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Eternal Arena Cheats, Tips & Hints for Success in All Game Modes

Eternal Arena bills itself as a cross between action RPGs and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games, and right now it is only available for iOS devices. In this game, you can pick from more than 35 playable characters, play daily missions, and even play in single-player storyline mode. There are also more than 15 play modes, and the all-important option to join a guild. The real fun here, as in other games of this type, is when battling friends and other opponents from other parts of the world.

We should caution you that battles in this game are harder than in most, if you compare Eternal Arena to other RPGs for mobile. Now, if you want to win more frequently, or perform will in other parts of the game, we can help you with that, as we’ve a collection of Eternal Arena tips, cheats and hints for you.

1. Complete All The Achievements

The Achievements tab includes all the goals you can possibly achieve in the game, so you can earn yourself some achievement points and level up in this particular area. You can win diamonds as a reward for gaining an achievement level – diamonds are the game’s premium currency, and can also be earned by three-starring all levels in a chapter.

2. Complete Your Daily Missions

First of all, you should make it a point to play this game at least once a day. And since we’ve established this, you should tap on the Sign button when you’re all ready to play, then tap on the available reward; rewards get better as you play for more consecutive days, so there’s really an incentive for you to play Eternal Arena every day. Playing for more consecutive days, to be specific, gives you a better chance of winning free diamonds or a rare character.

3. Look Out For The Monthly Rewards Too

If you get to play this game for a while, with those daily logins taking place as we explained above, you can also earn some monthly rewards. These include gold, elixir, gems, soulstones, and other rare items you may need to help you as you play this game.

4. Keep Your Equipment At Par With Your Character

In other words, you want your equipment to be leveled up to the same level as your character. That would allow you and your weapon to be in top form, regardless of the mode you’re playing. And if you can’t get equipment leveled up to match your character’s level, keeping it close there would work just fine in most cases.

5. Workarounds For Crafting

Unlike in other RPGs, Eternal Arena doesn’t have a crafting system. But there are some so-called “home remedies” you can try out so you can make your characters even more powerful. One thing you can try is to use your elixir to level up newer heroes that you’ve just unlocked or collected. Remember, though, that heroes can only be leveled up to the same level as you are at the very most. Another thing to try out is to sacrifice five lower-level pieces of equipment that you no longer use nor need; have them “sacrificed” at the forge so you can get a higher-end weapon or piece of armor that would benefit you more.