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Epic Summoners Guide: 7 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Assemble a Strong Team

Epic Summoners is a new idle RPG created by FT Games, that’s now available for iOS and Android devices. In Epic Summoners you lead a band of heroes as you explore the Magic Ladder. You will need to overcome numerous challenges in order to unlock the secrets within. There are multitudes of heroes and equipment for you to collect. Each hero has his own set of skills that can help you during battle. Assemble a team of the strongest warriors in order to succeed in your quest. Explore the different areas of the game’s world, including the Arena, Expedition Airship, and Wishing Pond. Keep in mind that your heroes will automatically fight battles for you. That means what you do to prepare them for battle will ultimately determine their success. Make sure you read our Epic Summoners guide in order to ensure your team’s victory!

1. Let Go Of Your Starters

The game gives you a set of heroes to start your journey with. Do not get too attached to these because they are only low-star heroes that will quickly outlive their usefulness. That means you should avoid investing too many resources on them. Replace them with better heroes as soon as you can. You should only invest in heroes that are at least three stars.

When upgrading heroes, try to invest in the members of your team equally instead of rushing to max out the level of your favorite. No matter how strong one hero gets, he will not be able to carry his entire team for long. Also, since you will most likely have limited resources, always start the round of upgrades with the hero that has the most number of stars.

2. Location Is Key

The positioning of your heroes in Epic Summoners is crucial to your success. Since they fight automatic battles, the position you assign each hero to will determine how long they will survive. Heroes in front will be the first ones to be attacked, the ones at the back will be the last to fall. With that in mind, you don’t really have to put melee heroes in front. Instead, just place your weakest heroes up front, so that your team’s damage output does not suffer too much if they fall. Your highest damage dealers should be at the very back, to ensure they survive the longest. If your heroes are strong enough, your back line should be able to obliterate the enemy team before they take damage at all.

The exception to this rule is if your highest damage dealers are also particularly tanky. Since they will most likely survive enemy attacks anyway, it would be fine if you place them in front. This way, you can keep your team’s damage output up by having tanks protect the squishier damage dealers from enemy fire.

3. Equip Your Heroes With The Best Gear Available

As we mentioned earlier, what you do to prepare your heroes for battle can make or break them. Part of that preparation is equipping them with the best gear available. Since you will be fighting multiple battles per day, you will most likely get new equipment often. Take time every few hours to go through all the equipment your team has to make sure they have the best gear possible. Don’t worry because it should only take a few seconds since the game has an AI for equipping your heroes with the best gear available. Of course, you can also manually equip your heroes if you want to have better control over their stat boosts, but the AI choices are often spot on.

4. Claim The Spoils

Each stage you complete rewards you with various Spoils of War. Your heroes can auto-battle any of your completed stages in order to get these spoils. While it is generally a good idea to farm the most recent stage, there will be times when you will need a particular item. In those cases, you can send your heroes to auto-battle in stages that give out the items you need as spoils. Don’t forget to collect the spoils later on as they will not be sent to your inventory automatically. Make it a habit to collect spoils once in a while even if you are not looking for a specific item.

5. Sacrifice And Fuse Your Heroes

There are two features in Epic Summoners that will allow you to strengthen your heroes further. The first one is the Altar. This is where you can sacrifice heroes that you don’t need, in order to get various rewards. This is a good place for you to dump your heroes that are below three stars. Keep in mind that you will get better rewards if you sacrifice more heroes. That means you should wait until you have a full lineup of heroes before making a sacrifice at the Altar.

The second feature for strengthening your heroes will take a bit more time to use. This is the Fused Quartz. This allows you to create epic heroes by fusing high quality ones. You have to be careful when using the Fused Quartz as the heroes required for sacrifice here can be difficult to replace if you accidentally use them. Check out the required heroes for the best fusions in the game before letting go of any of your high-quality heroes. It is better for you to wait a long time before fusing than to waste an important hero on an unnecessary fusion.

6. Check The Pub For Quests

The Pub posts quests for your heroes to complete in exchange for various rewards. It’s a good way to gather a lot of loot, so make sure you always have heroes out on quests for the Pub. Don’t worry about sending your best heroes out because they will still be available for battle even if they are on a quest. Quests often have a power requirement, so make sure you pay attention to the level of the heroes you will be sending out.

7. Unlock Rare Heroes

There are several ways for you to unlock rare heroes. It takes a lot of work and a bit of luck, but it is not impossible, even if you don’t spend real money in the game. You can get rare heroes from opening chests, completing challenges, as well as ranking high in the Arena. There are also seasonal events that will reward you with rare heroes if you do well enough.

These are all you need to know in order to assemble the ultimate team in Epic Summoners! Remember the tips and tricks we shared with you above, and you will surely succeed. If you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to leave us a message below in the comment area!

Sean P

Friday 30th of April 2021

I need far more help than this provides unfortunately. And I don't necessarily agree with the strongest in the front and in the back for best survivability, anymore. Each creature seems to have a favorite area that they like to attack. Let alone their power sets also drive these areas. I just reached player level 142 in the game this morning. But I still don't have one single "Level 240-4 Star" creature. I did not know the importance of Succincts at the beginning of the game or how hard they would be to collect without purchasing them directly. But my biggest flaw was not understanding how the Supreme Throne Event worked until I was 135th level. I never used the week's gathered coins to resurrect my creatures so I was stopped quickly in moving up. Progress only came after each significant increase to my overall team. Without the additional goodies the event provides my gems, gold and noble badges went only to my most critical needs at that moment. Lastly, than you for putting it out their though. I appreciate the effort.