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DragonSoul Tips & Strategy Guide: How to Raid the Crypt the Right Way

Ready for yet another DragonSoul strategy guide? Before we share with you more tips and tricks for this exciting Android and iOS RPG, let’s talk you through the game and what it’s all about. This is a fantasy role-playing game where you lock up with dragons and other monsters, play in campaign mode, player-vs-player mode, Coliseum mode and others, and, for arguably the most important feature, join a guild. Last time, we told you all about one of the things you can do when part of a guild, and that’s the Titan Temple feature, where you and your guild work together to defeat five Titans, with each Titan harder to defeat than the last.

So what’s next? In Update 1.3, which was rolled out last month, PerBlue introduced a Crypt Reid difficulty selector. And since you may also be curious as to how you can beat the Crypt more consistently, we’ve got this all-new strategy guide that could help you out in just about anything DragonSoul Crypt-related.

1. Earn Guild Coins

Once again, we’re starting out with a non-tip of sorts, but one that we still consider as one. The main reason for players to spend lots of time in the Crypt is the rewards. Depending on how many people are in your guild, you’ll earn a certain number of Guild Coins which you can then spend in the Guild Shop for Soulstones and other premium items. You’ll also get conventional coin rewards when you win – either way, it’s more currency for you and your fellow guild members!

2. Enemy Count Depends On Your Guild Count

The number of players in your guild would determine the number of enemies you get to face in the Crypt, and also their overall levels. For the latter, your guild mates’ individual levels will also play a part here.

Here’s a simple example of how this works – if you’ve got a guild of 50 members, which is the game’s limit, you’ll have to defeat much more enemies than a guild of 30 or 40 people would.

3. Make Sure You’re In An Active Guild

It’s also important that most of your guild members are active; that’s also the case in other RPGs of this kind, but when it comes to the Crypt, being active becomes of paramount importance. Consider this – if you’ve got a guild of 30 that has 28, 29, or 30 members active, you’ll do better than a guild with a maxed-out member count of 50, but only 30 active players or less.

4. Let The Free Hero Help You

For each time you launch an attack in the Crypt, you’ll be able to hire a hero free of charge from your guild mates’ lineup. The importance of a collaborative effort among guild members again manifests itself here, and so does making sure you’re in a guild where almost everyone, at the very least, is active. Hire Heroes based on your opponents’ level; don’t waste your guild mate’s Level 50 Hero against opponents who are only at Level 35. But do not, either, hire a free hero who’s at Level 50 against opponents who are already at Level 65.

5. You Don’t Always Need A Full Team For Battle

It’s tempting to deploy five heroes to fight in a battle, but it’s actually possible to field only two or three members yet defeat a full team of five enemies. Always check your opponents’ heroes’ levels and their overall team power, and play regularly – sometimes, a little research goes a long, long way. It’s very important to decide the right kind of heroes, as well as the right number of heroes, to fight in a battle.

6. Try This Simple Tip For Active Guilds

We’ve heard a lot of feedback that this strategy works, so you might want to try it yourself when going on your next raid with your guild mates. For starters, have someone from the middle of the pack (in terms of level, within your guild) to raid in the early morning, and have him or her utilize high-level heroes. Basically, what they’ll be doing here is using one of their heroes, plus using one from a guild mate. This will also allow you to take out more opponents with less time.

7. Communication Is Key

Don’t let your guild mates take advantage of things too much. Have a concrete plan and communicate it with the other guild members! You don’t want to see guild members upset over that one player who called dibs on all the low-level heroes and left all the tough ones to everyone else. Ask certain guild members to leave some low-level foes for their lower-ranked teammates to polish off. Yes, it might sound confusing, but to make things simpler, you want to give everyone a chance to deal with low-level heroes from the opposing side.

8. Soften Up The Stronger Teams With Your Attacks

Although there are some opponents whose heroes are simply too tough to defeat, you still want to make full use of your attacks to weaken them, to soften them up. Dinging their health is better than not harming them at all, or you can also try to take out one hero, making it easier for other guild members to beat the remaining ones.

9. Get Rid Of The Deadweight

Last, but not the least, here’s one thing you need to do when raiding the Crypt, a necessary evil if you may. Check your guild to see if there are any inactive members; check the tips above to see why this is very important. And if you see players who are no longer active in the game, you can go ahead and give them the old heave-ho; release the deadweight from your guild, and add some willing and committed members if you wish. Communicate with them regularly, assign the right roles, and you should be making the most out of the Crypt and earning more rewards.


Friday 25th of March 2016

Explaining the token distribution would be helpful here. I have been looking everywhere for that info. Being guild master I am needing all crypt info to keep it fair. Thanks for all the info.