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Animal Jam Tips, Cheats & Strategies: A Quick, Yet Detailed Guide for All Players

Wildworks’ Animal Jam – Play Wild! allows you to become your favorite animal and join your friends as you explore the in-game world of Jamaa. This is a different, kid-oriented type of MMORPG, as you can get to join a community of players from all over the world, chat with other “animal” friends, learn more about different animals and their habitats, earn gems, shop for different customization items, personalize your animals with those, and decorate your own den.

So far, there are only three available characters in the game, but since this is a very new title, we expect more to come in the near future. For now, here’s a quick list of Animal Jam tips, cheats and strategies that could tell you more than any tutorial could, and help you make your way around Jamaa.

1. Socialize

Ever wonder why MMORPGs are typically among the most popular mobile games, regardless of platform, despite the fact that a lot of them are complicated? The answer is simple – social features make these games much more fun than completing missions or storylines by yourself. Animal Jam will allow you to add friends you actually know in person, or new people you meet in the game.

Another reason why the social element is important is because players tend to befriend those who choose an animal of the same species. As it seems, birds of the same feather DO flock together, or in this case, it’s not uncommon to see wolves traveling in packs. To get the most out of this game, you want to choose the animal your friends have chosen, or befriend those who have chosen the same animal as you have.

2. Be Careful When Chatting With New Friends

While Wildworks does focus on social elements when describing the game’s features, you should also be very, very careful, especially if you’re a younger player, about giving personal information to people you just met through the game. If you’re not comfortable using your real name, that’s okay – in fact, the only option you have is to choose from a list of pre-determined user names.

3. About Your Choice Of Animals

Your choice of animal is important for other reasons beyond the “birds of the same feather” observation we made above. Different animals have different quests and treasure hunts, and speaking of treasure hunts, you’ll only want to take them on when you’re in dire need of in-game money. And that currency can also be used to buy other animals, thus allowing you to play as different characters depending on what you want to do in the game.

4. Understand The Trading Mechanic

Another benefit of being social in Animal Jam is being able to trade with friends, or join these friends’ adventures and games. But focusing on trading, this can be very useful for you, as the in-game store tends to rotate its inventory; it’s not uncommon to save up your coins for a certain item, only to find out that it’s no longer there once you’ve raised the money. As this happens to a lot of players, you can always swap one item you want for something else they want.

5. How To Get More In-Game Currency

You have two types of currency in this game, and curiously, the ordinary currency is gems, while the premium currency is diamonds. You can earn gems for free by playing games and going on treasure hunts, among other activities. Diamonds, unfortunately, can only be purchased with real-life money. That means both these types of currency are fairly hard to earn.

If you want to earn more gems, you will really have to play a lot of games to get a stockpile of them. We would, however, advise you to lay off the diamonds unless the game’s makers come up with a really practical way to use them – otherwise, they’re mainly there to help you bypass the wait times and provide a shortcut alternative to playing a ton of games. Not exactly what you’d want to spend your premium currency on.

6. Some Games Will Favor One Animal Over The Other

Now, here’s another benefit to owning more than one animal – some games do favor one animal based on their skills and traits. One example is the Falling Phantoms game, which favors rabbits due to their small size and quickness. You want to be fast and elusive when trying to avoid the Phantoms in this game, so using a rabbit would work to your advantage in such a case.