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Dream Family Sim – Mommy Story Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Complete All Levels

Epic Win Games may not sound as familiar to many mobile gamers, as the company releases games exclusively on iOS, but with 15 apps on the Apple App Store like MorphoBot War: Steel Robots 3D, Auto Theft City – Guns Mission, and KO Club: Street Fight Gangstar just to name a few, along with fairly good ratings across each of their games, Epic Win Games builds confidence and reputation with each of their new games.

Dream Family Sim – Mommy Story is the latest simulation game from Epic Win Games and as the title may give the impression that it is for female gamers and moms to revel in, it can actually be played and enjoyed by a wider variety of players. As the game puts you in the role of a super mom that races through chores and various activities one after another to take care of her husband and two kids, the rewards you gain come in the form of renovations to make your new home as beautiful as you can make it to be. While it may all sound complicated, the game makes it easy for players of varying ages and expertise to accomplish as it is more like a walking simulator where having the needed item and going to the right spot at the right time can progress your objective, if not lead you to its full accomplishment.

Dream Family Sim – Mommy Story has a very simple interface and using the virtual directional pad is all you will need to practice working on as you navigate the character through the house. As fully 3D game, you can also adjust your perspective by swiping on any direction anywhere outside the d-pad area. To top it all off, footprint markers which are very visible, easily give away the route towards completing levels.

Overall, this is really an easy game to play. If you want to complete levels more easily and complete tasks faster, our Dream Family Sim – Mommy Story beginner’s guide can help you through each challenge and help you earn the coins and stars you need to build your dream virtual home.

1. Roam Around The House Through Visit

One of the things you need to get accustomed to before you start diving into levels and tasks in Dream Family Sim – Mommy Story is to get used to the controls. By controls, we simply take into consideration the virtual directional to navigate the character, and the touch and swipe you will constantly do to adjust the view or perspective. As it is going to be more difficult to learn this while trying to accomplish time-limited challenges, it would be best to get the feel of it through the Visit button on the main screen.

dream family mommy story tips

Additionally, it will also be a good idea to really get to know the ins and outs of your very own virtual home and memorize room locations and its general layout so that you won’t lose your way around it when you begin to pursue levels especially those that have multiple, connected tasks to accomplish before reaching your goal. Despite the existence of indicators and footprint markers on the floor leading to where you need to go, knowing the locations by heart will give you an edge to ensure you will be able to push through level completions later on in the game.

2. Take Note Of Each Objective

Once you click on Levels, you will see the objective or objectives that you need to complete to finish the level. If you did a good load of exploration through each nook and cranny within your virtual house, prior to taking on the levels, you should already know where to go even without depending on the markers and footprints. If not, then check the footprints more carefully before you begin moving.

dream family sim mommy story tricks

In some cases, especially where there are a series of objectives you need to complete to accomplish the level, footprints overlap one another and at times may confuse to as to which one you should follow first. Having an idea as to where the first objective can be accomplished will push you in the right direction which leads to again, gaining an advantage from roaming through your house in Visit mode. Otherwise, you can also take a closer look at the footprints as the first objective will most likely be found where footprints overlap one another going through opposite directions which implies that you need to walk back and forth to that area.

Completing levels will be your key to make progress as far as house renovations relative to furniture and fixtures are concerned. You will earn money as well as 1 star for each level which will be the basic requirements you need to finish tasks that revolve around making changes to your house.

3. You Can Choose To Spend Only Stars To Complete Tasks

Once you have completed 2 levels and earn 2 stars, you can begin completing tasks and begin your journey towards making your plain old house into your virtual dream house. Each task involves changing the appearance of a part of your house or a furniture within it and while there are options to spend your hard-earned money on each alteration, there will always be a choice to spend 0 coins and only stars to complete it.

dream family sim mommy story cheats

For starters, you should opt to spend 0 coins and rack up more for later alterations as well as emergency needs. You should exercise patience in trying to finish levels with the given time limit but if it does become a tad bit too frustrating at least there is an option to spend coins for extra time. We won’t recommend spending coins for that though, but again, if you totally give up on trying and just want more time, the choice is yours. Additionally, aim to accomplish at least 2 tasks per day to reach a 100% completion rate which will reward you with even more coins.

4. Don’t Be Distracted By The Time Limit

Each level has an added pressure lodged into it with the time limit that you can see at the upper right side of your screen. While it can give you a clear idea of how much time you have to complete all the tasks in a given level, it can often become a distraction that can cause a loss of focus or even panic that will just make it more difficult for you to finish the level.

dream family sim mommy story hints

For best results, just look at it at the start of the level and then continue to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. The initial levels do provide more than enough time for you to complete any and all tasks to finish the level but as you progress through the game, precision in every movement and each step becomes crucial to finishing all objectives. Regardless of how much time you have, constantly checking on the remaining time won’t help you go faster, nor will it extend in any way. As such, simply look into how you can progress through the objective faster if you seem to be taking longer than you need to and keep failing to complete a level.

5. Walk And Shift Views Consecutively

Although you can play Dream Family Sim – Mommy Story with just one hand and shifting between walking and changing the camera view alternatively, the more efficient approach which practically becomes a necessity later on is moving the directional pad with one hand and constantly shifting views with the other to always clearly see your surroundings. As higher levels do tend to require more and more precision in its requirement to make you a totally efficient mom in every respect, it is important to constantly be moving (with the exception of preparing meals) to ensure that you can clear levels within the given time limit. For total beginners to first or third-person games, it may be a bit of a challenge to get used to but then there is always visit mode to practice these basic controls and master the navigation aspect of the game which is its most important requirement.

6. Take Note Of How Doors Open

To make it easier for you to navigate through the many corridors of your house, Dream Family Sim – Mommy Story is designed in such a way that you only need to keep constantly moving and eliminates the need to click on anything to interact with it. Following this consideration, doors in your virtual house all automatically open as soon as you close enough to it.

dream family sim mommy story guide

In as much as this supposedly offers nothing but advantages, it can be perilous in some cases when doors open towards you and you get stuck on its side. Though if and when this happens, it won’t take long for you to get back on track, every second will be critical on the latter levels that you need to complete following the highest level of precision you can muster.

Well, that’s all we have for our Dream Family Sim – Mommy Story beginner’s guide. We hope you were able to read through all the tips and tricks we shared here and that you enjoyed it as well. If you have your very own tips and unique strategies to share, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comment area!