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Dragon Mania Legends Cheats: 7 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Gameloft’s new mobile game Dragon Mania Legends allows you to “breathe life into dragons and prepare them for legendary battles,” according to the title’s description. It’s a city-building game as your goals include “rebuilding Dragonlandia,” but it’s also a monster breeding game as you get to grow dragon hatchlings and help them grow into fearsome warriors to fight off the invading Vikings. With over 100 different dragon species to train in this game, things can be a bit overwhelming if you’re new, but the following Dragon Mania Legends cheats can help you beat the evil Vikings and train some formidable dragons while at it.

1. Don’t Wait For The Coin Icon To Collect From Dragon Lairs

Depending on the type of dragon and their respective lair, you can have your dragons collect coins and have yourself earning a certain amount of money. The coin icon lets you know that the lair is close to having reached the maximum amount of money it can hold, but you don’t have to wait for that icon to show up; collect well before the icon appears and you’ll have your dragons hoarding more gold more frequently.

2. Pet Your Dragons And You Will Get More Gold

This would refer to petting your dragons – you can do this up to three times per two hour interval, allowing you to not only earn more gold, but also possibly get some gems in the process.

3. Grow Food And Upgrade Farms Regularly

As dragons are a hungry sort of character, you should focus on running a productive farm and having the maximum number of farms allowed. Upgrade your farms regularly and grow food that’ll keep your dragons’ hunger in check based on how often you play the game. For example, you should allow several hours to grow food if you’re the type who plays once per day.

4. Check Out The “How To” Option For Breeding Tips

Some games offer tips that are painfully obvious and not very helpful in the grand scheme of things, but Gameloft’s breeding tips actually make sense and can be a great source of assistance if you want to breed the best dragon possible.

5. You Won’t Always Get A Rare Dragon By Mating Two

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll be getting a rare and powerful dragon by mating two common ones; you may get another common dragon and you wouldn’t want that. Still, it’s good to keep your expectations tempered when it comes to breeding dragons.

6. Check Your Dragon’s Strengths And Weaknesses Before Heading To Battle

Before you go off and fight off the Vikings, you should take a look at your dragons strengths and weaknesses first. The battle preparation screen comes with a chart that you can pull up by tapping on the “I” (for information) icon with a circle surrounding it, and that’s going to show you where your dragon excels, and where it doesn’t.

7. Don’t Buy Dragons With Multiple Elements, Breed Them

Of course, you’ll have to fork over some coins for base element dragons, but going back to one of our earlier tips, you don’t have to pay for dragons with dual or multiple elements. These can be bred and while it may take a lot of trial-and-error, your efforts will be rewarded eventually.


Monday 15th of May 2023

? Upgrading breeder? Only gems ?


Tuesday 30th of August 2022

Am trying to beat the first dungeon on Divine Fest Fairwell, and the dragon blocking the entry is a Shuriken-Doji level 102 with 3 red enchantment stars. The dragon they give me to defeat him is a Shuriken level 80 with no enchantment at all. It doesn't make a dent in him. What is the trick to beating this dragon and continuing on to find the key.