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Droppy Balls Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

There are multiple games called Droppy Balls on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but this game we’ll be talking about is by Cameron Storms. This is a casual game with the old formula (unorthodox adjective ending with “y” + one-syllable second word + minimalist graphics and mechanics) that should appeal to a wide range of mobile gamers. It’s described as a “crazy fun color matching skill game that will test your reaction time and reflexes. Simply tap right or left to move the line of platforms, and earn points for matching colors. On the other hand, incorrectly matching a color ends your run.

It sounds very simple, and yes, this game is very easy to learn. But the fact that this game tests your speed and reflexes makes Droppy Balls very hard to master. So with that in mind, we’ve decided to lend you a helping hand, and bring you some Droppy Balls tips and tricks.

1. Be Aware, That You Cannot Control The Balls

The balls drop automatically onto the platforms, and that means you cannot control how they drop down. What you can control are the platforms, and that’s how you’ll be matching colors. As we mentioned above, you can tap left to move the platforms left, and tap right to move the platforms right. All the platforms move at the same time, and color patterns will always be the same regardless of how often you move the platforms left or right.

2. Focus On The Balls

In general, you want to train your focus on the falling balls. Failing to focus properly could result in some superfluous moves, or a failure to move when you should, and once you fail to match a color, then that’s the end of your run – it is all over. Also keep in mind that you don’t always have to move in order to match the platform with the ball; the balls appear right above the platform, so that should be all the help you need in most cases. But in some instances, you may have to make one or two left or right taps to make a proper match.

3. Play Without Ads If You Really Have To

The ads in Droppy Balls aren’t really too disruptive, if you come to think of it. Compare them to ads in other mobile games and you’ll see what we mean by this. But if you really feel like the ads are throwing you off your focus, you can turn them off by playing offline.

4. Take Breaks

Although, the premise of the game is fairly easy, Droppy Balls is not unlike your average minimalist/casual title, in the sense that one bad game could lead to another. Frustration could throw things out of whack for you, and you don’t want anything to disrupt your momentum. If that’s the case, then you can step away for the game for about 30 minutes to one hour. After taking that much-needed break (or “time out”), you can return feeling relaxed and refreshed, and ready to chase after your high score or that of your friends’.

For now, this would be our complete guide for Cameron Storms’ new mobile game, Droppy Balls. We hope you’ve enjoyed this set of tips and tricks, they may help you to improve you high score in the game.