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EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Should Know

If you were a 90s kid and grew up playing games from the Mana series, then get ready for a wave of nostalgia. EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap is a superbly executed RPG for Android and iOS devices that looks very much like the Mana games in terms of visuals and gameplay. In this game, you will follow the adventures of a Redcap who falls from the sky. He will cross paths with a girl who was born to save the world. You will get to meet different characters as you follow these two. You can play the game at your own pace and enjoy it the old-fashioned way. Just sit back and watch the story unfold as you play. If you need help finding your way around the game, though, you can always rely on our EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap strategy guide for directions.

1. Make Robin Your Friend

In EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap, you will need Niebel eggs in order to open up the next part of the map. If you find yourself unable to locate these eggs, it might be because you have been neglecting your friendship with Robin. Her friendship level is usually the key to moving the story forward. Don’t let a day pass without giving her a gift because this action is limited to once per day. You can also do favors for her to improve her friendship level. If she asks you for an item that you have not come across, you can check out unvisited parts of the map for it. It’s also possible that you need to make the item. Do quests for Iagan’s Furniture Shop in order to unlock more items you can craft.

2. Study The Attribute Compatibility Table

As with most RPGs, there are several attributes in this game that impact how strong, or weak, you will be against certain monsters. The five attributes are: Fire, Wind, Water, Dark, and Light. Keep in mind that Fire attribute is strong against Wind, Wind is strong against Water, and Water is strong against Fire. Also, Dark and Light are weak against each other.

If you are having trouble defeating an enemy, it might be because the spirits you are using are weak against the attribute of that monster. Find an Assault Rune that is strong against that monster, and a Support rune that has the same attribute as the monster. This way, you will deal more damage while mitigating the damage you receive at the same time. Don’t forget to carefully check the strengths and weaknesses of the spirits that you have because they have their own specialties, not just attributes.

3. Use Support Spirits For Healing

There are different spirits that can be used as Support in the game. The best options for Support, however, are those that can use Runes for healing. Thalia is a prime candidate for this role when you are still starting out because she is the only starting spirit that can use Runes for HP recovery. After that, you should keep an eye out for spirits that have this ability. Healing is crucial in ensuring your team’s survival in any battle so make sure you prioritize this type of support when you can.

4. Spirits Love Potatoes

Spirits gain experience points when they join you on quests. Another way to give them experience is to feed them potatoes. While the spirits will eat any potato you serve them, it would be best if you give them ones that have the same attribute. Feeding spirits potatoes that have the same attribute as them will increase their Rune level. Higher Rune levels mean stronger Rune power or lower mana costs. Either way it’s a good thing so make sure you stuff those spirits with potatoes!

5. Visit The Event Isle

The Event Isle is a great place to gather Seeds or Buds with specific attributes. The attributes of the items you get depend on the day of the week so check the calendar if you want to collect seeds of a certain attribute. The seeds you collect can be used to strengthen spirits which, in turn, improves your battle power. Another good reason for visiting the Event Isle is to collect Gold Logs that can be sold for 1,000 coins apiece. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to visit as the isle is only available for 30 minutes every day.

6. Keep Cooking Food For Spirits

Cooking food in order to get spirits is one of the fun things to do in EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap. Don’t worry if you already got a spirit using the same ingredients. There is still a chance that you will get a different spirit from the one you originally got. Even if you get the same spirit, the food you cooked will not go to waste because you will get that spirit’s favorite potato as a consolation. Getting Potato Buds from cooking food for spirits will be well worth the effort because they will be hard to come by especially in later parts of the game.

7. Recruit A Spirit With Multiple Attacks

Once in a while, you will encounter monsters that have such high defenses that you will only be able to deal 1 damage to them regardless of your stats. When you encounter these monsters, you should pick a spirit that has multiple attacks to help end your battles quicker. Cleffe is a good candidate for this job because she’s pretty easy to find and she can hit several times with Runes.

8. Combine Luck With Strategy

EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap has a unique battle mechanic where dice rolls determine the number of steps that your character can take and the amount of damage you can deal. Even though this part of the mechanic is purely luck-based, it doesn’t mean that you can’t weave in a bit of strategy. Keep in mind that the dice rolls will only affect your normal attacks, not your Rune power. Therefore, if you roll a high number, you can take advantage of it by choosing a normal attack, and if you get a bad roll, you can just use a Rune.

9. Retreat And Regroup When Needed

If you encounter a particularly strong monster, there is no harm in running away. This is especially true when you encounter an Orikin or a Pinvex. These two monsters, while strong, do not attack unless they are attacked. This makes it easier for you to run away from them if you are not strong enough to take them on just yet. Whenever you enter a battle, checkout the attributes of the monsters you will be fighting. If you are at a disadvantage, feel free to run away and rearrange your spirits accordingly.

10. Have At Least 10 Friends

EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap gives you the option to follow other players. After following a player, you will be able to send them lottery tickets. They can then send lottery tickets back to you. If the player you are following is also your follower, you will be able to get 2 lottery tickets from him. Tickets can be sent up to 10 times per day so make sure you have at least 10 friends in the game in order to take advantage of the free lottery tickets. There are several prizes to be won from these tickets, including limited edition furniture, Special Keys for the Event Isle, and other goodies.

Save the world and take a nostalgic journey in EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap! Just follow our strategy guide and you will surely succeed!