, some of the heroes here, while generally not as busted as the ones in X-tier, might fill a role for your plan better than some of the units up top.


Multihit AOE Attacker, Berserker

leo eternal evolution

Leo is a fighter who’s special not because of their ultimate and offensive Skills, but the 2 passives that keep those Skills going strong under the hood. Leo’s ultimate is him spinning his sword around like a tornado while menacingly moving toward his target, dealing a max of 3 instances of damage worth 240-360%  of his roughly 3.6k ATK to anyone in the way, with a 35% lifesteal when Talented.

His Common Skill attack is a simple AOE roar that deals area damage and increases the enemy’s damage taken by 10-15% for 5-8 seconds depending on whether or not it’s Talented. Now for the good bit, Leo has 2 passives: His first passive starts him off with an ATK boost worth 1.5% of his roughly 200k max HP, and it increases by 1-1.3% for every 1% of HP he loses. Initially, this only works until his HP drops to 30%, but with the Skill’s Talent, the limit is removed. 

Leo’s other passive boosts his damage reduction by 3-6%, and makes him immortal for 3 seconds after taking lethal damage, but only once. When Talented, it also heals Leo for 15% of their max HP, allowing healers to potentially help him recover during the 3-second invincibility window. All in all, a pretty strong fighter.


AOE Attacker, Damage Link, True Damage, DPS

moriami eternal evolution

Moriami’s one weird ranger, possessing 3 relatively simple Skills and one which is hilariously complicated, but essentially boils down to a 3-target strike waiting to happen.  Let’s get the complicated stuff out of the way: Her second Common Skill, Chaos Seed, works in conjunction with her Ult and her first Common Skill, Lethal Connection.

She plants a Chaos Seed on anyone hit by Lethal Connection, which absorbs energy from your team’s attacks. If the enemy takes 6 hits while they’re seeded, a Chaos Flower blooms from the seed, and can transfer to another foe should the seeded target die early. If she manages to bloom 3 flowers, the flowers explode and deal 270-360% damage to the hosts. 

The Talent for this has nothing to do with the Skill, turning all of Moriami’s basic attacks into multishot attacks that hit for 72% ATK to 3 targets. As for Lethal Connection itself, it’s a 3-target strike that deals 90- 130% ATK and links them so if one of them eats a basic attack, 5% (8% if Talented) of the damage is turned into True Damage, and thrown at the other two guys in the chain.

Considering Moriami’s 7k attack stat, that can really add up. Her ultimate boosts her attack speed to its max while throwing out 5-9 basic attacks at a target of your choosing. It turns much nastier with its Talent, which lets it turn all Chaos Seeds in the field into Chaos Flowers without waiting for 6 attacks per target. Use her on Manual to snipe enemies down and give them a dose of flower power.


Linear Attacker, AOE Attacker

nagrama eternal evolution

Nagrama is a fairly standard AOE attacker, but with his fairly good stats, that’s far from being a bad thing. His ultimate is easy to understand: His mount fires a linear frosty deathray that hits for 70-110% of his 5882 ATK per second for 6 seconds. When Talented, the deathray gets longer by 1m and powers up with another 120% ATK after 3 seconds, while stacking Frostmark.

Speaking of Frostmark, Nagrama’s passive lets him stack Frostmarks on the enemy any time he deals damage with a Skill, with 4 stacks causing them to explode for 130-175% damage. His Common Skills are fairly standard AOE attacks, with the first one trapping enemies in an Ice Prison for 90-130% damage and causing anyone dumb enough to use Skills in the prison to take an extra 50% damage.

The second one is a basic ice slam that hits for 90-120% damage twice, hits once more for 80% damage, and gets a half-meter extra AOE when Talented. Overall, good stuff, just make sure you aim that laser well.


Healer, Shield Generator

masrani eternal evolution

Masrani is a learned man, and it shows in how he uses his various healing Skills. His Ultimate heals for 7-11% of his own max HP in an area and heals an extra 2% over time when Talented. While those percentages don’t look so good when compared to other healers in other games, it’s pretty high here in Eternal Evolution especially considering it’s an area heal. He also has a Common heal worth 2-6% of his max HP along with a tiny 9% ATK buff for the whole team.

His other Common Skill fires up a shield at the start of the fight and every 12 seconds afterward for 2 backliners or high-ATK allies worth 3-6% of his max HP. His passive also lets any of his healing slap a 6-10% damage reduction buff on whoever got healed too. If you’ve got Masrani, use him as your healer! Strong healers are rather rare in Eternal Evolution, so this guy’s a real gem.


Disabler, Crowd Control

hyupnos eternal evolution

Support, ha! Hyupnos mostly relies on making the enemy hit themselves to death rather than doing boring Support stuff like “healing” or “being a friendly teammate”. Hyupnos’ ult causes an enemy to be unable to do anything for 3 seconds, all the while taking 200-280% damage from Hyupnos’ admittedly wimpy Support-class ATK stat. You can use this to delay an enemy’s Skill or just to be really annoying in general.

The Talent makes this incredibly dangerous, since it gives it a small area of effect around the target, suppressing all enemy action in the AOE zone. Hyup’s Common Skill causes more crowd control shenanigans, targeting an area and causing any enemy who uses their Skills in that zone to get stunned and damaged.

And they get stunned and damaged again once Hyup’s done channeling that Skill. His other Common Skill deals Hyup’s usual lackluster damage to 1 enemy (2 targets but with halved damage if it’s Talented) but also increases the damage the target takes from everyone else on your team by 20%.

Hyup’s passive also makes it so anyone getting hit 3 seconds after eating one of their debuffs takes some damage, along with 1-2.5% damage based on the victim’s max HP. What a jerk!

Skooer & Hatty

Summoner, Dual Fighter

skooer and hatty eternal evolution

Skooer and Hatty might be the most complicated pair of summoners in the game. The ult passively summons Hatty into the middle of the battlefield as a melee fighter while Skooer shoots at whoever Hatty is currently chopping to pieces. If one of them dies, both of them die. The actual useable non-passive part of their Ult is Hatty teleporting to an area you pick to swing her sickle in a wide circle for 640-880% of their rather good 5046 ATK stat.

All their Common Skills are two-parters, one for each character: Windchaser and Heartseeker Ritual has Skooer boost her own attack speed by 350-550, and Hatty’s crit rate and crit damage by 28-44% and 21-30% respectively. Soulseeker Chant and Death Dance allow Skooer to boost everyone’s ATK and DEF a small amount up to 3 stacks and Hatty to deal a 4-hit strike to her target every 3 crits she pulls off.

Soulseeker Chant also permanently boosts Hatty’s Crit Rate every time it is cast, and it stacks all the way to 30%, and the Talent allows Skooer to do it with Hatty’s Crit Damage too. Not the easiest characters to figure out build-wise, but the pair of them can cause some real problems for the enemy.


Area Attacker, Multihit Attacker

omar eternal evolution

Omar, the near-pinnacle of evolution, an almost perfect mixture of gun and crustacean. All he needs is to shed his lobster-like form and become one with true crabdom. Jokes about everything evolving into crabs aside though, Omar truly is a reliable choice for dealing damage as long as you’re willing to aim your attacks properly. This big, beautiful mechanical murder lobster from hell has a bevy of AOE attacks and can put up an offensive Burn shield to deter enemies from attacking them.

Still not recommended for front work though. Their ability to fire off a multihit AOE strike as their ultimate means they are very useful for 2 out of the 3 Lost Valley bosses: Omar’s AOE counters Cinsaroros’ mook spam, and the multiple hits from the same attack break through Sera Sion’s hit shield rather quickly. Guardian Argo on the other hand shrugs off anyone who isn’t within strangling range, even Omar.

Omar also eventually gets a Talent that allows his Ultimate to hit harder if it hits fewer targets, increasing his usefulness against heavy targets and making him more viable for Auto use if there aren’t many enemies on the board. All in all, a nice, safe choice that is also available to players very early on.



daniel eternal evolution

Daniel is a pretty dangerous summoner since he can summon not just with his Ult, but also with his Common Skills. He can summon one different unit per Skill he has, and those 3 summons each come with their own Skills. Those Skills activate if they’re in the field but Daniel’s summoning Skills are ready to pop. As for Daniel’s Ult, it summons a Dire Bear that drops into the enemy with a stun.

Afterward, it emits EM pulses in a 2-meter radius around the Dire Bear that not only do damage but cause other summoned units to deal extra damage to enemies inflicted by the pulse. A summoner who is both worth using Auto as well as aiming!


Support, Skill Spam Enabler

rez eternal evolution

Rez’s specialty is energy management and supporting teammates. Not only does he have a Common Skill that depletes energy from the enemy, but his Ult also allows other teammates to spam their own Ults since he gives them his own energy in the form of a Stimulant. The lowest it can cost is 500 energy to refill a teammate, and it gets more expensive the more depleted the teammate’s energy bar is, though the lower limit cost can be reduced by leveling the Ult up.

It also has a Talent that lets it boost the refilled teammate’s attack by 25%, making that cast of theirs hurt more! Since the Skill boosts ATK, you’ll want Rez to be in the same lane as your main damage dealer, since he targets whoever’s in the same lane as him when on Auto. Otherwise, aim his Skill at whoever needs it the most.

Bailey Hudson

Lifesteal, Single Target Attack

bailey hudson eternal evolution

A dangerous crit spammer whose main draw is less their ultimate and more their hilarious passive, Bailey Hudson is unusually hard to kill considering he’s a damage dealer with an ATK stat so high it comes at the expense of his DEF. His Ult is an area attack that renders him immune to any debuffs or attacks the enemy can throw in his direction.

As for his Commons and Passive, therein lies his real strength: Dealing crazy crits on single enemies. He can mark enemies to increase the damage they take then teleport behind them, and he can hit them with a high-damage burst attack. As for the passive Skill we keep mentioning, focusing on a single target lets him stack his crit rate and crit damage to 15% and 30% respectively while giving him Lifesteal every time he loses 30% of his HP. Considering his high ATK of around 7000, that’s a lot of life he can steal.


Single Target DPS

zander eternal evolution

An attack-speed focused bird with a pretty high ATK stat of 6717, Zander has a fairly similar use case to Bailey Hudson. Zander’s ultimate is simple yet devastating: He zaps a target for 740-1060% of his nasty ATK stat, and when Talented it grants him 2 stacks of his Electromagnetic Interference passive. Said passive increases his ATK speed by 22-34 per stack based on Skill level, up to a total of 5 stacks, whenever he hits the same target with a basic attack.

It’s practically a self-feeding buff thanks to its 6-second duration per stack and the fact his increasing attack speed just makes the buff easier to maintain as it goes forward as long as he doesn’t switch targets. His other passive makes his basic attack damage go up by 5-8% if his attack speed hits 100, and has a Talent that lets it turn his basic attack into an even bigger zap worth 115% of his ATK if his attack speed reaches 300. Keep Zander focused on one target so he can shock them down.


Tank, Crowd Control, AOE Attacker

bohr eternal evolution

Not to be mistaken for the scientist, Bohr is one of the angriest tanks to ever grace mobile games, with his whole schtick being way too angry to die. While his ATK stat is miserably poor just like with all other tanks, his Ult has some pretty crazy percentages which allow it to at least do some real damage: He gets angrier and bigger, opening his tantrum with a 500-700% ATK AOE strike and giving one of his Common Skills an area of effect should that Common Skill be Talented.

While the ult is active, he redirects damage to his max HP rather than his actual HP should his HP drop below 70%. Considering his HP can hit 300k, that’s a lot of damage the enemy has to do to kill him. When Talented, the ult gives him a permanent 2% damage reduction buff for every 10% HP he loses. The Common Skill his ult can boost is a single target stun that lasts 2-3 seconds.

Pretty standard until it gets Talented and his Ult activates since again, it does area damage and stun in that state. Bohr’s other Common Skill sets up a shield for him worth 10-16% of his massive max HP, though it may get weaker over time as he takes max HP damage. His passive is pretty simple: If his HP ratio is better than 50% (30% when Talented), his DEF increases by 15-21%. Overall, one of the nastier tanks in the game.

A Tier – Almost A Crustacean

Muka, Kar’maw, Senway, Liran, Langel, Artas, Oak, Murphyro, Sorietta, Falvea, Kain, Randall, Orn, Bot Mk II, Taylor

Still quite useable though not on par with the tiers above, these units might be good for spot fillers if you lack S or X units, and they will do their jobs well enough! Some of these guys may be weird in good ways or bad ways, and they’re still viable.


Summoner, Crit Self-Buff

khalazza eternal evolution

Khalazza is a summoner with a rather good crit passive. He can use his first Common Skill to make one clone at a time which instantly dies on hit and has around half his ATK power, but all of his crit rate, which will come in handy once he gets his passive rolling. The Talent lets him summon a max of 2.

As for his Ult, it summons tougher clones that only take double damage as opposed to dying in one hit and inherits all his stats, and can summon a max of 3. Oh, and Khalazza’s own ATK is boosted by 100%! His other Common Skill sets the enemy on fire, pretty simple.

His passive is what makes his clones so spicy: Every time he fires his basic attack, his crit chance goes up by a small percentage. There is no limit to how high this can stack, so he’ll crit eventually and it only resets when he crits. Pair that with the fact his clones inherit his crit chance and suddenly there’s a bunch of Khalazzas throwing crits at the enemy!


Assault Summoner

muka eternal evolution

Muka is possibly one of the most aggressive summoners in any game to exist, for the sole reason of him being a melee fighter who jumps into the fray with his little wolf buddies. That’s precisely what his ultimate does: Makes him jump into the enemy to claw their face off for 600-800% of his roughly 3k ATK stat while boosting his attack speed by 500, crit rate by 30%, and crit damage by 10% for 7 seconds. 

His wolves are decently strong at 45-65% of Muka’s general stats along with his full crit rate, damage reduction, and whatever damage bonuses he’s got, but he can only call in a maximum of 2 at a time. He can also howl to make the wolves fight more ferociously, boosting their attack speed by 300-450 and their running speed by 1000 for 9 seconds.

When Talented, the howl also motivates Muka to chin up and fight harder, giving him the same boost! He can also passively stack 6% ATK boosts up to 6-9 times for 3 seconds (6 seconds when Talented), and his HP stat gets boosted by 12 for every 1 point he has in his ATK stat. Set him to manual to position him better with his attack and perhaps get him to shred the enemy rear.


Multitarget Attacker, AOE Attacker, Damage Over Time

karmaw eternal evolution

A fairly standard attack unit, Kar’Maw is a pretty simple dragon with simple needs. Usually involving setting things on fire!  Kar’Maw’s ult is best set to Auto because there is really no predicting who it will hit beyond the first target: It’s a bouncing fireball that can go boing 5-7 times, with the Talent for it splitting the ball into 2 balls that each deal 70% of the damage it would have normally done as a single ball, adding up to 140% of the total damage the single ball would have done.

The other attacks are AOE spells, one of them setting the enemy on fire and the other exploding twice if the enemy is already on fire. Kar’maw’s passive lets him stack 4-4.6% ATK up to 5 times whenever he casts a Skill, turning into a Fire Spirit with enhanced attacks and Skills upon the 5th stack. Sit back, relax, set Kar’Maw to Auto, and watch everything burn.


Summoner, AOE Attacker, Self-Heal

senway eternal evolution

Senway and his ninja buddy Shadow make a pretty good team. Senway’s ultimate calls Shadow where you point him to, and he’s got a more directly offensive stat set compared to Senway. In particular, he has some bonuses: a 30% crit rate, 15% DMG, and a nippy 500% attack speed extra. Shadow’s basic attack hits for 180% of Senway’s ATK. Shadow’s got a rather nice Talent: Whenever Shadow attacks, he heals Senway and himself by 30% of his ATK.

Senway’s Common Skills work a bit weird but in the end, they’re basically both some form of AOE attack, though the first one only damages enemies after taking 3% of their max HP in damage from other sources, up to 2 times (3 times when Talented) per cast.

Senway’s passive allows him to open a fight early by starting him off with 350 energy to call Shadow in immediately, while giving himself 4% permanent Skill damage and Shadow 3% ATK every time Senway throws a Skill at the enemy, stacking to 5 times total, 8 if Talented. You might as well use him on Auto since Shadow will pick on whoever Senway’s primary target is anyway.


Healer, Disabler

liran eternal evolution

Liran looks like the weakest Elite healer in the game, but can still be useful to delay death long enough to kill the enemy first since he comes with one unusually powerful disabler and a very good healing passive. This is because his healing relies on his HP pool, which is rather poor compared to a lot of other Elite units at just a tiny bit over 100k flat when the average is about 120-150k while having healing percentages that are standard (ie, they stink!) for other healers.

His ult heals the entire team for 2-4% of his max HP, so just set Liran to Auto: You won’t need to do any aiming at all. Liran also has a Common Skill targeting the front row with 7-10% of his own max HP for healing, which comes with a 12% DEF buff when Talented.

His other Common Skill will zap a random melee bad guy with a piddling 120% ATK damage and a markedly alarming 4-5.5 second stun, in a game where stuns tend to last 1-2 seconds. The Talent also forces the target to take an extra 12% damage from everyone else.

His passive simply heals whoever is closest to dead for .7-1.3% max HP over time as long as Liran is alive. This passive and the stun make him a pretty useful unit to have, despite his poor stats not doing his raw healing power any favors.


Tank, AOE Stun, Late Bloomer

langel eternal evolution

Langel is rather weak without their Talents, but with them can be pretty annoying to deal with, and will do a good job protecting teammates thanks to their taunt. Most of their Skills need their Talents to be effective: The ult is a DEF buff followed by an AOE attack with damage based on DEF.

Well designed since the DEF buff acts as an impromptu boost to damage, but it still won’t be hitting as hard as a dedicated attacker’s strike. They also have a similar working roaring attack, dealing AOE damage based on DEF.

The other Skill is an AOE wave attack based on DEF which penetrates multiple foes. Their passive simply boosts DEF. Not very good, but they suddenly become incredibly useful with Langel’s Talents unlocked: The ult and the first Common Skill gain a stun, the second Common Skill turns into a taunt if it hits only one target, and the passive lets him take less damage vs ranged attacks. Langel thus needs investment to be a good tank, but afterward suddenly becomes very useful.


General Purpose Frontliner

artas eternal evolution

Artas is one of the weirder frontliners, not dedicating themselves to being a tank or a damage dealer by using a high DEF stat of 2000+ and attacks with very high percentages based on DEF. His Ultimate calls an enemy out for a fight, causing Artas to focus solely on them after slapping them with a 640-960% DEF-based damage attack.

The victim also gets the Vengeance debuff, reducing their Damage Reduction stat as their HP goes further and further down. He also slaps for 470-710% of his DEF every 3 basic attacks, gaining Lifesteal when Talented, and Artas is down to half HP.

His other Common Skill is simple, he just jumps onto an enemy to cut them for 375-500% DEF-based damage and boosts his attack speed by a completely maniacal 1500 for the next 4 basic swings, which usually ends with his first Common Skill.

His passive simply makes the Vengeance debuff better overall when unlocked. If unsure whether you want a tank or fighter up front, Artas could be a good choice, since his stats say tank but his Skills say fighter.


Tank, Crowd Control

oak eternal evolution

Oak is a tank through and through, though he’s a much more selfish tank than Hercules despite them both having similar HP-based stat lines. His ult gives him 15% DMG Reduction as a buff for 6 seconds and changes his basic attack into a slow, wide Heavy Cleave which deals 100-180% of his rather low ATK every 2 seconds, though its Talent lets it knock people on their butts with a 60% chance per blow.

It’s his Common Skill, Heavy Armor, that gets a lot of laughs: For 6 seconds, he boosts his ludicrous roughly 300k max HP by 3% and makes it so anyone attacking him during that time has a 40% chance to get stunned, though with a cooldown of 6 seconds.

This also activates during his Ult. His other Common Skill is a wave slash pointed at random ranged enemies that plow through anything in the way for lackluster damage but with a 60% chance to knock enemies down with the Talent unlocked.

His passive gives him 1-1.3% max HP every time he uses his Ult while giving him a 2-second immunity window before dying. You’ll use him less to tank and more to keep the enemy seated on the floor.


Multipurpose Attacker

murphyro eternal evolution

Murphyro’s ultimate may be a one-target attack, but most of his other Skills involve hitting multiple enemies at once. His ultimate hits a target twice with an icy strike, dealing 185-220% of his ATK and hitting a third time if the Talent for it is unlocked.

His Common Skills are for multiple targets, one of them being a bouncing attack that hits 4 targets total (5 with the Talent) and the other a straightforward AOE ice blast. He might as well have 12-16.5% extra ATK, since he gets a passive that raises his ATK every 5 seconds by 2.4-3.3%, stacking up to 5 times. It’s pretty easy to make matches last 25 seconds since Eternal Evolution’s time-to-kill for everyone is on the high side.


Single Target Attacker, Contact Mines

sorietta eternal evolution

One of the earlier Elites you can get thanks to newbie Events, Sorietta is a multi-hitter built around a special mechanic. Their Skills revolve around the little Psionic Spheres their Implosion Common Skill generates: Their ult throws the spheres at a single target, their cone-AOE Common Skill scatters the spheres around to deal damage to a wider area than the cone does, and their passive allows the spheres, which linger around the battlefield, to deal damage just by touching enemies.

Sorietta has a minimum of 3 spheres orbiting them at all times, so they always have some way to use their Ult. Sorietta is useful on anything with a hit shield and can be set to auto to shoot whoever they want, or manual to snipe specific targets down.


Multipurpose Attacker

falvea eternal evolution

One could call Falvea Omar but a tad on the tinier side, immediately having the kind of ability Omar has to wait for his Talents for, but having a lower power than Omar overall. Her ultimate is a pretty decent one, you pick an area, and all the enemies in it get barraged by 5 lasers total, hitting up to 5 targets at once.

It can instead be pointed at a single target if nobody else is in the attack area you picked, and that target will eat all 5 lasers. Relatively similar to Omar’s ultimate after he gets his Talent, but not quite as devastating.

This laser barrage has a pretty good Talent of its own though, a cluster laser that deals 350% damage to all enemies. Her Common Skills involve an AOE attack and a 2-shot burst from her normal attacks, which can trigger her passive by increasing the damage of her Skills by 2% up to 30%.


Glass Cannon, AOE Attacker, Self-Buffer

kain eternal evolution

Having the typically pitiful defense stat of 599 for most of the heavy damage dealers, Kain might need some help staying alive if he gets flanked or targeted, but when kept away from trouble he can cause a lot of it himself to the enemy.

All his Skills and even his Ult are some form or other of AOE attack, which works well with his simple but rather nasty passive: Every time he hits someone, he boosts his own ATK by 0.8-1.1% depending on the passive’s level, stacking up to 20 times for a total of 16-22%.

His constant barrage of AOEs means he can keep that stack up consistently, which can be devastating when paired with his concerningly high ATK stat. Usually, we advocate for the efficient aiming of AOE attacks, but perhaps using him on Auto to keep the passive stack up without slowing down might be a good idea.


Assassin, Teleporter

randall eternal evolution

Having the exact same stat line as Kain but focusing on the opposite job, Randall oddly enough has more survivability thanks to his ability to zip around and away from people trying to kill him. Randall needs it because Kain has a gun and he doesn’t! Randall is a melee backstabber whose ult involves calling in a bunch of shadow clones to do anime dashy stabs on a single hapless target.

At first, this is a single-target attack, but the Ult’s Talent lets it do a bit of happy collateral damage by making the clones do some hurt against any enemy they pass through when doing the anime dash slashes, though not as much as what they’ll do to the main target. The shadows he summons let him zip around when picking targets, and can copy his Skills.


Area Attacker, Crit Reliant, Self-Buffer, Common Skill Spammer

orn eternal evolution

The robotic Orn likes explosions, and that shows in their arsenal of Skills: Their ultimate is a missile barrage, they have a cone-AOE Common Skill with explosive knockback, and they have both a Skill and a Talent that lets them cover the enemy’s walking space with seeker mines.

Their passive allows them to boost their own ATK by a heavy 40-51% every time they fire off three Skills, and that Skill’s Talent allows them to plant a mine while doing it, on top of their other Skill which is already dedicated to planting mines.

Oh, and the mines give chase if nobody steps on them after a bit. Make sure to aim Orn’s Ultimate to hit as many enemies as possible, and perhaps place them from the mid to the back once they get their ultimate’s range Talent upgrades.

Bot Mk II

Multihit Attacker, DPS, Crit Reliant

bot mark ii eternal evolution

A more specialized single-target damage dealer than Omar, Bot Mk II eschews area-of-effect bombs for rapid-fire damage and the ability to reduce enemy defense. Whenever Bot Mk II pulls a crit, there’s a 60% chance the enemy’s DEF gets reduced for 6 seconds. With Bot’s rapid-fire shots, this can stack up to 8 times for 32%, and the chance to reduce defense on crit increases as the Skill levels up.

As for their ultimate, it’s pretty simple: You aim a barrage of bullets at the enemy. The shots don’t pierce, but if there are no enemies on the path you picked, Bot simply aims the gun on their own. This makes Bot a good choice for Auto, though you might also want them on Manual for sniping work.


Crit Reliant, DPS

taylor eternal evolution

Taylor is so reliant on Crits that his ultimate is a self-buff that lets him crit more and hit harder. Specifically, it gives him a 15-24% Crit rate boost and a 28-48% ATK buff while letting him move around the battlefield and changing his target priority to anyone hit by his other Skill, Tiger Flame Arrow.

That Common Skill reduces the target’s crit damage reduction stat by 20% while dealing 317-412% ATK damage. His other Skill shoots a barrage of 4 Fire Spirit arrows at the enemy worth 138-188% ATK and prioritizes enemies debuffed by Tiger Flames.

The Talent for Fire Spirit Arrows makes it more spammable, activating it whenever the Ult fires while cutting its cooldown from 9 seconds to 4 seconds as long as the ult is active. Set him to auto to keep himself buffed and let him pick his own targets.

B Tier – Not A Crustacean

Serena, Poluno, Oisa, Khalazza, Kuite, Rakkana

At least these guys aren’t the unlisted Commons and Rares! These units are often just useable but may suffer from one or two nagging flaws that stop them from reaching hallowed crabhood. If you have to use them, it at least helps to know what they can do.


Healer, Buffer, AOE Attack

serena eternal evolution

Serena is mostly used less for her healing and more for her DEF buffs. Her healing Skills are par-for-the-course when it comes to healers in this game: Small percentages meant more to slow incoming damage than deny it entirely, usually pointed at whoever is closest to being dead.

Pair that healing with her massive DEF buffing Skill of 30-39% though, and her pocket’s not gonna die anytime soon, but she isn’t going to clutch a match that’s going badly either. The Talent for this Common Skill lets it be cast on two targets, further making your team a pain in the butt to kill. Her Common healing Skill can also deal damage if it has its Talent unlocked.


Multitarget Attacker

poluno eternal evolution

This guy clearly didn’t learn from Omar’s or Falvea’s example. His ult looks similar in that it drops a crystal into the enemy’s midst, barraging them with lasers from the other crystals summoned by his Common Skill. An AOE multihit attack! Unlike Falvea and Omar though, the lasers do less damage when hitting the same target over and over, rendering it less effective if there are fewer enemies in the area. 

As for how he gets the crystals, he has a Common Skill that summons one crystal to a teammate, prioritizing bulky frontliners with high DEF first. Those crystals add a spicy laser beam with a rectangular AOE to any of that Hero’s basic attacks, but with an 8-5 second cooldown depending on whether or not its Talent is unlocked.

Poluno’s other Common Skill fires a penetrating laser at 2 targets closest to him, damaging any enemy in the way. It has the same problem as his ult, dealing less damage if the lasers hit the same target due to a lack of targets. Thankfully, the passive makes up for the lost damage, since it causes enemies hit by any Skills to take a mark, and at 2 marks, a third Skill hit makes them explode for extra damage. Not bad, not amazing.


Crowd Control, Tank

oisa eternal evolution

Oisa’s main draw isn’t just her bulkiness, but her ability to stun crowds rather reliably. Her ultimate is an AOE attack with a 70% chance to stun, taking damage from her DEF stat rather than her ATK. Its Talent is simple: It increases the AOE by 1m, allowing her to stun even more people. When she stuns people, she gets a 32-44% DMG Reduction buff.

Her Common Skills are what you’d expect for any tank: An offensive wide swing taking its damage from her ATK stat, and a DEF buff for herself worth 70-100% based on the Skill’s level that also makes her immune to crowd control effects. The Talent for that DEF buffing Common Skill also raises the DEF of her row buddy by 20% for 5 seconds. Make sure to aim her stuns where they count.


Tank, AOE Damage

kuite eternal evolution

A tank who mostly protects themself rather than their teammates, Kuite is useable but there are other better options at least in regards to Elite tank units. His ult casts a shield on himself that explodes if its Talent is unlocked.

Rather simple, and thankfully the damage comes from his good DEF stat rather than his abysmal ATK stat. His Common Skills are all some form of AOE attack, one hitting a narrow area and another hitting in a circle.

The circular area attack also comes with a 2-second stun when its Talent is unlocked. Their passive also raises their defense by 6-7.3% every time he casts a Skill, stacking up to 3 times and coming with 2% damage reflection when the Talent is unlocked. All in all, you’re probably bringing him for the extra stun.


Assassin, Backline Infiltrator, Single Target Burst Damage

rakkana eternal evolution

Rakkana is a fairly standard yet enthusiastic backline assassin with a wimpy defensive Common Skill. Rakkana has a Common Skill that immediately pops him into the enemy with the lowest DEF and slaps the target for  450-575% of their roughly 5k ATK. Their other Common Skill is a simple melee attack that hits for 250-340% of ATK.

Their ult allows you to point Rakkana at a specific target so they can ambush them for 550- 650% ATK, and when Talented this deals up to an extra 130% damage based on how low the target’s HP is. If this ult kills a target, they will immediately ambush someone else with their first Common Skill. Their last Skill is a 150-195% DEF buff for 4 seconds.

This sounds amazing until you look at Rakkana’s puny 500+ DEF, and realize this only brings them up to standard numbers compared to everyone else. Of course, you’re not using Rakkana to tank, you’re using them to backstab, so it’s not so bad.

And this is the end of our Eternal Evolution tier list. If you have tips on how to use these heroes effectively, especially the ones lower on the list, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below!