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Empire TV Tycoon Tips, Cheats & Guide for Running a Successful TV Channel

While most people want to be TV stars, there are those who prefer to work behind the scenes and get rich in the process. Those people are TV Network owners. If you want to experience what it’s like to be the big boss of a successful network, then Empire TV Tycoon is made for you. This tycoon simulation game for iOS gives you everything you need to run your very own channel. Of course, you will have to do all the work. From hiring people to deciding your channel’s content, everything will be dependent on your decisions. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Empire TV Tycoon tips and tricks to help you turn your TV network into a success!

1. Change Up Your Content

Do you enjoy watching the same TV shows over and over? Probably not. The same is true for your virtual viewers in this game. That is why you need to make sure that your channel lineup is always fresh. Buy new movies and sell old ones every once in a while. Don’t hesitate to try out different genres to see which ones your viewers like. It takes a bit of trial and error but you will get the hang of it eventually. Just make sure you rotate your shows regularly to keep things interesting.

2. Check Your Numbers

How do you know if your shows are successful? The same way real network managers know. You check the ratings. Lucky for you, the game provides instantaneous feedback regarding your shows. Just head on over to the statistics board beside your desk. You will see several different statistics there that will help you figure out what the next move should be. Always check your numbers and let them be your guide in managing your TV Network.

3. Listen To Your Viewers

There are several different demographics represented by the people icons on your statistics. These are men, women, children, elders, lovers, rockers, athletes, and geeks. As you would imagine, it would be near impossible to find shows that will please every single one of these demographics. That is why you should not aim to please them all. Just aim for balance and see if you can schedule different types of movies to help cater to each of the different types of viewers.

4. Maximize Your Advertising

When you are your own boss, who pays your salary? Advertisers, of course! Unlike most tycoon games where you just mindlessly collect your payday, this game will actually require you to strategize a bit. Realistically speaking, you cannot have an unlimited number of advertisers due to limited airtime. You will need to maximize the allocated time without over-committing to your advertisers. If you run too many ads, you will end up missing some of them which will result in penalties. Consider which ads will make the most money for you without taking up too much of your airtime.

5. Don’t Forget The Fan Mail

Fans can be hard to please at times but they do help you make money. Once in a while, you will receive requests from your fans. You are not obliged to do them but it would be good to do so if you can. Aside from getting monetary rewards, you will also earn fame. Fame makes your network more valuable, and therefore, helps you make even more money. Don’t ignore your fans!

6. Use Strategic Upgrades

The game gives you the option to upgrade your broadcasting channels. Doing so will help you reach new regions for your broadcasts. Don’t just mindlessly upgrade whatever you feel like doing. Upgrades cost money so make sure it will also earn you more money. Expanding will have different outcomes so analyze your options first before you make a decision.

7. Submit Movies For Awards

Winning awards will make your network more famous, and will help you make more money. This is why you should submit movies to the Academy Awards every two days. It doesn’t matter if your movie isn’t that good. Just make sure you always submit something. You will never know when you will get lucky so you should keep trying until you win. Of course, it would help a lot of you actually put an effort into creating good movies for you channel. Experiment with your movies and submit whatever you come up with to the Academy. It might just be your time to shine.

8. Hire The Right Actors

While good actors could play any role, you can’t expect the same from everyone you hire. The best way to make a good movie is to cast the right actors for the genre of the movie you are creating. Look into the skill levels of the actors you are considering. Even if they are rated five stars, if they have a very low skill level for the genre you are trying to create, then they will not do much to help your movie.

9. Manage Your Movie Expenses

Have you ever seen a bad movie and realized they spent too much on special effects, and absolutely nothing on the script? Don’t be that kind of movie producer. Try to distribute your movie expenses strategically across the different categories to cover all your bases. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting all the money you invested on a bad movie.

10. Get A Loan

It happens to everyone. There will be a point in time when you will make poor decisions that will get you in trouble financially. That doesn’t mean you should give up your dreams of being a TV Network manager. That just means you need a bit of help to get your channel back on its feet. That is where the restaurant comes in. The restaurant is where you can meet with certain people who are willing to give you a loan. Of course, the loan does not come with no strings attached so make sure you pay on time.

Make movies and rake in the cash in Empire TV Tycoon! Just follow the tips and tricks we gave you to ensure your network’s success!