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Dungeon Legends Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints You Need to Know

We did say last time that there’s seemingly a dime a dozen RPGs out there with the word “Dungeon” included, such as the hot new Big Fish game Dungeon Boss. Now, there are multiple games or apps called Dungeon Legends, including this iOS-only title from Digital Things. (Sorry, Android guys – the Dungeon Legends games on the Play Store are different from this one!) This particular game is an MMO game/ MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) where you can “challenge other players in real time in the arena and become a legend of the dungeons.” You can choose your skills and become a warrior, a healer, or a defender, but when it comes to your class, you have no choice – you’re a dwarf “in search of gold and glory” in the battle arena and dungeon scene.

We’re not going to dwell much on the MOBA aspect of the game, but rather on the dungeon crawling aspect, as we now bring you some Dungeon Legends tips and tricks for your reference.

1. Make Sure Your Hero Is Well-Trained

From the get-go, your dwarf has to be properly trained. This will cost you a small amount of gold and would require you to wait a few minutes at most. But once the wait is over, your hero’s stats will get a permanent boost. As for the stats you should be training, focus on leveling up strength, physical, and magical defense. The first stat helps your auto attacks, while the second and third are useful in bolstering your defenses.

You should also make it a point to learn as many skills as possible, especially the support skills, as that’s going to improve your chances of sticking around for the long haul.

2. Don’t Let The Traps Get To You

Traps are normally a bad thing and a must to avoid – they could mean a world of trouble for your character if you’re not careful. But enemies do get snared by traps, so what you can do is to lure your enemies toward the traps. Normally, you can do this by fighting by them; chances are the monsters may venture too close to the traps, thus allowing them to get caught and forcing them to take a whole lot of damage.

3. Look For Hidden Rooms

Don’t just settle for reaching the very end of the dungeon. In Dungeon Legends, a lot of the dungeons have side, or secret rooms that you may want to explore. These rooms have numerous items to check out (e.g. weapon racks, barrels, etc.), and once you destroy them , you can find yourself with some much needed gold, experience points, or equipment.

4. Complete All The Active Missions

Check the missions screen for the three active missions you have at the moment; from there, you can choose the missions you want to focus on. Completing the missions can earn you a significant amount of gold, or gems, which are the game’s premium currency.

5. Switch To Higher Difficulty And Get Bigger Rewards

If you’ve got the right equipment and the right skills, then you can replay a dungeon at higher difficulty. While the enemies will be nastier and you may be encountering more dangerous traps, you can earn bigger rewards for your troubles.