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East2West to Launch ‘Wonder Blade’ on Android in July

Wonder Blade is a popular hack-and-slash game that was released on iOS in the second half of 2018. It is also available in early access on Steam for PC players. Just when Android players thought they are out of luck, publisher East2West announced the game’s launch earlier than expected. Wonder Blade will officially be released on Android on July 4.

wonder blade

Wonder Blade was a pleasant surprise for everyone when it was first launched. The cartoon graphics fooled people into thinking it was just another beat ‘em up game. It turned out to be a complex and enjoyable action game where players can jump, dodge, attack, and fire spells all at the same time. There are even one-hit fatality shots when enemies are beaten down.

The game starts off within a simple arena as players are taught the basics. As the main character completes the tutorial, defeats the opponents, and wins over the princess, a black knight kidnaps her. The main character must then rescue her by going through different levels and overcome numerous obstacles. While it all sounds cliché on paper, the game actually takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the story and does a great job of providing variety to what otherwise would have been repetitive gameplay.

Players will be able to collect weapons and outfits that will make their character stronger. There are also several skills to unlock for even more combat domination. The game can be gory in some parts, but the cartoon art helps take the edge off. As a result, players get to enjoy smashing and slashing their opponents without feeling squeamish.

East2West has not announced any pre-registration event for Wonder Blade as of this writing. For more updates regarding the Android release, players may follow the official site.