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Epic Games Launches Stunning Hero Collector RPG ‘Battle Breakers’

If the name Battle Breakers sounds familiar, that’s probably because it has been around since 2017, when it was soft launched in Australia. The original plan was to release it globally within the same year, but that didn’t pan out. Despite the long delay, Epic Games has finally launched Battle Breakers worldwide, and it was worth the wait.

battle breakers

Battle Breakers is set in a world that has been thrown into chaos after invaders locked everyone up inside crystals. The official trailer shows how the few survivors get together and discover a way to smash open the crystal prisons. Every smashed crystal represents a new hero that joins the player’s team.

Since Battle Breakers is a gacha RPG, players can expect to have to collect dozens of heroes with different skills and attributes. Players must then assemble a team out of all the recruited heroes in order to fight battles. There are over 1000 explorable dungeons in the game, and Epic commits that it will not be a mindless grind as players will have to utilize special abilities and strategic attacks in order to take down enemies and Bosses.

Even though Battle Breakers is free to play, there will be in-app purchases, including a Battle Pass that gives players some benefit depending on their progress. The game is available on Android, iOS, and PC. The great thing about it is that players can continue their progress on any of these thanks to the seamless cross-platform support.

Those who want to play Battle Breakers on mobile can head over to the App Store or Google Play and grab the game for free. If you would like to play the game on PC, then be sure to visit the Epic Games Store. There is an ongoing event that will reward all players who complete the tutorial until November 27, so now is the best time to jump into the game.