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Elvenar Strategy Guide: 9 Must-Read Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Any In-Game Situation

InnoGames’ new iOS and Android game Elvenar is here, and as you may probably have guessed by now, this game takes place in a fantasy setting, specifically in the titular, long-forgotten world of Elvenar. It is a city building game where your objective is to create a “flourishing fantasy city” and discover the mysteries that lie in the world around you. It’s up to you to restore Elvenar to its old glory, and build a home for other fantasy races. You can play as a human or as an elf, customize the city to your liking, produce resources, craft goods with materials, discover long-forgotten technologies, and manage the city’s economy. You can also interact with other human players by trading, and expand the in-game world to unlock more secrets and gain more relics.

Anyone who’s played city building or time management games might have a good idea of what to do — those who may be concerned about tactical strategies on the battlefield can rest easy, as there’s no PvP fighting mode where you have to match wits with a real player from anywhere around the world. It’s more casual than it initially appears to be, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve its own detailed guide. So read on for our Elvenar strategy guide, as we cover the important things any player should remember when playing the game, may you be a new or an experienced player.

1. Which Is The Better Race To Play As?

Elvenar allows you to represent the humans or the elves, and if you know your RPGs, you’re probably used to the complexity of each race having their own strengths and weaknesses, their own special units, and the like. But that’s why we said this game is more casual than your average fantasy-based game. It would seem that the only difference between human and elf is cosmetic, which means your city’s dwellers and its buildings will look different. But there are no bonuses, buffs, strong or weak stats, or special items or units that set humans apart from elves, or vice versa. In other words, it all boils down to your own preference, or whether you like human or elf design better.

2. Keep On Following Those Quests

It won’t be an Elvenar strategy guide, or a strategy guide for such a game, without this tip. When it comes to these titles, you are typically given quests or missions that you should complete in order to always be up to speed, with all the necessary buildings you need to have at any given time in the game. Follow the quests so you won’t get lost, build the right buildings, and make the right upgrades — the quests will help you do all of these things, so make sure you’re following them at al times!

3. Join A Fellowship ASAP

You could say that you can’t say “city builder” or “base management” without “social.” Elvenar has its own share of social features, and these include joining a fellowship, which is the game’s equivalent of guilds or alliances. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know any other people who play the game — just keep on sending requests, making sure that you’re sending them to those active alliances that have a lot of members in them. More members in a fellowship means faster progress, and more chances to trade resources without having to pay any fees. You can also ask for help with various in-game tasks from other players in your fellowship, just as long as you return the favor when it’s their turn to ask for help!

4. Keep Yourself Busy Building And Upgrading

This is slightly in relation to the second tip, but also a very important, yet simple tip in these games. If you’re a regular player, you may end up jumping ahead of the quests and having more buildings unlocked and built than you should at that point in time. If that sounds like you, then we recommend that you keep on with what you’re doing, and not mind the questing aspect that much. Create the buildings as you get them, as new buildings are always equal to new resources or materials, or new bonuses. Use research to unlock new buildings, then get right to building them!

Of course, you shouldn’t ignore the upgrade process, because what good are your buildings if you can’t even upgrade them and make them more productive? It’s going to cost you a lot to upgrade, and this process may take up a lot of in-game time, but it’s going to be worth it in the end, as upgraded buildings produce stuff or train troops faster. You can always schedule long upgrades for the times when you’re about to head off to bed anyways.

Pro-tip: You want to have a particular focus on culture buildings, as these buildings are necessary for your other structures to operate as smoothly as possible. You also get a culture bonus that will help you level up and progress faster in the game.

5. Take Good Care Of Your Real Estate

Although it could get tempting to place those buildings all over your city in Elvenar, the reality is that you only have so much space to work with. You need to be mindful of the real estate of the game’s titular city, and that means not going overboard with buildings, and especially not going overboard with roads and other unnecessary features.

Roads may make things look more orderly, but at the end of the day, you want your city to be functional and to run smoothly, instead of merely looking gorgeous with all the bells and whistles. Yes, it’s going to be ugly at times, but it’s best to stick you cultural buildings and any other buildings that don’t need roads in one place. That’s going to give you more space for other buildings that will be required to keep things running properly in your town.

6. Work Hard On Your Research

Not only should you be working hard on the research aspect of the game, you should also be researching ahead of schedule. The missions, while very effective in ensuring you’re always caught up, tend to ignore research at some point in the game, but that’s one occasion where you can work outside the parameters of your missions and start trying to unlock new buildings and new forms of technology. Even completing the first batch of research will give you more options on hand, and options that will work for you immediately.

7. Should You Buy Research Points Too?

In order to research, you’ll need research points, and that’s going to require a good amount of waiting. But since nobody likes waiting, you might want to spend some common currency (your regular coins) to buy research points and bypass the wait time. But this is something you should only do if you’re flush with currency or in need of catching up; otherwise, you might as well tough it out and wait, because those coins can be used on other, better things in Elvenar.

8. To Attack Or Not To Attack?

The choice of whether to negotiate or attack is one of the more common dilemmas you’ll run into when playing the game. There will be occasions where you will be better off attacking new provinces, and others where you can talk it over and negotiate. Each province will have their own negotiation requirements, which could mean trading some common currency, or maybe providing some tools or other materials. If that’s the case, you can go ahead and negotiate, as it’s not hard to acquire common currency or tools in the game. However, there will be other occasions where the other province will ask for huge amounts of currency, or ask for some rare resources that you can’t find every day. That’s when you can choose to fight, because negotiating will only leave you worse for the deal.

9. Basic Tips For Attacking

As we said earlier, the battle element of the game is PvE and not PvP, but you will have a chance to attack certain provinces, should their demands be too much for you to keep up with. In the early goings, you might not have an easy time at things, as you won’t have too many troops on your side, or too many sides to launch your attack. You’ll also need to keep in mind that each new unit dispatched into battle will cost one point against your total strength. So with each attack you launch, you’ll be weaker and weaker, requiring you to train even harder. Don’t launch all-out attacks, especially in the early stages of the game, or you might end up staying away from battle for longer than you want, all in order to rebuild and regroup.

You also need to make the right choice of troops when sending them off to battle. Make sure you’ve scouted the other province and checked their troops — that should allow you to send the right troops who can easily overwhelm the enemy army. And as a bonus tip, Elvenar does not offer grinding or replaying when it comes to battles — you have only one chance to win the battles, and further skewing things against you is the fact that enemies that are defeated will get their health back. In other words, attacking multiple times to weaken another province’s army so you can easily destroy them just won’t cut it.


Sunday 11th of June 2023

How do you get provisions?

dallas osterhout

Wednesday 16th of December 2020

wow why wont it work on mine this game is so slow


Tuesday 28th of July 2020

I agree with you, Elvenar is not a bad game, but for me it gets repetitive and boring. I cannot help but to think that this game is just another Pay 2 win kind of game because everytime is asking to rush the constructions and you have to pay for it. I don't like that.

If you are new at this game, I actually encourage you to look for guides like the ones the mmoauctions have. They are really complete and will serve you as an anchor to learn the basics about the game. I sent you a reply before with the link, but this moderators don't like other people to provide information of actual value.

Joshua Woodward

Tuesday 28th of July 2020

"5. Take Good Care Of Your Real Estate Although it could get tempting to place those buildings all over your city in Elvenar, the reality is that you only have so much space to work with. You need to be mindful of the real estate of the game’s titular city, and that means not going overboard with buildings, and especially not going overboard with roads and other unnecessary features."

Being able to create an actual city with a long-forgotten architecture, that's what makes Elvenar so great. I mean, Elvenar Buildings have something apart the usual online games since they speak the language of old wonders. Therefore, to create the best city in the entire kingdom is a task that a player must fulfill. This is what I think is the game about.